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Living room color design – 28 ideas in green

Living room color scheme green-white-furniture-steel-accents

Are you looking for ideas for Living room color design? You have come to the right place – we will show you 28 ideas for wall colors in green – from lime green to muted grass green tones, as an accent or the perfect background for eclectic furnishings – the possibilities are practically endless.

Living room color scheme – lime green as an accent in the interior

living room-color-design-lime-green-accent wall-beige-sofa-wood-coffee table

Lime green is the new trend color for the living room – the room is vibrant and cheerful in this shade. The experts advise painting only one wall / part of a wall in lime green – this is how the room is accented. Under certain circumstances, however, dark rooms can be painted completely in lime green – this makes them look more open, inviting and brighter. The color has only one distinct disadvantage – it is eye fatiguing.

Strong grass green or lime green nuances go perfectly with modern or eclectic furnishings and can be perfectly combined with petrol blue / white furniture.

Living room color scheme – muted green tones

living room-color-design-green-white-furniture-pink-accents

While strong colors appear cheerful, the pastel colors relax the senses and promote the ability to concentrate. So if you want to create a cozy reading corner in the living room, you can paint the wall behind the armchair in pastel green. This nuance forms the perfect background for the furnishing in the modern country house style and allows the solid wood furniture to come into its own. It also goes very well with classic facilities. Further Living room color design can be found in the photo gallery below.

Green wall paint or wallpaper?

living room-color-design-green-yellow-flower-pattern-country-style

If a lime green shade is selected, then you should avoid additional patterns / motifs. The wall looks best when it’s painted in the same color. If, on the other hand, you decide on a pastel color, then wallpapers are perfect – all the more so, many manufacturers offer wallpapers in green with patterns that will beautify the classic / vintage / shabby chic interior.

Paint the wall in the living room dark green

living room-color-design-green-emerald-green-wall-color-taupe-wall

If you have decided on a living room color scheme in dark tones, then green tones are ideal. A dark, matt green creates a feeling of security in the living room and looks particularly elegant and high-quality. Such a wall color, however, requires suitable accessories that brighten the atmosphere in the room. Suitable colors for this are orange, yellow and gray with a metallic sheen. This allows you to set beautiful accents in the living area that give the room depth. The dark green as a wall color combines beautifully with other muted tones, such as taupe.

Living room wall paint – lime green as an accent

Living room design colors wall accent gray sofa orange ottoman blue throw pillows

Unlike dark green, lime green can brighten any living room. The color sets a playful color accent in every room and creates a happy mood. Furniture in darker tones goes well with this wall color because it contrasts with the wall design. The atmospheric shade goes well with other accent colors in the interior, such as red, blue and dark green.

Living area – the kitchen is in lavender, the living room – in lime green

Lavender purple wooden furniture oak laminate flooring living room home ideas

The living room color scheme in an open living room should be in harmony with the room design in the rest of the room. For such an area, a two-tone wall design can be advantageous, because in this way the different living areas can be visually divided. The lime green for the living area can be beautifully combined with lavender, which is used as a wall color in the kitchen. Both colors harmonize perfectly and create a feel-good atmosphere.

Bright living room with a comfortable seating area by the window

cozy sitting area window sill stripes lime green

If green floor-to-ceiling walls are too much for you, then you can think about wall paneling. Fresh shades of green are perfect for a two-tone wall design. In combination with light white, the playful wall color can be accentuated and creates beautiful color effects in the room. It also combines beautifully with almost all other colors and can therefore be complemented very well with colorful home accessories.

Accent color behind the white wall shelves

behind wall shelf orange accent color cheerful mood interior

The possibilities for a beautiful living room color design with accent color are simply endless. A practical decision would be to hide the colored wall behind a shelf so that the wall color is not as noticeable. In this case, you need to choose a suitable color for the shelves so that they harmonize with the colorful wall.

Modern country house style – accent wall in grass green

grass green accent interior wood furniture sofa upholstery wood coffee table

If you have decided on a color scheme in the living area, that does not necessarily mean that you have to paint an entire wall with colors. Quite the opposite: in modern wall design, small accent walls or even only colored stripes on the wall are completely on trend and set playful accents in the living room. The wall behind the fireplace offers a good idea for color design and immediately puts the stove in the limelight.

Living room with eclectic furnishings, wood panels and green walls

red armchair laminate floor country style modern

Fresh green tones can be wonderfully combined not only with saturated colors, but also with natural earth tones. In this case, wood plays a major role in the interior. Wood is always reminiscent of nature and has a particularly homely and cozy effect. In combination with a light shade of green, this feeling is further enhanced and the entire ambience is positively influenced.

Living room color scheme with green and orange

Ideas orange lime green furniture colors wall decoration zebra stripes

Another popular color combination for the living room is green with orange. Both colors make each other glow and create an atmospheric interior. White ceilings and furniture in neutral colors go perfectly with this. In this example, grass green has been chosen as the wall color and combined with orange for the movable room divider. In this way, the orange accent can be placed anywhere in the room.

Combine green with brown in the interior

grass green lime white mantelpiece wall shelves

If you want to invite nature into your living room, then you can consider a combination of green and brown. These colors can be found everywhere in nature and also create a feel-good atmosphere indoors. The color combination can be accentuated in the living room with white cabinets and window frames.

Set up living room with sloping ceilings in green

Pitched wall color design idea for dark rooms

If you are planning a plain living room color scheme, then green is a good choice in some cases. Especially in a living room with a sloping roof, you can use a light shade of green as a wall and ceiling color and achieve a beautiful interior design.

Lime green decorative cushion corner sofa petrol blue

Accent wall paint neutral color corner sofa decorative pillows

Upholstered furniture two chairs carpet armchair design pictures wall deco

set up accent wall green sofa deco pillow purple color design

sky blue armchair picture wall rug Scandinavian interior

Ideas green home office computer desk black acrylic chair

Living ideas color scheme green wall anthracite upholstered sofa rustic stool

Wooden ceiling orange furniture fireplace brick wall mint paint

Pastel colors beige sofa coffee table wooden legs floor lamps

Dresser beige upholstered sofa decorative cushion color sample

Mint black fireplace coffee table chairs dark color purple wall shelves

Lime green blue dresser yellow chair upholstery sofa

Color accents rug Shaggy wooden table tree trunk upholstered sofa

lime green pastel tones wall white sofa modern furniture