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Boho living room: It’s so easy to get the bohemian style of living in your apartment!

The living room is the heart of every apartment – we want to relax there and spend happy hours with family and friends. No matter whether big or small – the industry brings out new and interesting living room trends every year, so that everyone can furnish this room according to their own wishes and ideas. Colorful, fresh and full of life – we are not surprised that the boho-chic living style is one of the most popular furnishing styles! For those who have a flair for creative and modern looks, the bohemian decor is just the thing! Are you fascinated by the lightness and uniqueness of the style and would you also like to furnish such a wonderful boho living room? Then you are right with us! What defines the Bohemian style of living, what should not be missing in the furnishing as well as lots of great ideas and inspiration can only be found with us!

Boho living room design Moroccan carpet vintage furniture trend

The boho-chic style of living actually has nothing to do with fixed rules. It’s a style that, if done right, rises above all trends and gives the room a timeless, free-spirited and personal touch. And yet it is an art to achieve the relaxed look. A boho living room gives the impression that we are in another world with endless possibilities. It gives us the creative freedom to use as much or as little color and pattern as we want – anything we like is allowed. Whether you want to go all out and immerse yourself in the trend or keep it a little more subtle with a few eclectic details is up to you.

Boho living room – that’s how easy it is to get the look at home

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A boho living room lives mainly from the variety of home accessories and textiles. Mixing different pillows, carpets and decorations in all imaginable colors and patterns is an absolute must and gives the room an exotic feeling. The nicest thing about the living style is that you can really let off steam when setting up and decorating. The colors you choose determine the mood in the living room and the boho style should have a harmonious overall picture. Walls in earthy tones such as beige, cream, brown and light gray create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The subtle nuances provide a great setting for eye-catching and colorful wall decorations and can be wonderfully complemented with furniture and accessories in purple, orange, sunflower yellow, green and turquoise blue.

Choose the right furniture

Moroccan living style trend vintage furniture boho living room

While many living styles are about matching the furniture and home accessories in terms of color, the Boho living room is all about mixing pieces of furniture and accents from different eras and locations. The rooms are mostly filled with things that have been collected over time, so the trendy vintage style and retro look are right here. Cool and lush mixes of styles are not only allowed, they are even encouraged. Every piece of furniture should be something special and tell a story. Or get creative and try to implement some upcycling ideas from old furniture. A coffee table made from an old suitcase, a wooden ladder shelf or a DIY lamp made from an old basket give the room a personal touch.

Play around with colors and textures to create the typical “bohemian” atmosphere

Small living room set up boho living style trend vintage furniture

As the opposite of the minimalist living style, the Boho living room represents the philosophy “More is more!”. Don’t be afraid to combine textiles and pillows in different patterns and colors. You shouldn’t be squeamish when it comes to the amount of accessories. Just as this play with the details makes the living style so personal and cozy. No boho living room is complete without a fabulous statement rug. An oriental carpet with fringes creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere and brings some texture and color to the room. It looks particularly cool and interesting if, for example, you place 2-3 small carpets in different patterns on top of each other.

Go wild with the accessories

Furnish your living room in a modern way Throw pillows with patterns Boho living style furnishing tips

The bohemian style of living is known for its secular influence. Cozy blankets and pillows with oriental elements or ethnic patterns are an absolute must for the boho living room. A sofa overflowing with pillows is not only a real eye-catcher, but also invites us to cuddle and linger at any time. Always rely on natural materials such as feathers, raffia baskets, rattan or wooden furniture and accessories. Mixing pieces from different cultures and locations gives the space a varied palette and is an excellent option to tell your travel story.

Plants are another key element

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The connection to nature plays a central role in the boho-chic style. Succulents, hanging plants, and flowers are an easy way to bring the living room to life. They not only give the room liveliness and an exotic note, but also improve the air quality. As with the accessories and decorations, the same applies to the plants – more is more and the messier, the better.

Give the room a personal touch

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Ultimately, the boho living room is not about certain rules or trends. It doesn’t matter what is trendy or not – the room should be your own oasis of wellbeing and reflect your character and personality. Do not hesitate to display your favorite pictures and memorabilia as wall decorations.

The most beautiful ideas and inspirations for a boho living room at a glance

Boho style living room decorating tips wall design decorating ideas

The boho-chic living style doesn’t always have to be motley – furniture and accessories in subtle colors make the room look modern and elegant

Living room lighting home accessories trends boho home style tips

It’s amazing how a few throw pillows can completely change the atmosphere in the living room

Home accessories trends wall design ideas boho living room tips

The boho living room is all about mixing and combining different colors and textures

Boho living room decorating ideas upcycling ideas old furniture oriental carpet

The boho philosophy is about kicking back and relaxing, and soft poufs and bean bags are the perfect way to do this

which plants for the living room vintage furniture in boho style

Keep things simple and add a few boho elements to keep the look going

Wall design ideas Boho style living room design tips

Natural materials and earthy tones create a cozy and inviting atmosphere

Vintage furniture leather sofa Moroccan home style Boho living room

Let some unique pieces move into the boho living room to make the room even more unique

Rattan furniture trend Moroccan living style Furnishing living room in boho style Tips

Plants and natural materials play a central role in the Boho style

Vintage furniture boho living room decor ideas wall design tips

Light and airy – a large boho living room seems like the perfect place to relax after work

modern boho living room ideas Moroccan carpet which plants for the living room

A dark green sofa creates a great contrast to the light walls and becomes the focal point of the room

green sofa boho living room decorate modern tips living trends 2020

In order to create a harmonious overall picture, it is important to select a color palette for the interior and to stick to it

Boho-chic living style trend small living room furnishing tips

A modern boho living room enchants us with a special charm

Boho living room modern furnishing Rattan furniture trend which plants for the living room

Light pink furniture and accessories make the room shine

Boho living room decorate modern tips wall decor ideas

Whether as furniture or small accents – wood brings immediate warmth and comfort to every boho living room

Boho living room furnishing ideas living trends living accessories

Overlaying carpets adds even more texture to the room and emphasizes the boho character

Boho living style for the living room ideas home accessories trends 2020