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Furnishing a maritime living room – 20 design ideas and suggestions

Furnish living room armchair coral sea motifs pattern

What do you think of when you think of the beach? Sand, the smell of the sea, waves, shells, driftwood and seaweed. Let nature be your inspiration for color and texture when you get one Set up a maritime living room.

Maritime living room – pastel blue wall paint

maritime living room pictures shells cream light blue

The maritime decor is elegant, modern and fresh. You can bring the look and feel of summer into your home, whether you live by the sea or not! This maritime look can look tasteful without overdoing the ocean blue color.

Maritime living room furnishings and beautiful views

maritime living room floor to ceiling windows blue white stripes wood

It’s easy to design a maritime living room. Just add pillows, lamps, furniture and other accessories with sea-inspired patterns. Sheer curtains are another great option that will help bring more natural light into the living room. Natural textures such as linen, cotton, jute, sisal are also associated with a beach feeling. Pieces of sea glass or glassware are also included. Take a look at some of our favorite pictures.

Mint green walls and rattan furniture

living room ideas mint green rattan furniture sheer curtains

With a palette of blues and greens, this living room has a lovely coastal feel and reminds us of a charming cottage by the sea.

Maritime living ideas

living room eclectic asian elements maritime beige sofa

Designer Allison Jaffe uses a subtle mix of Asian, Indian and coastal-inspired elements to create the perfect eclectic mix in this nautical living room.

Decorative items for maritime flair

sand-colored maritime furnishing living room accessories

Starfish on the wall

maritime living ocean blue starfish wall decoration

white living room furniture and blue accents

maritime living room white paintings palm trees ceiling fan

Natural colors and an exotic atmosphere

maritime living room sisal white green coral candle lanterns

Designer interior in a beach house

maritime living room sisal white furniture orchids

maritime living room sailboat stone fireplace light blue dining room chairs

living room maritime side table pastel green yellow

living room maritime beige white stripes sofa turquoise decorative items

living room coral dark blue pillow starfish deco

living room candles chandelier coral open living area

living room furnishings ecru blue natural stone fireplace paintings  living room ecru beige oyster painting blue glass coffee table

living room maritime pastel tones beige light blue coral motifs       country house ocean living room coral driftwood pastel blue

green carpet blue glass accents beige furniture