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Feng Shui furniture for the living room

Feng Shui living room furnishing

The living room is the heart of every apartment. It is an area for the whole family, a space for cozy evenings with friends and relatives. The Chinese philosophy Feng Shui has developed a lot of advice for the room design, which has proven to be particularly helpful for the living room. Understandable is the popularity of the Feng Shui facility increased in recent years.

Feng Shui furnishings – curtains

Feng Shui curtains living room design

The door should not face the window. The curtains keep the positive energy in the house. For example, you can hang bamboo bells on the patio door. Arrange the sofas and chairs in a circle or square. The television should be hidden in the closet, it disturbs the harmony between the people in the room. According to the Feng Shui facility the seating area should be designed close to the wall – it instinctively makes people feel safer.

Living room with Feng Shui furniture

Feng Shui living room wooden furniture

Leave the center of the living room free and place flower pots in the corners of the room. The furniture should be made of natural materials. the Feng Shui facility excludes glass tables as they look unstable. Wood and metal are the preferred materials, ceramic pots create a connection with the earth, while water in the room has a calming effect. A great idea for decoration is to arrange a crystal bowl with water and flowers.

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Mirror in the living room – tips for Feng Shui furnishing

Feng Shui round table living room

The Feng Shui philosophy states that mirrors enlarge the space and are related to success and willpower. A mirror above the fireplace reflects the sunlight that comes in abundantly through the windows. The curtains should therefore be rather light and transparent. The Feng Shui furniture for the living room creates a cozy, familiar atmosphere in which to relax.

by Dani Alexandrova

Wall decoration – Feng Shui living room


round table and mirror in the living room

classic-fung-shui-white-living room

Decoration with flowers – purple living room

Feng Shui flower decoration