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But how to renovate living rooms – ideas for a new spatial effect

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The living room and our whole apartment in general shows our personal furnishing style. We express ourselves through the living ideas and create our own four walls in which we want to feel comfortable. If you long for a new feeling of living and want to bring freshness to your living room, it may already be time for change. You would like that Renovate living room, but how? We present you with some great ideas on how to give the room a fresh look with new accents.

Renovate living room – realize individual ideas

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A wall color in plain white is typical of modern home design and offers a lot of freedom for individual furnishing ideas. But the white walls in your living room are still too boring for you? The walls are actually relatively easy to design and there are no limits to the design options. When choosing wallpaper, you can choose between elegant and colorful to unusual patterns. Whether you opt for floral motifs, stripes or fine graphic patterns, as in this picture, your living room will get a completely different look. In this bright room, everything is color-coordinated. The subtle but present light gray color lets the fresh yellow-green decorative pillows shine properly.

Renovate living room – wall design with paint

living room renovate walls-painting-wall-decoration-blue-nuances-armchair-carpet-curtains-coffee table

If you want to renovate your apartment, the easiest and most uncomplicated way to give the room the desired feeling of living is through a new wall color. The color scheme allows you to make rooms look bigger or smaller, wider or narrower. If you want to create a calm atmosphere in the living room, opt for pastel colors. If you prefer strong colors or want to create your own color combinations, painting walls is the fastest way to change the feeling of living.

Design a colored accent wall

living room renovate wall color-blue-pictures-fireplace-table-couch-shelf-armchair-ceiling-potted plant-standing lamp

Depending on the desired living concept, you can also set off just one single wall in color. In this cozy room, the fireplace was highlighted by the blue color. The colored accent wall is invigorating and relaxing at the same time when the fireplace is burning and attracting attention. You can also spice up your living room furnishings with a decorative fireplace and create a cozy atmosphere.

Creatively design wall niches

renovate living room niche-wall color-light green-table lamp-sofa-armchair-fabric-cover-beige-natural

If you want to renovate your living room and you have an alcove, you can pay special attention to it. Depending on whether the wall niche is large with seating or small and only equipped with a bar or shelf is used as a storage space, you can decorate it with various things or design it in color, as shown here. The light green niche is not immediately noticeable, but it does personalize the furnishing style.

Wall decoration with pictures

living room-renovating-corner-couch-throw pillows-orchid-pictures-colored-wooden-frame-potted plant

You don’t necessarily have to paint the walls to achieve a new feeling of space. You can achieve a great wall design that takes little time and money with pictures. Pictures can calm you down, surprise you or make your living room look more lively. Regardless of where and how the pictures are hung, they convey a positive, new feeling of living. Your own creations will also beautify the room.

Wall design with rosettes

living room-renovate-small-wall-paint-white-wall decoration-medallions-colored-sofa-cushion-box-table

If you don’t want colored walls but want a new and attractive wall design, you can easily achieve that by using ceiling medallions. With them you can let off steam artistically and create unique works of art on the wall. Using different colors and sizes will add dynamism to the room without making your living room look cluttered.

Renovate an apartment – make optimal use of the available space

living room-renovate-bookshelf-ladder-pictures-sofa-beige-cushions-dark-blue-side table

If you own an apartment in an old building, have a wall without furniture or an empty wall niche, you can embellish the unused area with a bookshelf. To give the living room a new look, you don’t necessarily need to buy this piece of furniture new. You can also make the shelf yourself and not only use the classic wooden boards for the design, but also baskets or boxes. The bookshelf offers a lot of storage space, but can also be used for decoration.

Design an individual living room ceiling

living room-renovate-couch-leather-cushion-pattern-zigzag-ceiling-colored-mint-curtains-beige-glass-table

When you renovate your living room, the right ceiling design is also important, because it can redefine and improve the room ambience. There are various options available to you to create an individual room experience through ceiling design. Whether you opt for stretch ceilings in different designs, ceiling paintings or recessed lights, you can create great effects with the right ceiling.

Pieces of furniture with their own character

living room-renovate-sofa-colorful-green-throw pillows-yellow-carpet-table-plastic-wall-painting-gray-curtains

If you have chosen a darker wall color, you are welcome to set up various pieces of furniture in bright colors in the room. You can also achieve a new feeling of living with elegant pillowcases. The Ikat pillows, for example, spread a positive and cheerful feeling with their bright colors and geometric shapes with odd lines.

Furniture covers for a new touch

living room-renovating-fireplace-wall-painting-color-dark-carpet-armchair-fabric-cover-pictures

If you only have a small budget and cannot afford new furniture, you can redecorate the room with different textiles. Or do you not want to give up an old piece of furniture that does not match the new furnishing style? You can also create a modern and colorful design with fabric covers for your seating furniture. You can also change a small living room with furniture throws and conjure up great color and pattern accents on pieces of furniture.

Put a splash of color


You don’t want to paint the walls in the living room and have chosen subtle and light colors for your furniture, but you want color accents in the room? With simple means, such as a fresh coat of paint or self-adhesive film, you can transform your furniture into real pieces of jewelery and enhance it optically. Paint the chest of drawers, the feet of a chair or the table and give them a whole new shine.

Relax armchair for quiet hours

living room-renovate-relax-armchair-leather sofa-wall design-carpet-pictures-throw pillows-marble table

A comfortable, stylish relax armchair can help create a great feeling of living on its own or round off the new look after renovating the living room. An armchair in an elegant color can undoubtedly be the chic eye-catcher in the living area and turn the room into a place of well-being. A mix of different armchairs and sofas also looks very interesting.

Use a screen in the living room

living room-renovate-partition-leather-yellow-mirror-frame-couch-table-lamp-sofa-cushion-flower-pattern

To create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere, you can also put a room divider in the living room. A room divider not only separates two areas, but can also be an additional storage option or become a wonderful eye-catcher. A screen that is color-coordinated with the decorative pillows or wall mirrors, for example, gives the room the finishing touch.

Room dividers as decoration

living room-renovate-pendant-lamp-ball-coffee table-cushion-pattern-bowl-carpet-partition-marble-floor

If you have an open, large living area, you can also simply set up a room divider as a decorative element in the living room. The seating area is embellished here by the beautiful patterns and the light supply remains unimpaired.

Decorative carpet for a cozy home

living room-renovate-carpet-colorful-geometric-figures-standing-lamp-hanging-lamp-armchair-table-sofa-bookshelf

If your living room is furnished in darker, calm and natural tones, you can give the room a lively and passionate effect with a colorful carpet. This rug with bright, bold colors creates a fresh atmosphere and, thanks to the geometric patterns, brings more movement into the room. Pendant lights hang above the dining table and set great accents in the living room in the same lively colors.

Match the color of textiles in the room

living room-renovate-wall-design-curtains-colored-yellow-gray-pendant-lights-sofa-carpet-couch-cushions

Other colored accents that look pretty and add cheerful and fresh accents are the opaque curtains. Here the curtains take on the color of the throw pillows and a shade of the carpet. They look particularly attractive and decorate windows and the entire living room.

Noble tile flooring

living room-renovate-floor-covering-tiles-carpet-pattern-gray-sofa-white-leather-throw pillows-glass-table-crown-lamp

You are welcome to lay the entire floor area of ​​your living room with tiles. Why not, like here in the picture, with white-gray tiles with unusual decorative patterns that resemble a carpet. This floor covering looks classy and chic, and is also absolutely easy to care for.

Design parquet floors creatively

living room-renovate-wood-flooring-parquet-sofa-throw pillows-table-fireplace-wood-beam-wicker-tv-window

If you want to renovate your living room and lay a new parquet floor, you have many design options. You can specifically influence the visual effect of your living room through the selected laying pattern and laying direction. In this way you can make the room appear larger, lively or calm.