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Beautiful living room ideas in the English style of living

Living room living ideas stylish pink gold colors

The English love the classic style – but you can hardly find it in an English apartment anymore. Nowadays the interiors of luxury real estate in London can be described as rather eclectic. Features of different epochs and living styles can be found here – cozy rocking chairs in colonial style are skillfully combined with ultra-modern tables with a high-gloss surface and clear lines and the absolute classic among furniture design – the so-called Chesterfield sofa. Black and white photographs and modernist paintings decorate the walls and give the room an extra kick. The end result is a cheerful and inviting interior that gives the room character. Enjoy the beautiful eclectic Living room ideas and learn more about how you can create a similar ambience at home.

Beautiful living room ideas – eclectic in the English style

shape blue sofa black carpet green stool gold side table

The living room is colorful in an eclectic style – the color palette is selected according to the preferences of the residents, but traditionally combinations of gold-white-blue, wine-red-gold-brown and beige-brown-grass green are very popular. The wall opposite the windows is usually painted in an accent color. Then a comfortable seating area is arranged – most of the time the furniture comes from different eras, some have been restored and upholstered with modern fabrics, others add a modern touch. Curtains and small home accessories / vases, statues and other decorative pieces / in the same accent color give the interior the finishing touch.

If you want to imitate the style in your own four walls, then these will help you Living room ideas Further:

If you have an old fireplace, have it restored and paint the mantelpiece white. Look for old armchairs, bookcases or Chesterfield sofas at the flea market. Paint the wood and upholster the furniture with velvet. Buy a modern round low coffee table with a high-gloss finish and arrange the furniture in front of the fireplace or in the center of the room so that there is enough free space. Hang curtains in the accent color and arrange flower arrangements with roses on the table. complete!

Living room ideas – luxury furnishings in gold and purple

Curtains living room round carpet cream-colored sofa

The living room with its restored armchairs looks modern and traditional at the same time

Furnishing ideas upholstered furniture blue shaggy carpet wall shelves

Accent color blue – this living room with elements from the colonial style looks cozy despite the cold colors

Wall design color white furniture laminate floor

Living room in purple and gold

Curtains carpeting paintings armchairs beautiful decoration

Living room with chocolate colors

Furnishing eclectic English style living ideas

Leather glass carpeting luxurious eclectic decor

Leather sofa decoration pillow lamp pictures wall

blue wall wooden furniture coffee table upholstered sofa

Color scheme green throw pillow paint accent wall

English style eclectic wall shelf sofa set

Living room set up library bookshelves two white armchairs

Living room ideas gray sofa modern artwork

Living ideas jeans upholstery velvet green throw pillows

Armchair zig zag stripe pattern upholstery

blue sofa set orange round stool

Apartment living room floor ceiling wall shelf

set up marble floor tiles modern side table sofa armchair

Leather sofa painting armchair upholstery carpet

set up cool wall unit side table

Burgundy color carpeted caramel leather table

Living room home ideas burgundy gold accents fireplace