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Living room furnishing ideas: examples & tips for the trendy room

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Each of us has our own idea of ​​the perfect living room and defines our dream living room differently. Like any other room, this room is adapted to the various needs of its residents. For some it is a meeting point and a place where you can develop creatively, for others the living area is more of an oasis of calm. In the following article we have put together great new and modern living room furnishing ideas for you, which should serve as inspiration if you want to make the living area a dream place.

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If you want to set up a living room, the room conditions must of course be taken into account first. No less important are of course the personal preferences that you should incorporate into the living room furnishings. After all, your own living room should reflect individuality and appear homely and inviting.

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First consider which style corresponds to your ideas and your taste and then decide on a style of living. You are welcome to get inspiration from our picture gallery and come up with a concept. Whether minimalist, modern, country house style, Scandinavian or industrial, as soon as you have determined the furnishing style, you can make decisions regarding the furniture, wall design and flooring.

Living room furnishing ideas in Scandinavian style

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For some time now, the Scandinavian style of living has been one of the most popular furnishing styles, and it is currently very much in vogue. If you want to live in the Scandinavian style and have it nice and cozy and stylish, look for fresh and light colors and use them skillfully. The color nuances from cream to white immediately brighten the room and look authentically Nordic.

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The Nordic living room undoubtedly includes designs that are inspired by nature. Wood is a preferred material found on ceilings, walls and floors. Light paneling and warm plank and parquet floors create a cozy atmosphere and are typically Scandinavian. Anyone who wants to achieve the Scandinavian look in their own four walls should give priority to simplicity in the furnishings and not clutter the room with furniture.

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Individual pieces of designer furniture such as graceful side tables or unusual lamps set modern and interesting accents in the room. Soft pastel tones as well as individual, colored accents give the rather restrained charm of this style that certain something. A fireplace is not only one of the beautiful furnishing ideas for the living room in the Scandinavian style.

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A fireplace, such as the typical Swedish fireplace with its typical brass decorations, transforms your apartment into a cozy home where people like to hang out. With the new living trends, other models of fire places, such as electric fireplaces or a cast iron stove, are of course also possible, because they conjure up a deliberate break in style and thus create unique, modern accents.

Furnishing ideas for living rooms with sloping ceilings


Although some see the sloping ceiling as a negative point in home furnishings, you can use some decorative elements and attractive pieces of furniture to distract from the slope. Use the sloping roof as storage space or create an individual library there. A functional, environmentally friendly and unique piece of furniture made from Euro pallets is also definitely one of the attractive living room furnishing ideas.

Living room furnishing ideas with trendy lighting

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It is well known that lighting plays a major role in furnishing the living room. You can create different moods with direct and indirect light sources. Every living area can handle at least five different light sources. The wall and ceiling lights, the pendant lights and the floor lamps can shine the living area in a completely different light and set modern accents.


There are beautiful and exclusive lights that bring out the best in your contemporary living room. A modern floor lamp with a simple design can be used both as a reading lamp next to the sofa or couch or as an accent lamp in the room. Chandeliers, for example, can be modern, extravagant, glamorous or playful, which makes them a luxurious and multifaceted living accessory.

Living room interior ideas with fireplace


The panoramic fireplaces are one of the most beautiful and much sought-after elements that you use when setting up a living room. They not only serve as a unique and fashionable eye-catcher in the room, but can also function as beautiful room dividers. They are particularly suitable for large and open living and dining areas and give the room a romantic charm, warmth and cosiness.

Living room furnishing ideas with color

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If you have decided on a simple and elegant wall design in white, but want to ensure a warm and exciting look, you can set beautiful accents with a special effect with individual pieces of furniture and accessories. The modern living room in the picture above gets its exciting charisma from the sofa in red.

pictures-wall-design-colors-minimalist-living room

If you don’t want to paint walls in the living area in a rich or bright color, individual pieces of furniture, patterns on textiles or decorative elements would be an ideal way of furnishing the living room with modern colors. A picture on the wall that picks up on the color nuance of the accent furniture creates a harmonious overall picture without being intrusive.

Living room furnishing ideas with pictures

marble living room picture coffee table

Beautiful and, above all, individual living room furnishing ideas can be realized through pictures on the wall. A stylish living room can be created through pictures of different formats, sizes and motifs. Give the living space personality by choosing pictures to match the style and character of your living room. Conjure up an extraordinary eye-catcher on the wall with a portrait or perhaps with lively, abstract and unusual motifs.

Living room interior ideas with wallpaper

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Pictures and other decorative accessories on the walls are just one of the creative and modern ways to transform the living room into an attractive and trendy retreat. Give the walls a nice texture with different patterns, mosaics, panels and wallpaper. This brings dynamism to the room and creates real highlights. You can express your unique style in an exciting way with wallpapers with different motifs.

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In stores you will surely find the wallpaper that perfectly underlines your personality. When furnishing the living room, you perfect the overall picture of the room with the wall design and emphasize the existing living style or even create one. Would you like it to be colorful and lively in the living room? Or rather simple, romantic or even industrial, you can easily achieve the desired atmosphere through the skillfully used wall design.