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Designing the living room in a country house style – 55 cozy ideas

In one Country style living room the warmth and cosiness prevail. There are several styles to consider – French country style, country style with a touch of rustic charm, or country style with a modern twist. But you can stick to a few basic rules when designing to achieve the look you want.

Country style living room – features

Living room-country-style-design-barn-door-ideas

What is a Country style living room? A color palette of light or earthy colors and a range of cozy furniture and home accessories. What else? A cozy seating area in front of the fireplace, where you could spend the evening with friends and family. Don’t forget the coffee table in the middle where you can put drinks and snacks. Whether your living room is small or large, the country house style would create a nice cozy atmosphere. Use warm neutral colors like chocolate brown or cappuccino for furniture and other large pieces of furniture. Cream white and magnolia are suitable for the walls. Set accents with cool colors like blue and green.

Country house decoration for living room

Living room-country-style-design-fireplace-wooden table-strip carpet

Country style is about comfort. Throw some pillows or a blanket on the couch. Choose soft fancy kisses to sink into. Handmade crocheted tablecloths also go well with it. Rustic details add the finishing touch. Mount chunky wooden shelves on the walls and buy some antique pieces. Put old books on the coffee table or on a shelf.

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The country house style in the living room – from classic to modern

Living room designed with a rustic touch

Living room-country-style-design-ideas-modern

Skilfully combine colors and materials

Living room-country-style-upholstered chairs-natural stone wall-fireplace

Landhaus Ideen – white fabric cover for sofa and armchair

Living room-country-style-design-bright-colors

Living room in the country house white modern

living room-country-style-design-fireplace-chest-coffee table

Decoration ideas in country house style

living room-country-style-wood-fireplace surround-natural fiber carpet

Country style furniture for living room

living room-country-style-natural fiber carpet-chest-coffee tables

Wall design in white

living room-country-style-white-sofa-cover-twigs-bucket

modern country house style with industrial flair in the living room

living room-country-style-brick-wall-cream-corner sofa

Natural fiber carpet

ideas-living room-country-style-cream-wall-paint-green-accents

old rocking chair as a highlight

ideas-living room in country style-cozy-rocking-chair-bench-chest-wicker

gray wall paint, beige furniture and fuchsia-colored accents

ideas-living room in country style-beige-sofas-light gray-wall color

ideas-living room-country-style-sloping roof-cream-wall-paint-baroque-mirror

Coffee table made from an old barrel

ideas-living room-country-style-floorboard-barrel-coffee table-glass top

Fireplace in the corner and a large window front


Checkered pattern for the furniture upholstery

ideas-living room-country-style-plaid-sofas-plant-motifs

Light blue and cream for an airy atmosphere

ideas-living room-country-style-upholstered furniture-pastel blue-green

Floorboards and masonry

ideas-living room in country style-red-wall-ceiling-exposed-stone-wall

red painted wall

ideas-living room-country-style-decorations-red-wall-paint-beige-sofa-carpet

Wickerwork and ceramic dishes

ideas-living room in country house style-cozy-white-dots-beige-wall color

Hydrangea bouquets as a decoration in the country house

ideas-living-room-country-style-white-armchair-hydrangea bouquet


ideas-living room-modern-country-style-white-light-gray-wood-accents


living room in country style-modern-solid wood-furniture-white-sofa covers

furnishing-living room-country-style-sky-blue-white-checkered-armchair cover


furnishing-living room-country-style-fireplace-wood-gray-wall-paint

Furnishing-living room-country-style-modern-white-sofa-covers


furnishing-living room-modern-country-style-fireplace

living room-country-style-exposed-brick-wall-white-upholstered sofa


living room-french-country-style-floral-motifs-white-furniture

living room-french-country-style-hydrangea-bouquet-mural-flowers

living room-french-country-style-shabby-chic-flair

living room-french-country-style-white-color-fireplace-candlestick-decoration

living room-french-country-style-deco-rose-motifs-wood-burning fireplace

living room-country-house-purple-accents-armchair-fireplace

living room-country-style-brown-leather-armchair-wood-fireplace-white-painted-wood-wall paneling

living room-country-style-decorations-wicker-gaense-stattue

living room-country-style-corner-sofa-throw pillows-patterned

living room-country-style-tile-floor-white-painted-walls-pointed roof

living room-country-style-design-rustic-stone-flooring-tree trunks

living room-country-style-design-black-accents-baroque-pattern

living room-country-style-design-stone-fireplace-wood-wall cladding

living room-country-style-design-stone-fireplace-visible-rafters

living room-country-style-wood-furniture-fireplace-decoration-wall-plate

living room-country-style-fireplace-wall-plate-decoration

living room-country-style-pure-white-light-flooded-room

living room-country-style-rustic-wood-furniture-white-sofa

living room-country-style-rustic-stone-fireplace-autumn colors

living room-country-style-wallpaper-stripes-plank-floor-fireplace-houseplant

living room-country-house-style-white-furniture-covers-plank floor-chimney-pointed roof

living room-country-style-white-furniture-fiber-carpet-wood-coffee table

living room-country-style-white-furniture-pink-accents-pillow-flower-motifs

living room-modern-country-style-plank-floor-wood-accents

living room-scandinavian-country-style-gray-sofa-wood-coffee table