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Choosing suitable curtains for the living room – 20 beautiful ideas

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the Curtains for the living room are particularly important for the interior, as these have a dramatic effect and embellish the interior decoration. Before choosing the curtains for your living room, there are a few important factors that you should consider. First, think about how big your windows are and take a close look at whether the curtains you want match the interior of the living room. If you have a limited budget, you can put together the curtain design yourself. If you prefer a particular fabric, consider whether the material is suitable for curtains and how it will fall. It’s always a good idea to choose a pattern first to make sure the colors and fabrics match the design and decor of the living room.

Choosing curtains for the living room – important tips

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When you are wondering which one Curtains for the living room should be selected, the first thing to consider is function as the very first factor. The purpose of the curtains is especially important when making this decision. Do you want the curtains to secure more private space or do you just need them as decoration? The other meaningful element is the matter. If you want the curtains to stand out as a decorative element in the living room, choose a fabric with bright colors and impressive patterns. But if you prefer a simpler design, hang curtains made of transparent fabric in neutral colors. It is especially important to know the exact dimensions of the living room windows.

Choosing curtains for the living room – interesting and creative ideas

Curtains for the living room stylish curtains pattern dark color red armchair

If you want to draw attention to your windows in the living room, choose curtains in striking colors, for example with a striped pattern. The raw silk goes very well with light colors and gives the curtain design a certain elegance. The plaid pattern and stripes match the living room with traditional furnishings and classic design. If you’re after Curtains for the living room with more style and elegance looking, choose a model made of transparent fabric. In most cases, these curtains can be found in light and neutral shades. They always look elegant and dainty and create a romantic ambience. It is often necessary to combine the transparent curtains with those made of a dense fabric or with blinds, as these cannot secure enough private space.

Interesting ideas for curtain designs

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If you have small windows, the roller blinds are also a very practical solution. They fit the shape of the window exactly and do not hide decorative details and interesting elements next to the window. During the day, the blinds can be folded and look just as elegant and stylish. If you want a dramatic effect, choose Curtains for the living room, that go from the ceiling to the floor. So the room will look higher and the curtains will look massive and impressive. During the day, you can tie these to one side with decorative tiebacks.

Simple curtain design

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Slightly transparent curtains have a more decorative effect, so they protect less against sunlight and daylight in general, but can still protect against prying eyes to a certain extent. They frame the window wonderfully and create a more homely atmosphere. If the room is surrounded by an opaque garden and it is not used for sleeping where darkness is desired, these types of fabrics are perfectly adequate. The living room is such a room.

Different curtain designs with colorful patterns

choose the right curtains for the living room different

If you can’t make up your mind or if you want to put together a particularly interesting effect, simply combine several curtain designs with each other. Two models are not uncommon, but with three pieces you create a real eye-catcher. You can either hang the three curtains together on one side and leave the other side free, or you can hang three pieces on each side of the window. It’s a matter of taste. The idea is particularly suitable for wider windows.

High curtains with floral motifs

choose the right curtains for the living room high

These modern lengths of fabric are a great alternative to the classic curtains and drapes for the living room. They are hanging straight down from the ceiling and can be moved using tracks. In this way, they can be opened and closed at will, they can overlap completely or only partially and hang anywhere on the window. This is particularly advantageous if the sun is still very low from the end of autumn to the beginning of spring and is shining strongly into the room. With the lengths of fabric, you can always shield the desired area without completely losing light.

Turquoise colored curtains made of a solid fabric

choose the right curtains for the living room turquoise

A dense fabric is not only noble, but also very advantageous if you want to darken the room successfully, but blinds and the like are too modern or simple for you. So if you live in a one-room apartment where the living room is the bedroom, this type of curtain can prove useful for the living room and decorate the room at the same time. Match the color of the heavy fabric to the rest of the interior. It doesn’t have to be dark either. Even light-colored fabrics can be very opaque due to their thickness.

Curtains made of a transparent fabric

choose the right curtains for the living room transparent

Use the curtain fabrics to underline your furnishing style. For example, if you have furnished yourself in a modern and minimalist style, you can use gray or other neutral colors. For an exotic style, the fabrics can be adorned with patterns such as tropical plant leaves, while colors such as blue, white, beige and coral and striped patterns are very suitable for a maritime interior. So use this home accessory to give your interior the finishing touches.

Curtains with a striped pattern in pink and purple

choose the right curtains for the living room striped pattern

For a particularly feminine interior, you can choose curtains for the living room, which are made of matching colors and also have a playful design. Such variants are also wonderfully suitable for girls’ rooms. Other matching decorations and carpets create a beautiful and harmonious interplay.

Curtains with an elegant design are color-coordinated with the interior

choose the right curtains for the living room pink

Curtain fabrics are also often combined with blinds. This is a good idea if the curtains are only intended to serve as decoration, but at the same time privacy and sun protection is desired. If the blinds are not needed, they can simply be pulled together and the free window with the curtains can be enjoyed. By the way, curtains and curtains for the living room do not have to be hung on both sides of the window as usual. An attractive effect is also created on just one side.

Curtains with an interesting pattern 

choose the right curtains for the living room pattern

The fabrics for the windows no longer have just a useful purpose. They contribute to a large extent to the homely ambience, have a decorative property and create interesting highlights with their patterns and colors. You can even take on the role of a wall decoration, as this model proves. The interesting patterns are particularly noticeable and adorn the wall and window alike. So banish the sterile look of the room with fabrics!

Stylish curtains with red motifs

choosing the right curtains for the living room elegant

Dense curtains with a simple design in orange

choose the right curtains for the living room tight

Simple black and white curtains with a striped pattern

choose the right curtains for the living room strip

Cheerful curtains with zigzag patterns

choose the right curtains for the living room zigzag

curtains for the living room - choose the right curtains for the living room roller blinds

choose the right curtains for the living room orange

choose the right curtains for the living room pastel

curtains for the living room

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