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Decoration for living room – beautiful ideas and valuable decoration tips

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With a suitable decoration you can give the finishing touches to every room in the apartment and thus create a pleasant atmosphere. Especially when it comes to the living room, the right home accessories and decorative objects light up the room and provide an individual touch in the interior. The decoration for living rooms should not necessarily be in the form of elegant murals and pretty house plants. Even an original wall design or stylish furniture can be used for decorating. In this article you will find the different possibilities as well as many valuable tips for a beautiful living room decoration. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas and create a stylish living space!

Basic tips for a beautiful decoration for living room

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When furnishing a living room, choosing the right one is important colour as the very first step in interior design. However, many underestimate the fact that the wall color determines the decoration and furnishing of the living room. Even with paint you can conjure up an atmospheric decoration for the walls and specify the tone for the rest of the decorations. Color accents in the living room are still a popular decoration idea for this area, because they give the room an atmospheric touch and freshen up the entire interior.

Decoration for living room decorative-wall-decoration-wallpaper-strips

Wallpaper can also be very decorative in the living area and give the room an individual touch. With a beautiful pattern wallpaper as a decoration for the living room, you can make the room stylish and set it up in the style you want. In this case, you only need a few more decorative objects that harmonize with the wallpaper and the living room design is ready.

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Another aspect that is crucial for the living room decoration is that Furnishing style. Different decorative elements go well with a modern, Scandinavian or country house style, so you should determine it before you start decorating. In some situations, however, a mix of styles is also possible in the interior, but only if the individual elements combine well with one another.

decoration-living room-style-furniture-deco-bookshelf-armchair

Anyone who thinks that only home accessories are suitable as decoration for living rooms is mistaken. Even some stylish ones Furniture as decoration are completely sufficient in the living room to create a cozy atmosphere. In addition to the couch and the coffee table, there are other pieces of furniture that are very decorative in this area. A stylish bookshelf, for example, exudes comfort and warmth and therefore cuts a great figure for decorating the living room. Not only books fit on it, but also small decorative objects and accessories.

Living room decoration with textiles

decoration-living room-textiles-sofa-cushions-upholstery-color accents

The various textiles in the living room play an important role in creating a beautiful spatial effect. The right ones Curtains or drapes influence the atmosphere in the room and are of central importance for a cozy room design. You can either complement the color palette of the room nicely, or set atmospheric accents. The same goes for the Upholstery, blankets and decorative pillows, selected for the seating area. Decorative pillowcases for the sofa cushions have long been considered an inexpensive decoration for living rooms, which gives the interior an individual character.

decoration-living room-carpet-pattern-wanbild-piano

May decorate the living room Carpets Also not missing, because they create a homely feeling and round off the entire interior design in a beautiful way. Vintage carpets in a modern interior are currently very much in vogue and set great highlights for interior design. Pattern carpets or fluffy mini carpets also give the living room warmth and ensure greater comfort, especially during the cold winter.

Wall decoration for living room

decoration-living room-wall-wall-art-ideas

The wall decoration is an important part of the decoration for the living room. Especially in a large living area Murals or other wall decorations are definitely not missing. They make the bare walls look more beautiful and immediately make them glow. This can also influence the overall effect of the room. With elongated wall decorations, for example, the walls appear larger and the room more open. Murals can also loosen up the atmosphere in terms of color and set atmospheric accents. Thus, the entire living room looks more comfortable and invites you to linger and relax.

decoration-living room-fireplace-wall-decoration-wall-clock-decoration-tips

In addition to murals, other wall decorations are also available if you want to beautifully decorate the walls in the living room. A mirrors For example, it is a popular decoration idea for a small living room because it reflects the room and even makes it appear larger. In addition, a wall mirror looks really elegant in the interior and immediately refines the atmosphere. If, on the other hand, you want to give the living room a nostalgic touch, then this works best with a vintage wall clock. The area above the fireplace or sofa is ideal for this. Lovely Wall clocks are offered for every furnishing style and therefore suit every furnishing. Stylish, self-made variants also come into their own in the living area.

decoration-living room-wall-decoration-decorative-wall-design

In addition to wallpaper and wall paint, offer various Wall panels another way to decorate the walls in the living room. Such a decorative wall design can have a natural look and thus give the room a high-quality look. Wall panels with a stone or wood look are particularly popular and are wonderfully suitable for both modern and classically furnished living rooms. One decorative wall design can also be achieved with a 3D wallpaper, which gives the room structure.

Lighting as a decoration for living room

decoration-living room-lighting-pendant-lights-modern

Recently, there has been a trend towards decorating with light. Beautiful ceiling lights, wall lights and floor lamps with an elegant design are used and not only serve as a light source, but also as an atmospheric decoration for the living area. Choosing the right lighting depends on factors such as ceiling height and the size of the room. For example, decorative Pendant lights mainly used in living areas with high ceilings, while a LED starry sky can beautifully illuminate and decorate a small room with a suspended ceiling. Indirect lighting can also conjure up a feel-good atmosphere in the room and offers a modern furnishing idea for the living room.

decoration-living room-lighting-floor-lamp-colorful-carpet

Luminous bodies with a beautiful design are ideal as a decoration for living rooms. Designer living room lamps go well with a modern interior design style, whereas for a country house style interior Vintage chandelier from the flea market are very suitable. With Floor lamps you can also set beautiful accents in the room and create a beautiful ambience. The right lighting also ensures that the rest of the living room decoration is beautifully presented.

Living room decoration with plants


Houseplants are an important part of the decoration for living rooms, because they bring life and naturalness into the living area. They freshen up the atmosphere and invite nature into your own four walls. However, if you want to decorate the apartment with house plants, you should make sure that the plants need appropriate care in order to always look beautiful and lively. For those who don’t have time for more complex care, easy-care varieties such as succulents are best.

decoration-living-room-ideas-indoor-plants-corner-banana plant

As a rule, almost any container plant can be integrated into the living room decoration, but there are some indoor plants that are particularly suitable for the living area. Examples are Palms, succulents, ivy, lucky bamboo, orchids and many others. The correct placement of the plant also plays an essential role in its well-being. Places that get enough daylight and fresh air are best suited for this. You can also decorate unused corners in the living room with beautiful plant pots. That way the whole facility looks complete.


Another popular trend in decorating living rooms are vertical gardens indoor. They give the room a natural flair and at the same time serve as atmospheric accents. Green walls go with every furnishing style and are suitable for both small and large living rooms. In combination with natural colors for the furnishings and decoration made of natural materials, a vertical garden looks really beautiful.

decoration-living room-flowers-table-decoration-pink-wall-paint

Plant pots and houseplants are not the only way to decorate living rooms naturally. With seasonal Cut flowers In a beautiful glass container, the living area can be created atmospherically and decorated with a fresh element. The flowers are perfect as a table decoration for the coffee table and can also serve as color accents in the room. A living room decoration with fresh cut flowers can also be changed regularly, which is not the case with larger decorative objects. This means that the living area can be decorated differently every week.

Small decorative objects for a pleasant atmosphere

decoration-living room-textiles-sofa-cushions-carpets-small-deco

When it comes to decorating the living room, it’s the little things and accessories that add the finishing touches to the decor. Small details like Vases, candle holders, bowls and trays Small decorative items should definitely not be missing, because they are considered the icing on the cake. However, these should be in harmony with the furnishing style and color scheme of the living room and create a harmonious overall picture. The small home accessories can be distributed anywhere in the living area, usually as Decoration for wall units and side tables are used. In no case should one exaggerate this. Some nice candles, a nicely decorated tray and a pretty flower vase create a cozy atmosphere.

decoration-living room-pictures-mantelpiece-deco-bookshelf-ladder

There are also some areas in the living room that come with one in every season seasonal decoration to be decorated. These include, for example, the mantelpiece or the chimney console, the window sill and, if applicable, the wall niches. At these points, the decoration can be particularly beautifully presented in the respective season. You can beautify your living room in autumn with pumpkins and autumn leaves, in winter with fir branches and Christmas motifs, in spring with spring flowers and Easter eggs and in summer with maritime decorations.