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Decorating the living room – 50 ideas with pillows, pictures, curtains & more

decorate living room green sofa colorful accents lilac chair modern mural

So that the living room can look really cozy, the decoration must not be missing. We have some examples for the Decorate living room put together for you showing how to use pillows, plants, pictures, curtains and carpets to create harmony and a perfect atmosphere. let yourself be inspired!

Decorate the living room with throw pillows

living room decorate white furnishing colorful cushions sofa floor lamp modern

Some rooms can be changed and spiced up with textiles. The same applies of course to the living room. And believe it or not, the decorative pillows have a particularly strong effect here. With them you can set colorful, cheerful accents or expand the choice of colors in the living room by using the same or similar color nuances and thus decorate the living room perfectly.

Decorative cushions as an extension to the beige sofa

decorate living room monochrome design throw pillows corner couch fur

Colorful accents in the living room

decorate living room gray wall paint pillow colorful coffee table wood

Decorate living room with murals

decorate living room yellow couch photo mural idea fire plant

Murals are a great way to showcase your skills. To decorate the living room, paint a picture yourself and hang it on the wall above the couch in the living room. If you are not artistically gifted, it does not matter, because after all, murals can also be bought.

Four-part living room mural in red tones

living room decorate wall design pictures red nuances cream couch

Romantic picture in the modern living room

decorate living room mural romantic red armchair laminate black wall

Curtains in the living room

decorate living room pink accents curtains cushions side table

The curtains not only ensure privacy in the evening and sun protection during the day, but also have a decorative property. They automatically make every room more comfortable, which is why they are often preferred to blinds or at least combined with them. When it comes to curtains, it is important that they match the rest of the interior in terms of pattern and color. If you want to create a contrast, then at least some other decorative elements in the living room should have the same color, so that harmony is guaranteed by decorating the living room.

Combine curtains in the living room with blinds

decorate living room blinds curtains interior salmon color

Decoration from blue curtains

decorate living room light blue curtains white couch set

Decorate with a carpet

decorate living room modern carpet geometric earth-tone beige corner sofa

The importance of the carpet is equal to that of the couch. Nowadays there is almost no household where it is missing. And what there is not for a large variety of patterns and colors that are perfect for decorating the living room! The carpet can be chosen in the same colors as the furnishings or in a contrasting color and thus serve as an accent.

living room decorate red accent carpet interior design modern design

decorate living room pink carpet large wall unit shelf lowboard white

Plants as living room decoration

living room decorate vertical garden plants wall beige couch

Plants have the ability to give life to any room. They radiate freshness and bring nature into the house. This is why they also look so good as a decoration. If you don’t have a lot of time to care for plants, just choose 2-3 large plants to put in the corners of the room or next to the sofa. Another way to decorate your living room with plants are cut flowers, which you change regularly.

living room decorate plants accents blue-gray colors ceilings

decorate living room simple modern furnishing green white plant

decorate living room idea plants french windows vintage furnishings

decorate living room bamboo plants exotic style orange furniture

More ideas for decorating the living room:

decorate living room white coffee table round carpet gray beige throw pillows

living room decorate mural romantic colors wallpaper carpet

living room decorating curtains white carpet beige wall design brick

living room decorate vase pillow stripes accents globe

living room decorate textile colors pink yellow green vintage design

decorate living room white couch set armchair stool throw pillows

decorate living room mural african motifs three-part parquet

decorate living room vases oriental style flowers side table chandelier

decorate living room mirror round wall design black frame flowers

decorate living room black furniture mural 3d cube metal luster

decorate living room round sofa design mural red orange curtains beige

decorate living room plants tiles beige home office simple furnishing

decorate living room pattern pillow couch gray carpet accent wall brick

decorate living room modern purple privacy screen interior couch green accents

decorate living room loft idea plants beanbags dark laminate

decorate living room wicker design sofas exotic furnishing plants

decorate living room contrasting colors blue purple carpet armchair

decorate living room tall curtains window front plants blue-gray table

decorate living room light blue pastel furniture colorful vases built-in shelf

decorate living room large mural fabric white sofa side table vintage

decorate living room glass table shelf vintage design salmon sofa

decorate living room geometric pattern carpet sideboard modern mural

decorate living room yellow curtains wallpaper turquoise armchair bedside lamp

decorate living room floral motifs curtains wallpaper green pink colors

decorate living room exotic ideas plants lush furniture modern

decorate living room elegant gray turquoise accent stool coffee table

decorate living room canape cushion fuchsia orange floor lamps

decorate living room colorful curtains yellow pink white sofa

decorate living room blue gray colors furniture vase tray coffee table

decorate living room blue yellow curtains stool sideboard

decorate living room abstract pictures wall design gray couch

living room decorate zigzag carpet fireplace black and white sofa