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Furnishing a cozy living room – 34 ideas from luxury villas


Our living room – this is the center of the apartment, in which we spend most of the day and where the whole family should feel comfortable. But how do you create a warm and inviting atmosphere? Probably the most important point is the living room furniture. In order to create a harmonious space, the room furnishings should be carefully considered and thought through. With the right furniture and accessories, you can create your very own style of living. When furnishing the living room, it helps to take a look at a few pictures that create different room effects.

Furnishing the living room – this is how it works

Living room furnishing wood-material-tree trunk-coffee table-mural

Turn your four walls into an oasis of well-being to relax. As I said, you can achieve different room effects with the furniture – depending on your preferences, needs and room situation. Regardless of whether you want a playful, romantic, modern, linear living room or a cozy cave in a country house look, observe the following principles when setting up your living room.

Some useful tips for decorating your living room

Furnishing the living room colorful-carpet-geometric-modern-coffee table

One cannot deny that colorful walls of the room put people in a good mood. In any case, the following applies: Never mix more than three colors in the room or wood tones with one another!

Furnishing the living room blue-white-elegant-furniture-lamp

Functional sets for comfort

In addition to hi-fi equipment, think about sufficient storage space for additional accessories and other things. These are never superfluous in a living room.


Distribute decorations

If you want to combine living room furniture from different styles, make sure that you create a harmonious overall picture. Too many shelves, stools, or accessories can make a small living room seem restless.

living room-furnishing-laminate-couch-white-stairs-tv

Simple furniture for a minimalist flair

Sometimes the living room and dining room have to be in one. Then it makes sense to integrate modern living elements that can be used as a partition wall and offer additional storage space.


Art objects

Instead of many small murals, figures and plants, it is best to limit yourself to a few selected decorative elements.

minimalist-living room-built-in-appliances-high-gloss-wall-system-oriental-carpet

High-gloss interior in gray

Small rooms gain in size if they are furnished with walls that do not protrude so far into the room – such are modern living elements with closed cupboards and integrated devices.

ideas-living room-furniture-coffee-table-modular-orange-glossy-gray-sofa

Combine gray with color accents

A small, narrow couch or a huge living area? That depends mainly on the space available. Natural, small corner sets with sleeping facilities are practical if your guests want to stay the night. The best models are those that have additional storage space for bed linen.

living room-design-seating-all-around-fireplace-retro-armchair-olive green

Accent wall with fireplace

Contrasts can be set with decoration. Light carpets make the room friendlier.


ceiling-high-book-wall-house-library-white-living room-rocking-chairs-design

eclectic-living room-rocking-chair-wood-vintage-retro-armchair-pattern carpet


modern-living room-beamed ceiling-spiral staircase-white-railings

eclectic-furnishing-blue-living room-wall-coffee-table-wood-stork-accessory

living room-design-couch-with-cushions-decorative-wall-cladding-natural stone



living room-furnishing-fireplace-area-seating-eames-lounge-chair

modern-house-interior-design-airy-high-ceiling-living area-open-plan

living room-open-space-concept-dominated-by-wood-dining area

ceiling-with-wood-clad-room-walls-natural stone-cozy-atmosphere



minimalist-living room-chalet-style-beamed ceiling-wall unit-design-pull-out-sofa



living room-eclectic-colored-furniture-rustic-beam-ceiling-wall-paint-black

living room-fireplace-area-built-in-tv-wall-decoration-portrait-pictures

living room-piano-orange-partition-home-office-glass-baroque-inspired-furniture

living room-with-fireplace-ceiling-moldings-decorative-turquoise-blue-armchair-cover

living room-white-walls-house-library-ceiling-high-indoor-plants

coffee table-vintage-chipped-paint-beach-style-living room-couch-set