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Choosing the wall color for the living room according to Feng Shui – tips and ideas

Taupe wall color living room feng shui beige sofa warm colors wood earth element

Feng Shui deals with the harmonization of people and their surroundings and regards the living space, be it a house or an office, as a living organism with which we have to live in harmony. Eastern teaching has many rules about what and where to place, at what angle and even at what distance. But the colors also influence our emotions and perceptions. The wall color not only determines the general atmosphere in the room, but also ensures a good sense of well-being. Because a person spends around half of his life at home.

Living room wall color Feng Shui Teracotta red-brown beige sofa

The living room is a place of diverse possibilities, where you can relax from the daily hustle and bustle and talk to friends and family. Choosing the right shade can lighten the mood and invite you to socialize. Today we will tell you which wall color is best suited for the living room according to Feng Shui teachings. When choosing, one should especially consider the flow of energy, the orientation of the room and the bagua zones.

Use the compass bagua when choosing the wall color for the living room

Floor plan apartment cardinal direction Bagua compass south west north

As always, it all starts with an analysis of the house’s floor plan. This means that Feng Shui experts are primarily interested in the direction in which the room is facing. Then the Feng Shui grid “Bagua” is placed over the floor plan. The bagua refers back to the 8 cardinal points and symbolically forms 9 zones that represent different areas of life. Bagua areas and cardinal points are also assigned one of the five elements: water, earth, wood, fire and metal. As soon as you have found out which elements will be allocated to your living room, you can also adapt the furnishings perfectly and choose the right wall colors according to Feng Shui.

Wall paints for the living room Color palette based on Feng Shui

If the kitchen is the stomach, the living room is the heart of the home. Because it is in this room that we spend most of our time. You can therefore use shades that have an activating effect on our psyche and create a cozy, communicative atmosphere. Pastel colors, on the other hand, have a calming effect and are better suited for bedrooms and bathrooms, where peace is required. When choosing the color of the wall for the living room, you should not only choose a color, but also understand the many different nuances of this color.

Wall paint for the living room based on the five elements

Feng Shui wall paints living room five elements

With the help of the bagua you can find out which colors are assigned to which direction and which element. Water and north, fire and south, wood and east / south-east, metal and west / north-west, earth and south-west / north-east belong together. The element water is promoted by blue, violet and black. Red, orange and pink activate the element fire in the south. The element wood is stimulated by green colors and the colors of the earth are yellow and brown. Where the element metal dominates, the colors silver, white and gold are used.

Element earth – muted yellow, orange, ocher, beige, terracotta, brown

Element wood – green, turquoise, yellow-green, brown

Element of water – blue, turquoise, black, purple

Element metal – white, gray, and metal colors such as gold, silver, bronze and brass

Element fire – red, pink, salmon, orange, peach, purple

Color red – passion, courage, romance (element fire)

Color red Feng Shui wall color living room behind TV Taupe corner sofa

The color red has an invigorating effect and brings a lot of energy into the room. Red is the Chinese color of luck and prosperity, is considered the wedding color in India and symbolizes love and romance, courage and passion in western culture. Take advantage of the positive power attributed to this color and paint a south-facing living room wall ruby ​​red.

Color orange – social, open, optimistic (element fire or earth)

Feng Shui wall paint living room orange subdued homely atmosphere

If red is too strong for your living room, orange can be too. The color orange is often referred to as the “social color” and exudes cosiness and activity in equal measure. This creates a cheerful atmosphere for lively conversations and sociable evenings. The orange color reminds us of the warm light from the fireplace and a cozy time.

Color yellow – sun, luck (element fire or earth)

Feng Shui living room wall color element earth yellow muted shades

Yellow is the feng shui color of sunlight. With this color you can add a cheerful touch to any room. From pastel yellow to strong sunflower yellow to ocher – every shade of yellow has a fresh, summery look and is perfect for a living room wall in the south-west or north-east.

Color green – growth, health, liveliness (element wood)

Wall color living room feng shui green wooden element wooden shelf gray sofa

The feng shui color of the east is green. The color green symbolizes spring, renewal, the morning. Vegetable green has a positive effect on health, well-being and social interaction. It is important to combine at least two different shades of green in order to promote the Feng Shui energy.

Color blue – calm, peace (element water)

Feng Shui wall paint living room light blue with gray stitch Old building element water

Blue is a wonderful Feng Shui color. From soft sky blue to turquoise blue and deep cobalt blue, there is an infinite variety of blue hues to choose from for your home. The color blue is used in the following Bagua areas: East (health), Southeast (money) and North (career).

Color gray – neutral, noble (element metal)

Wall color gray living room element metal corner sofa wooden floor

The color gray belongs to the element metal and symbolizes autumn and evening. It’s a classy color that goes with any interior style. The Feng Shui Bagua zones that benefit the most from the energy of the gray color are West (Creativity), Northwest (Friends), and North (Career).

Color brown – strength, grounding, stability (element wood)

Wall color brown living room white sofa dark wood floor suspended ceiling

Brown is one of the warm colors and is perfect for the living room. The color brown is also available in a wide variety of nuances – from very light to almost black. Chocolate, coffee and mahogany, for example, look very deep and elegant and refined. The Bagua areas most promoted by the energy of the brown color are East (Health), Southeast (Money), and South (Fame).