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Furnishing the living room in brown and beige – 55 ideas for living

A living room in brown and beige looks inviting and homely – but what does a successful interior look like? We’ll show you 50 interior design ideas in various neutral color nuances that will give you an idea. The stylish wall and ceiling design in combination with Shaggy carpets and living accessories in accent colors complete the look of a modern and at the same time cozy living area. Let yourself be inspired by the design examples – maybe you will find one that you particularly like!

Furnish the living room in brown and beige – this is how the colors are skilfully combined

Living room-brown-beige-chocolate brown-sofa-beige-carpet-ideas

Beige and brown go well together – but for the living room to be really stylish, you have to stick to the basic principles – choose the dark brown shade as an accent and let the light ones form the perfect background. A leather sofa, a coffee table or a shelf system in dark brown will add additional charm to the room. Combine these with shaggy patchwork carpets in beige and brown and give the room character

Make living rooms in brown and beige look more spacious

Living room-brown-beige-daybed-carpet-wood-shelves-aquarium

To make the living room in brown and beige look more spacious, a few simple tricks will help – you can arrange dark brown furniture in the corners, choose the flooring in a light neutral color, paint the walls white, and arrange the furniture in the center of the room. This creates an optical illusion and makes the room look bigger.

Furnish a modern living room in gray, beige or white

Color combination gray brown white in the living room – stylish furnishing examples in pictures

Living room ideas with a brown couch for a trendy interior

Living room with leather sofa in dark brown and beige shaggy carpet

Living room-brown-beige-shaggy-carpet-leather sofa-wall shelf

A living room in brown and beige has a natural look and creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. A brown or beige living room can look rustic as well as minimalist and modern. The wooden furniture made of light wood such as birch or maple and dark walnut can give the room a rustic touch.

Living room-brown-beige-modern-furnishing-ideas-wing chair-brick-fireplace

An armchair or couch made of brown leather can undoubtedly be part of the modern interior. These colors also allow great combinations with many other colors, which opens up several design options. The brown color is associated with warmth, peace and security. If you combine them with other colors, the room gets a completely different flair. The possible combinations are almost infinite. For example, if you like the darker shades of brown, you can combine the color with beige, cream and white.

living room brown white modern silver accents

Living room in brown, beige and green

living room brown beige green green corner sofa

The warm cream tones and the radiant white make the room look particularly inviting in this interplay of colors. A brown-beige living room looks harmonious if the decoration includes white and green elements. A green couch or perhaps a different color accent in the room further enhances the naturalness of the color brown.

living room cream brown green sofa modern wall art

Living room in blue and brown 

living room blue brown modern with u-shaped sofa

The combination with delicate blue looks just as inviting and appealing. If you combine sand colors with light blue and green, the living room looks much more airy. If you want to create a cozy but mysterious ambience in your home, the color combination of brown with berry tones is a good idea.

Modern living room with wall paneling made of wood in beige and accent wall in brown

Living room-brown-beige-sofa-laminate floor-wall design

Living room in beige and gold

living room beige gold with glass living room table

A living room looks classy and stylish when the brown color is combined with gold. For this, the gold color can only be used as an accent. An accent wall in gold, a carpet in dark brown and a light parquet floor create a homely and harmonious overall picture. The brown looks very lively, chic and elegant in combination with silver and glass.

living room in beige gold and pink combined with caramel wall paint and white couch

Regardless of whether you have painted the walls in the room with brown or have pieces of furniture in this color, brown provides the ideal basis for light tones. For example, you can brighten up the brown living room with accessories in light colors. Freshen up the room by placing brightly colored throw pillows on the sofa. Great accents are created by using strong colors. On the dark wall, for example, picture frames in bright colors or white create a nice contrast.

living room beige gold black looks modern

Furnish the living room in brown and beige

Living room-brown-beige-modern-furnishing-leather-corner sofa-seat cushions

In this cozy living room, dark brown and light beige were played with skill. The accessories, such as the attractive picture on the wall or the decorative pillows, pick up on both colors and bring harmony to the large living room. The two colors can also be seen on the back wall of the kitchen and on the ceiling. The color accents are used in such a way that the room looks calm and simple. A tone on tone color scheme is a real eye-catcher. Even if you use nuances of the brown tones that differ only minimally from each other, a unanimous overall picture emerges.

Living room with adjoining kitchen designed in natural colors

Living room-brown-beige-simply-design-ideas-apartment

The natural nuances make the living room look larger

Living room-brown-beige-wood-coffee table-living ideas-sofa-throw pillows

If you use color gradations in the design, you can also use different materials to make the atmosphere more dynamic. The wood of the table, which fascinates with the dark brown and the lighter caramel tone, matches the fabric of the couch and the sand color of the two stools. A dark brown in the living room can also look different due to different textures. Stained, lacquered, high-gloss or matt, the brown surface ensures variety.

Living room with chocolate brown sliding door and wall in sand color

Living room-brown-beige-sliding-door-shaggy-carpet-cowhide-upholstery

Living rooms with wooden floors have an unmistakable charisma and are incredibly attractive and inviting. Depending on the size of the room, it is advisable to carefully choose the shades of brown. Walnut, wenge or smoked oak are suitable floor coverings for rooms flooded with light. As with any other color, it is advisable to check the respective shade of brown in both daylight and artificial light. An espresso brown, for example, gets a red tinge in artificial light, which of course does not suit every taste.

Furnish the living room comfortably – leather armchairs and three-seater

Living room-brown-beige-leather sofa-laminate flooring design

Create a living room in a Scandinavian style in beige and brown

Living room-brown-beige-furnishing-Scandinavian-fireplace

Neutral colors and suitable lighting create a feel-good atmosphere

Living room-brown-beige-modern-furnishing-sandstone-tiles-shaggy-carpet

Spacious living area with beige curtains and brown wall unit

Living room-brown-beige-curtains-wooden wall-light-seating group-sofa

Wall design in brown and beige – wall shelves

Living room-brown-beige-corner sofa-upholstery-lighting-wall shelves

Furniture in a modern industrial style

Living room-beige-brown-wall design-flooring-armchair

Living room furnished in a modern style – leather sofa and armchair form a comfortable seating area

Living room-beige-brown-design-white-coffee-table-accent-ideas

Chic living room with dark brown laminate and beige walls

Living room-brown-beige-wall-painting-dark-flooring-accent

Modern living room with wall in sand color and living room landscape in camel

Living room-brown-beige-wall-living-landscape-design

Design living room in brown – modern and comfortable

Living room-beige-brown-painting-ideas-modern

Living room-brown-beige-camel-leather armchair-modern

Living room-brown-beige-corner sofa-wood-chest of drawers-ideas

Living room-brown-beige-attic-two-seater-sofa-carpeted floor-globe-minibar

Living room-beige-brown-furnishing-ideas-wall shelves-tiled floor

Living room-brown-beige-faux fur-carpet-laminate floor

Living room-beige-brown-side table-ideas-modern

Living room-beige-brown-neutral-colors-ideas-modern

Living room-brown-beige-side table-white-wall-granite floor

Living room-brown-beige-sloping ceiling-dark-shaggy carpet

Living room-brown-beige-red-wall

Living room-brown-beige-furnishing-wall design-carpeting-wood-coffee table

Living room-brown-beige-gas-fireplace-leather sofa

Living room-brown-beige-gray-furnishing-choosing-flooring

Living room-brown-beige-wood-sofa-chairs-tiles-modern

Living room-brown-beige-fireplace-wooden floor-modern

Living room-brown-beige-fireplace-parquet floor-seating group-pictures

Living room-brown-beige-fireplace-red-brick-ideas

Living room-brown-beige-laminate floor-wallpaper-wall-exotic

Living room-brown-beige-modern-country-style-cowhide-design-white

Living room-brown-beige-modern-design-ideas

Living room-brown-beige-modern-chairs-accent-laminate floor-dark-wall

Living room-brown-beige-furniture-beanbag-ideas-modern

Living room brown beige patchwork carpet ideas

Living room-brown-beige-sand color-modern-chocolate brown-armrests

Living room-brown-beige-mustard yellow-coffee table-dark-mahogany wood

Living room-brown-beige-mustard yellow-two-seater-chocolate brown-sofa-beige carpet

Living room brown beige shaggy rug ideas

Living room-brown-beige-carpet-acrylic table-corner sofa

Living room-brown-beige-carpeting-ideas-coffee table

Living room-brown-beige-carpet-ideas-modern

Living room-brown-beige-wall unit-fireplace-shelving-system-dark-floor

living room-brown-beige-modern-fireplace-lighting

living room-brown-beige-open-wood-fireplace-bay window

living room-brown-beige-wood-flooring-indirect-ceiling-lighting

living room-brown-beige-classic-2-seater-sofa-white-side-tables

living room-brown-beige-sofa-white-wall-paint