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Examples of decorating the living room – 30 modern ideas

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Examples for setting up the living room white-furniture-yellow-accents-dining area

If you are planning to renovate your living room or move in and are looking for the right furnishings, you will definitely be looking for great inspiration. Such Examples of furnishing the living room we want to show you in today’s article to help you get ideas. There is something for everyone. All that remains is for you to decide. You can of course also wonderfully combine several ideas with one another. But first take a look at our gallery:

Furnish modern examples for the living room

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Examples of furnishing the living room white-wood-ceiling-fireplace

The light furniture and the white carpet make the living room look brighter and compensate for the darker atmosphere that is created by the warm wooden floor and ceiling. A special accent is achieved by the free-standing fireplace. You can watch the fire in it from all corners and areas of the living room thanks to the round window front.

Examples of furnishing living rooms in gray

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Examples of furnishing living rooms gray-white-modern-chandelier

This living room has a modern interior in shades of gray and white. Not only the colors contribute to the modern style, but also the simple and straight lines of the furniture. The large couch and the large coffee table allow you to invite the whole family or many friends often and easily. To make the seating area even more comfortable, a dark gray carpet was chosen.

Visualization by: Miysis

Examples of furnishing living room modern-open-design-wood-dark blue

In this room, the contrast between warm and cold colors or materials is immediately noticeable. The support beams are made of metal, while the ceiling is designed in a concrete look. In order to guarantee a warm atmosphere, wood was chosen for the floor, kitchen and other accessories. Of course, the cozy fireplace also makes a further contribution to the warm ambience.

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The main color in this room is clearly white. To break the simple color choice a bit, gray carpets were added to the room. Do you need a lot of storage space in your living room? Then you can consider a large add-on wall like this one. The high gloss gives the room additional elegance. The sideboard in the background also makes perfect use of the free area under the stairs, which would otherwise not offer many possible uses.

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Several colors collide in this living room. On the one hand, there is a great contrast between dark and light wood. On the other hand, the popular combination of berry (in high gloss for the kitchen) and white (for the living area) was chosen. This means that the living room not only looks modern, but also elegant. The reason for this are of course other accessories such as decorative items, lamps and the carpet, which have been chosen appropriately.

Visualization by: Studio Lighthaus


This living room furniture has a rather rustic style. The stone wall and the wooden beam roof construction are reminiscent of a ski house, which alone creates a cozy atmosphere. There is also a matching built-in fireplace, which is the focal point of the seating area made of brown, comfortable leather sofas. The chairs and the coffee table, which is also very large, create a modern accent. The dining area, which can be found here in the living room, is also very inviting and makes waiting for the next meal more difficult. If you want to feel at home as if you were on a winter holiday, this facility is ideal.

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living room-furnishing-rustic-style-open-kitchen-stone wall

This cozy living room has a similar design. It represents a mix of rustic, modern and vintage style. This combination, which can be seen in the furniture in particular, is by no means chaotic, but even inviting. The many windows let a lot of light into the room, which is why darker wood tones are also allowed.

Visualization of: Ozhan Hazirlar

living-room-furnishing-cream-furniture-red-accent wall

The hip retro style is not only reflected in the shape of the furniture in this living room. Typical patterns that appear in the carpet and the murals also contribute to this. The bright colors are spiced up with red accents. Clear lines are the motto here.

Visualization of: Matt Wilson

living room-furnishings-chalet-style-floor-to-ceiling-glazing-stone wall

You will also get the feeling of being in a ski hut in this living room. The reason for this is not only the wooden floor and ceiling, stone wall and shades of brown, but also the breathtaking view that is offered thanks to the large windows. Instead of a rustic style, the modern style was chosen in this example, but it does not change the cozy atmosphere.

Visualization by: Constantin Radulov

Examples to furnish the living room -black-white-yellow-accents-designer-ceiling-lights

The living room is modern and cozy. The darker, warm nuances get help from the yellow armchairs, which at the same time also represent a great and friendly color accent. A brown leather couch ensures full seating comfort, which is complemented by the soft carpet. The chandelier, which consists of three sparkling spheres, is also striking.

Visualization of: AX2 Studio

living room-furnishing-corner-sofa-shelves-dining area

A practical solution can also be found if there is no dining room. In this case, it simply shares the same room with the living room. This has been wonderfully divided into two areas: a living and relaxation area and a dining area. You don’t have to go far when a woman calls out to dinner. Here, too, a combination of natural wood colors and a light white and various shades of gray was used to create a living room with a friendly atmosphere.

Visualization of: Upvu Studio

living room-classic-style-sage-green-gold-richly-decorated

You get a really luxurious interior style that is reminiscent of the baroque with such a facility. This can affect not only the furniture, but also the wall and ceiling cladding, as well as the floor. It would even be advisable. If you don’t want it to be quite so pompous, matching pieces of furniture and decorative items are also sufficient. In this case, pastel shades of green and brown were chosen for the sofa, stool and armchair. The decorative pillows and the blanket are made of shiny and elegant silk. No matter how you want to change the living room in this case, one thing must not be missing and that is a large, elegant chandelier.

Visualization of: AX2 Studio

living room-furnishings-white-light-gray-low-living room furniture

This living room is furnished very simply. The bare wall is simply refreshed by a picture and the furniture also has a simple yet chic design. Such a variant is perfect for those who are not into a lot of bells and whistles and prefer things a little more inconspicuous.

Visualization of: Designmas


The many seating options are immediately noticeable here. If you have frequent visitors, this is the perfect way to set up the seating area in the living room. The gray color selection suggests a cool atmosphere at first, but the great light effects on the ceiling provide the necessary warmth and harmony. With the large coffee table there is a risk of putting too many things down at once. So caution is advised!

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Examples of furnishing living rooms are dark-wood-white-led-strip-shelves

Just look at how cozy and practical a narrow living room can be. The extension wall made of pleasant wood offers plenty of storage space and space for the large TV. The wood returns once more in the middle of the room, covering both the walls and the ceiling and at the same time forming shelves that are effectively illuminated from below. “Small but nice” applies here completely.

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This is a great example of luxurious, baroque style decor that doesn’t look too over the top. Vintage furniture such as two sofas, an armchair and a coffee table were used, which also add a little romance to the room. The cozy fireplace has an ornate design and its mantelpiece offers space for great decorations. The ceiling made of dark wooden beams looks more rustic and the wall cladding and the floor made of shiny tiles ensure a modern and very elegant style.

Visualization by: AsapQatar

Examples of furnishing living rooms brown-tinted-indirect-lighting

You can see a modern living room full of elegance in this picture. It’s proof that simple colors don’t have to be boring. As you can see, the room also has some dark brown accents in it. This color can be found in the carpet, in the door frame and the dining area. Decorative pillows in gray tones ensure comfort and make the time you spend with your family even more pleasant.

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Examples for furnishing living room cream-brown-modern-living wall

Effective sofas and a large, crystal chandelier immediately catch the eye. The choice of colors for decorating the walls, which goes perfectly with the furniture, does not go unnoticed either. Modern, large and shiny tiles adorn the floor and make the room look even more elegant.

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Examples for furnishing the living room white-green-natural fiber carpet

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Examples of furnishing living rooms gray-white-open-modular coffee table

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living room-furnishing-open-modern-wood-burning stove

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Examples of how to set up living room gray and white lighting ideas

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Examples of furnishing living rooms: open-concept-minimalist-balcony-dining area

examples of furnishing living room modern pink accents white couch fireplace accent wall

examples of furnishing the living room ambience cozy wood chair modern

examples of furnishing living room white sofa round fireplace floating effect

examples of furnishing living room sofa stripes brick wall sloping roof

examples of furnishing living room bright interior parquet canape carpet gray

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