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Color design in the living room with shiny golden highlights

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Color design in the living room in shiny gold will inspire your guests and create moments that are worth remembering. Bring a touch of luxury into your own four walls and experience a top-class ambience with our furnishing ideas and tips.

Color design in the living room: Precious metals are back in trend


The magnificence and magnificence of the palaces, which to this day still inspire the trend-conscious and delight lovers of luxury, is mostly not only due to the beauty of the architecture, but also to the highest elegance, achieved solely through the material gold. Furniture and accessories made of the shiny metal look noble and set timelessly beautiful accents even in the most modern facilities.

Gold-colored furniture and home textiles exude a touch of luxury


Exquisite furnishings in the color gold are an absolute hit! In order for them to come into their own, carefully considered dosing and correct placement are definitely important. The color gold is anything but inconspicuous. To ensure that it doesn’t look kitschy, they use the golden accents in a targeted manner. Give the decorative items a suitable place where they can look beautiful.

Golden home accessories are trendy

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Golden vases, lamps, mirrors and picture frames, gold-patterned wallpaper are beautiful eye-catchers. Painting a living room wall gold can give you an antique look. Wood floors also look very noble and lively thanks to the incorporated gold tones.

Furnishing with gold

Home accessories-gold-tables-beautiful-eye-catcher-living room-wall lights

At home it can shine again. Gold-look furniture is a year-round classic, even if it is reduced to a minimum in the living room. Golden surfaces look particularly good when they appear in different tones depending on the incidence of light.

Inspiration for color design

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A big plus point of gold: The color is surprisingly adaptable and changeable and can be combined very well – for example with dark blue, purple, brown, red or orange, cream white or light gray. Gold creates beautiful contrasts with black and white and transforms the apartment into a place with character.

Example living worlds that would fascinate anyone with a refined taste

minimalism-with-classic-details-noble-colors-white-gold-wooden-table-living room

Wallpapers have ornamental decorations with metallic elements

living room-wallpaper-gold-effect-floral-patterned-living-ideas

Highlight a wall with wallpaper patterns

pop-art-living room-wall-decoration-couch-cushions-in-gold-look-trendy again

Color design in the living room in the style of the 50s


Color design in the living room: tasteful and charming


Playful opulence

Wallpaper-ornamental-embellishments-living room-metallic-gold-accents

Precious metal look in trend

Example-living worlds-luxury-ambience-gold-colored-accessories-long-curtains

Elegance of baroque furnishing elements


Timeless combination of gold and dark wood


Dining areas-classic-furniture-gold-opulence-baroque-inspired-facilities

Example-living-worlds-mediterranean-living room-decorative-accessories


Colors-combination-gold-dark-wood-dining area-classic-furnishing



Living room-furniture-in-the-style-of-the-50s-velvety-covers-golden-accessories


Furniture-living room-draped-curtains-in-gold-optics-timeless-year-round-classics