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Designing an empty corner in the living room: cool ideas for furnishing and decorating

Your living room is perfectly furnished except for an empty corner. But how can the dark and uncomfortable corner of the room be designed and decorated? From corner shelves for the reading corner to photo walls for the chill seat: We’ll show you 25 cool ideas on how to put even the smallest space in the limelight imaginatively and transform an empty corner in the living room into an absolute highlight!

Design an empty corner in the living room: fill in gaps with side tables

Make an empty corner in the living room with paintings and a side table

You have designed a cozy seating area with two sofas or a sofa and a day bed or armchair. But as cozy as this sitting area looks, a dead corner automatically draws your gaze. In this case, the side table is a true all-rounder and the perfect companion for the couch, sofa and day bed. A side table at seat height perfectly bridges the space up to the wall and can be staged in a variety of ways. Because it not only offers space for the remote controls and afternoon coffee, but also for books, magazines and statues. Even posters and paintings can be casually leaned against the wall on it.

Ideas for living room corners: set up a reading area

Ideas for corners in the living room Ladder as a wall shelf

Designed away from the television and the living area, a comfortable reading corner promises pleasant hours with your favorite book in hand. In the large living area it offers a retreat, in the smaller one – flexible seating. In order for it not only to look beautiful, but also to be functional, you should consider a few things when setting it up:

1. Shelves are particularly effective on the short wall. So your favorite books and magazines are always within reach.

2. The armchair is the highlight of the reading corner. It can be staged both as a soloist and in combination with a stool. Cozy bedspreads, faux fur covers and decorative pillows add a touch of cosiness.

3. A modern floor lamp effectively completes the interior. It takes up little space and is a flexible solution that anyone can position anywhere in the room.

4. You can put decorations on the wall behind the armchair. Paintings, posters or family pictures automatically draw the eye and are annoying when reading.

Ideas for living room corners corner shelves and armchairs in the Scandinavian style

If you want to turn a dead corner in the living room into a reading space, then choose a corner right next to the window. Make sure that you set up the armchair at a distance of about 30 cm from the wall shelf.

Design a play area in the living room

Living room dead corners design ideas for dollhouses made of washi tape

Toddlers always want to play close to their parents. Set up a play area so that there is order in the living room and cuddly toys, cars and dolls don’t wander back and forth. You can draw the contours of a doll’s house with washi tape, and several shelves provide space for dolls and accessories. The play area is ready in no time. When designing the play area, however, make sure that the children can reach all of the toys. If necessary, you can also put a seat cushion on the floor.

Decoration for corners in the living room

Make the living room corner decorate with fairy lights

You have set up a cozy seating area in front of the fireplace. But since all the furniture is positioned in the middle of the room, the corners remain empty. The problem: there is simply not enough space there for additional furniture and you have to decorate the corner of the room. But how? Fairy lights and multi-lamp ceiling lights make even the darkest and bare corners shine. With a chain of lights you bring out the edges particularly effectively and frame the available space. You can simply lean the multi-lamp ceiling lights against the two walls and set exciting accents.

Create a small corner in the living room

Use the dead corner to create a bookshelf in the living room

Small corners are a big challenge for most interior designers. Custom made corner shelves solve space problems in the small living room. Shelf systems that combine compartments, shelves and drawers in a multifunctional design prove to be ideal. There is not only space for the book collection, but also for family photos, numerous souvenirs from your last vacation, vases with fresh flowers and even homemade items.

Designing the corner of the living room: houseplants

Room corner with plants create ideas for indoor plants in the living room

An empty corner in the living room can also be spiced up with house plants. When choosing plants, the lighting conditions play a decisive role. Sun worshipers cannot thrive in a dark place, such as behind a door. Shade-loving plants will not feel comfortable directly under the south window. Therefore, to be on the safe side, seek advice from the garden center. You can even bring a photo of the empty corner or watch over a weekend how long and if sunlight falls directly on the corner at all.

Decoration for the corner in the living room: design a picture or photo wall

Decoration for corner in living room in loft style industrial brick wall

Would you prefer to make the living room look spacious and focus on decoration instead of furniture? Then the next idea is just right for you. A photo or picture wall can be created great in corners. Combine vintage posters and black and white art prints in different sizes to give the picture wall more character. Several posters with quotes or inspiring sayings can add variety.

Use dead corner in living room for home office

Corner solution for living room Idea for home office with foldable table and corner shelf

In the past it was rarely found in most homes, nowadays it has become an inseparable part of the interior: the home office. It is of course best to set up the home office in a separate room. However, if the available living space is scarce, there is only one way out: converting an empty corner in the living room into a flexible home office. A wall shelf houses the office documents, a foldable table offers space for a laptop and table lamp. Complete! When not in use, the work area in the living room can be converted into a side table for drinks and snacks. Also perfect if you are organizing a party at home.

Relaxation corner with a hanging chair in the living room

Chill corner in the living room create ideas with hanging chairs

The piece of furniture was forgotten for a long time, but recently it has been experiencing a real comeback: the hanging chair. Acrylic models are particularly popular. They can be effectively staged with cozy bedspreads made of artificial fur, look airy and can be perfectly combined with coffee tables and floor lights.

Decoration ideas for the living room corner

Set up an empty corner in the living room. Ideas for a retro style reading corner

In the following we show you three different variants for an effective decoration for the living room corner. Decorate a cozy corner with a hippie look, opt for a comfortable seating area with exotic plants or go for vintage style with found objects from the flea market. You can choose between the different variants.

Living room corner: decoration with a hippie look

Dead corner in the living room decorate ideas in a hippie look

A vintage record player, decorative stones, cacti and other exotic plants, a beanbag or stool with a crochet cover, a vintage mirror and brass-look metal plant pots create a relaxed corner with a hippie look. Perfect for all Coachella fans and for the living room with a retro look.

Decoration ideas for the corner in the living room: pure exoticism

Dead corner in the living room exotic plants and leather armchairs sitting area

A leather armchair, a wooden stool that serves as a side table, several plant pots and two mirrors as decoration on the wall: the new cozy seating area in the living room is ready. The color palette in earth tones and the selection of indoor plants (all exotic) make you dream of exotic travel destinations, tropical islands and summer vacations.

Vintage decoration for the corner in the living room

Decorate and furnish the corner of the room with a day bed and throw pillows

A vintage chest of drawers, a simple day bed and a rattan basket complete the furnishing of a vintage-style corner. You can decorate with vintage drawings, vases and clay pots from the flea market and home-made decorative pillows.

To set up a comfortable and stylish corner of a room, you need a sure instinct for interior design. Even if you fail to implement the desired concept, there is no need to worry. Just try again. You can find more inspiring examples in the photo gallery below. Let yourself be inspired by it.

Modern wall shelf and day bed

Decorate the corner of the living room with wall shelves and a day bed

Corner sofa for narrow rooms

Corner solutions for living room sofa next to the window

Decoration ideas for living room corner wall in dark color

Painting on the wall effectively highlights the small corner in the living room

Decoration for living room corner ideas with paintings

Sitting area in the small living room

unused corner in the living room set up ideas with a rattan basket and armchair and shaggy carpet

Home office in a corner

Living room corner ideas for home office and map as wall decoration

Sitting area in the living room

Create living room corners with a side table and armchair and floor lamp

Wall shelf from Ikea

Corner design for living room with corner shelf with compartments

Stove in a small corner

Relaxation corner in the living room in front of the fireplace