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Designing a column in the living room – using supporting structures creatively

In order to remain structurally sound and stable, some apartments and houses need supporting pillars in the living room or in other living areas. When people have to design such a column in a room, they rely on details of the beautiful appearance, but their implementation can sometimes be a challenging task. So the need to have such an element in the middle of the room can often be unattractive. However, if you are looking to get creative with this problem, here are some designs to go with. Let this inspire you, for example, to design unsightly columns in color and to be able to transform them into a practical yet unmistakable feature that fits perfectly into your home.

 Good reasons for a pillar in the living room

Combining classic columns in the house in a traditional style with modern furnishings

Above all, pillars are building structures that are essential for a home with two or more levels. Such a supporting pillar can support the structure above itself and transfer the weight to the foundation. Often times, the architect designing a room can hide the column in the wall. However, sometimes he should plan this as some sort of layout for the center of the room.

color a wide and open space with columns

For this reason, many people believe that pillars interfere with interior design. However, in today’s contemporary designs, even if they are traditionally designed living spaces, columns in rooms can be added as functional elements or just for decorative purposes. So, instead of planning on removing your pillar, you can instead decorate the dull looking element and make it look beautiful. In this way you can make your living space much more attractive and interesting.

rustic furnishings in the living room supporting pillar meaning

You can also use the whole thing for some additional functions to give your rooms more flexibility. To get a better idea of ​​something like this, you can find some examples of design and decoration ideas here, in case you are wondering: What to do with a column in the living room? In the middle of the living room you can then use these to make the room look big.

modern living room and pillar in living room decorate in boho style

Before you start, however, you should know that there are two different types of pillars that are commonly used. There is a rectangular or a rounded version. A rounded column in the living room is usually used in classical architecture. Rectangular columns are common in modern or minimalist designs.

Decorate the supporting column

Living room supporting column with alcoves and shelves with retro decoration

The easiest, most efficient and least expensive solution is to use wall art or wall decor. So you can quickly design a pillar in the house. This will make it look subtle and still better, while adding more artistic effects to your room at the same time. Before you buy any wall decor, however, it is important to measure the width of your pillar to make sure you are purchasing these items at the correct size. After you have determined the exact size of your column, you can start looking for wall decor elements that you like. There are many decorative items that you can buy and use for this. For example, if there is a niche or shelves, such a small area can be decorated with small sculptures.

Use a mirror and create a column in the room

Another living room column decoration idea that you can apply is to use a mirror to cover the sides. This can give you a lot of benefits instead of just making your column look nice and elegant. Using a mirror can also help make any room look a lot more spacious. Since the mirror reflects the light, a room can also appear much brighter.

apartment with large windows and modern furniture propped up by a column in the living room

The best practice is to take a bespoke real mirror and add an additional custom frame to it. This approach will of course cost you some money, and it will require minor renovations to get this job done. The more cost-effective solution is to use a ready-made wall mirror that is available on the market. You can simply hang up such a mirror yourself or drill the supporting column and have the element installed.

Use a column in the living room as a room divider

Use a column in the living room as a partition wall

So pillars are a great yet easy way to add detail to your living room. However, these also provide a transition between living room and kitchen area or dining room, especially if you have an open kitchen. If a large open space has a concrete pillar in the middle, you could use that as a visual room divider. In such a case, the column can be painted white and serves as a support for any wooden beams and the ceiling that rest on them. Such a design divides the room into mini areas, such as a foyer, living area, dining room or study. The wide range of options for shades can create a beautiful and colorful or a minimalist ambience in the Scandinavian style.

room dividers with glass and wood attached to a pillar in the living room

A column in the living room can therefore not only serve as a support, but also as a partition between two rooms. The concrete column can, for example, give the room a calming natural touch with a stone cladding. If you are designing a wall that is less than the width of the column, you can create a recess to accommodate a piece of furniture without making the space seem cramped. For example, this could be a cabinet with a countertop on which you are flaunting a modern sculpture. Creating a piece of furniture that fits perfectly between the wall and the column can also help draw attention from where the support structure is placed in the center of a room. Such a design can, for example, be combined with a partition made of glass so that the natural light in the room is not impaired. The lower half can be a practical storage space that is ideal for storing items and helps keep the living room tidy.

Clad the supporting pillar

pillar clad with stone straps in the living room with laminate flooring and plants with transition to other areas

An element based on stone or wood can be used as cladding to create contrasts or to balance the room. This could also create some freshness as well as natural atmosphere in the living room. The texture of the wood or stone cladding also gives the column a bit of an artistic look. If you find that there are no natural elements in your space, using such a material to cover your column can be the perfect choice. In addition, this has a double effect: firstly, it gives your room a natural look. Second, a cladding will help you cover up a monotonous look to make the column look fresher and more attractive. There are many different ways you can cover your column in the living room with stone or wood materials.

big dream home with decorative elements and supporting pillars in industrial style

You can cover the entire surface with wood or bricks or cover parts of the column with wooden boards. Use your own creativity to find the best options that will suit your current style in room design. There are also many different options for the wood materials that you can use. Of course, real wood would be a perfect choice, but of course you can use other options such as wood-textured vinyl or wood planks.

high ceilings in combination with white columns and brick wall in large living room with decoration

Structural pillars are often present at the main entrance to support the canopy or upper floor. You can get creative and break away from the traditional design of a single column by splitting it into two parts. The stone-clad support columns with empty space in the middle are perfect for placing planters, for example. So you can design the room on all levels and thereby create an inviting feeling.

Practical use of space with a column in the living room

practical installation of a folding table or bar counter with chairs on a column in the living room

You can make the most of the area around the column by adding a counter or a folding dining table with chairs. An idea like this is perfect for anyone who has limited space in the room and cannot have a dining or standing table. To realize such a mini project, all you have to do is buy a narrow table that can be placed right next to your column. You can also use a foldable wall mounted dining / standing table for the best result.

kitchen island attached to a pillar in the living room

If you use a folding table, you can easily fold it up when you are not using it so it doesn’t take up space in your room. Use your pillar to anchor an island there, for example. Use this area as a pivot point where your built-in furniture such as the kitchen island can be. Make sure, however, that the floor remains even, but the column in combination with the similarly sized beams marks the kitchen area.

Use a wood-clad column in the living room as a base for a television

Another way to get the most out of a supporting pillar in the middle of such a social space is to use it as a base for a television or even a fireplace. As with many contrasting elements in a living room, the wall can be coated with rustic wallpaper or stone cladding. This gives the living area a cozy atmosphere.

minimalist design in a luxurious room with a modern fireplace and column in white

Likewise, you can decorate the wall with a white finish that matches the style of your home. This design can accordingly be classic or modern. So if you have an open floor plan, such elements can be inserted perfectly. Even if you don’t put the TV there immediately in the living room, it can make sense to plan sockets near the column.

Minimalist design and rough concrete walls

rough concrete walls and a fireplace in the pillar in the living room with a wide sofa in gray

Keep the pillar unfinished for an industrial rustic look. If you want to give your living room a rustic or retro look, you can just leave the surfaces rough and unfinished. The unfinished column still looks beautiful and is perfect for any rustic or industrial decor. And then to make it more interesting you can add some decoration items. However, make sure you choose the items that have a similar rustic, retro, or industrial touch. An object that blends in well with such a variant is a wall lamp or rustic wooden wall art.