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Beautify the living room with art – a stylish wall design

living room light gray abstract painting pink accents

While wall paint, furniture and accessories play an important role in creating a comfortable atmosphere in the living room, the works of art are the finishing touches to the room. If your motto is “living in style”, then the beautiful ornate wall decorations are a must. The room size, the wall color, and the colors of the furniture will guide you when you do that Living room with art want to beautify.

Decorate living room with art and style

Living room with art black white beige upholstered furniture fireplace mirror

Determine the places in the room that you want to decorate with works of art. The painting should be more or less adjusted to the size of the room. This means that great tricks are suitable for large rooms (above the fireplace, if you have one) and smaller ones – for smaller rooms (e.g. above the sofa).

Beautify living room with art

Living room with art wall decoration shaggy carpet palm trees black white

Decide on a color palette that is coordinated with the other colors in the living room. The mood they bring with them is also of great importance. Does your room look formal and elegant? Or is it more of a cozy living room with a casual look?

abstract shapes and light nuances

living room wall art gray sofa light blue accents

Choose art pieces that complement your style. Landscapes, black and white photographs and abstract prints are popular for the modern interior style. You can also combine different themes, but stick to one color. For example, vintage sepia photographs with small desert landscapes.

Landscape harmonizing with the colors of the furniture

living room kitchen open wood art birch yellow grass

Most of the abstract prints here do not have a picture frame. An ornate frame is more suitable for the baroque style. The modern living room requires straight and clear lines without superfluous golden elements for example. If you do decide on a frame, coordinate the shape and color with the other accessories.

 Vases with branches as decorationliving room works of art vases branches decoration brewing sofa

Paintings with bright colors

living room artworks marble coffee table pendant lights

Print on glass  living room art mirror silhouettes sofa furs cream  living room art paintings warm orange tones wall design

living room art painting wall design abstract color

living room art paintings including upholstery furniture branches

living room art print trees landscape beige upholstered sofa

living room art decoration abstract colors cream white

living room art beige blue branches leaf pattern pillow