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Hanging a picture above the sofa – it’s not just about the right height!

Arrange pictures over the sofa which height is optimal

If you want to bring a breath of fresh air to living room decor, modern murals are always a good idea. The wall behind the sofa is particularly suitable for a special design. A unique work of art or a picture gallery above the couch can become the focal point of the room and wonderfully complement the existing furnishings. In order for everything to look harmonious, however, you should pay attention to a few things. How high a picture should hang above the sofa and what distance between the pictures is recommended when hanging in groups, you will find out in today’s article.

How high should a picture hang above the sofa??

Hang the picture above the sofa at the correct height and distance from the couch

As a rule, the lower side of the frame should hang 15 to 20 cm above the back of the sofa. You can of course deviate from this rule a little to find out what height is perfect for your home. However, avoid positioning the image more than a few centimeters above the recommended height. If you hang your artwork too high, it will look like it’s floating away from the couch instead of optically attached to it.

How big should the picture be?

Note the distance and height in the picture above the sofa

The sofa and the murals hanging over it should complement each other to achieve a uniform look. To create visual balance, the mural (or group) should be at least 2/3 the length of the sofa. The pictures should not be wider than the couch, otherwise the sofa will be optically overwhelmed and not staged.

Do you have an XXL sofa? In order to achieve the required size, it is best to put together a gallery wall. The distance between the individual frames should be 5 to 10 cm. Use painter’s tape to keep the space between the frames even. Frames that are too far apart appear incoherent and chaotically placed.

Print image in custom format

How high should a picture hang above the sofa?

A Gallery Print offers plenty of scope for individual room design. The art print will be created in the format of your choice and in the size you specify. If you want to hang a single picture above the sofa, a width of 100 cm or more is ideal. The image format 120 x 80 cm would be ideal over a 3-seater sofa. Alternatively, you can create a collage from several pictures of different sizes and position the most expressive picture in the middle of the group. Make stencils out of cardboard and lay them out on the floor in the desired arrangement in advance. This is how you find out which image sizes you need for your collage.

Choose digital printing on acrylic glass, matt or gloss

If the desired motif is printed on acrylic glass, the question also arises: matt or glossy? Matt acrylic glass is subtle and reserved – glossy acrylic glass shines with a crystal clear finish.

Digital printing with glossy acrylic glass is perfect for colorful pictures like Carnival in Rio or summer on Santorini. The vivid colors are emphasized and the impression of depth is enhanced. Landscapes, skylines or macro shots of flowers, insects and the like – everything can and should benefit from the glossy surface. The improved color brilliance and depth of field make the viewer feel part of the art, as if the object were close enough to touch.

However, some images need to be presented with restrained clarity. Matt acrylic glass is particularly suitable for low-contrast colors, pastel pictures or for black and white pictures with a high proportion of black. Depth of field, color brilliance and contrasts remain equally strong under matt acrylic glass. Glossy surfaces can also pick up reflections from a window or skylight, which can affect the picture itself. Matt acrylic glass absorbs the light and prevents annoying reflections, regardless of the viewing angle.

Hanging the picture above the sofa, note the height