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Furnish your living room in a modern way – 52 great pictures and ideas

living room modern furnishing warm atmosphere purple couch wood interior

Tired of old furniture and old-fashioned paint in your living room? Would you like a new facility in a modern style? Then think of clear lines, lots of light, noble materials and subtle color palettes. Be who Furnish the living room in a modern way still has to buy modern designer furniture and contemporary art objects to complete the picture.

Furnish the living room in a modern way – minimalist with a colorful carpet

modern living room furnishing colorful carpet brick wall loft design

Materials, texture and colors must be harmoniously coordinated. New materials have revolutionized interior design from the 20th century. Materials such as chrome, carbon fiber and various wood-plastic composites enable designers to create innovative, contemporary pieces of furniture. Use lines and shapes that would give your room a modern look. The modern pieces of furniture are often low and elongated. The form should follow the function. Low, modular seating makes it possible to adapt the room to various purposes. Multipurpose furniture such as a bookshelf as a room divider or a coffee table as a stool are modern solutions for small rooms or open living areas.

Furnish the living room in a modern way – accent wall with wallpaper and indirect lighting

living room modern furnishing steel blue couch leather pendant lights wallpaper silver

Fill the space with modern works of art or reproductions of famous designs. Or let it look more minimalistic and play with 3D wall panels and indirect lighting. Mirrored surfaces or furniture made of glass would reflect the light in the room nicely and create wonderful effects.

Furnishing in the living room with bright colors

living room modern furnishing sofa purple yellow carpet zigzag wall art

 Monochrome living room with dining area

living room modern furnishing monochrome interior dining area

 Modern interior in white and red

modern living room furnishing red white idea coffee table wood interior

 Living room interior in steel blue on dark parquet

modern living room set up parquet minimalist furniture steel blue

 Feminine furnishing style in mint green and other colors

modern living room furnishing mint green curtain colorful throw pillows feminine

Furnish the living room in a modern way – black marble fireplace

modern living room furnishing marble black fireplace red floor lamp

 Cozy living room furniture in sand colors

modern living room furnishing comfort stool armchair cream round dining table

modern living room furnishing fireplace noble furnishing zigzag pattern carpet

modern living room set up high room shelf brick red parquet

modern living room furnishing light blue tree guitar floor lamp

modern living room furnishing gray nuances sofas picture carpet geometric

modern living room furnishing window front design idea furniture white

modern living room furnishing feminine design red cushion stool

modern living room furnishing colorful romantic moroccan lamp

furnishing modern living room colorful stripes couch set mikado

modern living room set up concrete wall white sofa coffee table colorful carpet

modern living room furnishing accent wall pattern black and white cream sofa

living room modern furnishing white couch orange furniture accents

living room modern furnishing ottoman armchair concrete floor

modern living room furnishing yellow gray vintage accents large windows

modern living room furnishing black wall vintage accents leather

modern living room furnishing blue-green colors yellow side table cabinet

Modern living room furnishing gray-seating-white-living-wall-decorative-pouf

 Furnish the living room in a modern way – clear lines and lots of light

Modern living room furnishing white-green-illuminated wall niches

Furnish the living room in a modern way – What furniture?

living room-modern-gray-corner-sofa-design

Shades of gray in the living room

Modern living room furnishing white-gray-sofa-shaggy-carpet

Low, elongated seating furniture

living room-modern-white-upholstered furniture-wooden floor

Timeless in black and white

living room-modern-black-white-designer-furniture

Warm wood tones in contrast to the cool white

living room-modern-open-design-kitchen-wood-white

Purple sofa against the rustic brick wall

living room-modern-purple-sofa-white-coffee table

Indirect lighting behind the wall unit

living room-modern-gastalten-gray-yellow-indirect-lighting-living-wall

Fuchsia-colored sofa as an accent

living room-modern-fuchsia-sofa-carpet-accents

Nice tidy look

living room-modern-furnishing-kitchen-living room-built-in-cupboards

living room-modern-furnishing-wood-furniture-fireplace wall panels

living room-modern-furnishing-gray-white-blue-accents

living room-modern-glass-coffee-tables-white-bordeaux-red

living room-modern-wall-unit-wood-white-tv

living room-modern-furniture-cream-white-fireplace

living room-modern-furniture-cream-white-wood-coffee-tables-low

Modern living room furnishing gray-sofa-furniture-white-wood

living room-modern-furnishing-wooden-furniture-gray-upholstered sofa

living room-modern-white-orange-large-windows

living room-modern-furnishings-red-seating-white-floor-lamp-coffee table-dining area

living room-modern-furnishings-blue-sofa-black-coffee-table


modern-living room-corner-sofa-large-leather-black

modern-living room-designer-furniture-ligne-roset-sofa-blue