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Color for the living room – when pastel nuances come into play

Color living room pink shade gray mantelpiece

You are looking for a suitable one Color for the living room? With pastel nuances, a cozy and at the same time modern ambience can be created. Even more so – they make the room appear larger and brighter and are therefore a good choice for rooms facing north.

Color for the living room – skillfully put cool wall colors in the limelight

Color living room sky blue wall anthracite sofa

It is well known that Germans like to use cool wall colors such as green or blue when it comes to the living room. But if you only work with it, you risk having an undesirable side effect – the room looks cold and uncomfortable. This can be avoided with a simple trick – the combination of blue and orange creates a charming ambience and is particularly suitable for rooms with alcoves. And those who are reluctant to do without the completely sky-blue wall can simply achieve the same effect with new upholstery. Because the light blue living room can handle a lot of anthracite, camel, beige and powder colors as color accents. Apropos dark gray can also be easily integrated into the overall picture – the color looks noble and also goes perfectly with green.

Color for the living room – warm wall color for a cozy ambience

Color living room ideas light pink dark blue carpet

Warm wall colors create a cozy atmosphere and are particularly suitable for walk-through rooms. In this way, a seamless transition between the individual rooms can be designed – the first room painted in a light shade, the second – in a darker shade.

Warm colors also work well with cold decorations. Furnishing the light pink room with white furniture and decorating it with dark blue decorative pillows and pictures may sound strange at first glance, but the end result is impressive. Photo in the photo gallery below /.

Powder paint on the wall and mahogany furniture create attractive color contrasts

Color living room sand wall color mahogany furniture pictures

Beige color for the eclectic living room

Color living room ideas beige wall fabric furniture

Green and anthracite form a stylish color duo

Color living room living ideas grass green anthracite laminate floor dark

Beige on the wall in combination with blue accents

Color living room beige wall white mantelpiece rug pastel square

Copper paint on the wall in the living room

Color living room copper color accent dining area leather sofa

Living room with stripes in white and gray – modern wall design

Color living room white gray stripes ideas

Wall color living room stripes blue ideas

Living room color pink wall color white living area blue bedspread

Color living room orange wall blue wall paint circle motifs

Paint living room mantelpiece pastel shade

Living room color Earth nuances Laminate flooring sand color sofa

Color living room orange gray mantelpiece decorate

Color living room anthracite gray light green orange sofa

Color living room blue wall color gray sofa interior

Color living room earth tones carpet white color mantelpiece

Color living room yellow wall paint three seater sofa

Color living room yellow wall color white furniture

Color living room gray yellow nuances

Paint living room niches corners earth tones

color for the living room feminine furnishing vintage pink coral buffet

color for the living room wall color green modern sideboard furniture comfort

color for the living room salmon white furniture elegant ceiling beams

color for the living room light blue beige sofas elegant furnishing wall modern

color for the living room green wall design armchair fireplace decorations