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50 design living rooms – inspirations from luxury homes

Are you looking for design ideas for your living room? We have put together a lot of new ideas for you. These Design living room exquisite villas and ultra-modern architect houses can serve as inspiration for your own dream home project. Have fun browsing!

Design living room with a feel-good factor

design-living-room-white-sofa-round-coffee-table-gray-carpet-armchair-flat-screen TV

The trend in living rooms is largely in the direction of reduction, but without having to forego comfort – i.e. reduction of colors and decorations, a reduced number of furnishings and a reduced design language. Many of the design living rooms are furnished according to a motto – for example, they have to convey a charm of country chic, industrial chic, vintage or exoticism and reveal a lot about the owner.

Design living room with nostalgic charm


The designs in the loft style – i.e. in the style of a former factory – are enjoying increasing popularity due to their spaciousness and generous ceiling heights, because the modern living room as a meeting place for family and friends should fulfill different purposes. People chat, eat, watch TV and relax here – so you have to make an effort to create a perfectly balanced living environment. Take a look below for room concepts and design solutions that would suit you best!

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50 design living rooms – inspirations from luxury homes

Purple-colored accessories come to the fore


A living room in gray is very versatile, because the color palette of the gray tones offers an incredible number of design options. Concrete gray dominates this living area, while the carpet and sofa cushions in fuchsia and yellow provide the necessary contrast.

Invite nature into your home


A living room in cream and light wood conveys an incredible calm and serenity. Lush decoration was omitted here. Only the green houseplants serve as a splash of color. Even the glass coffee table is almost invisible.

Living room in brown and white

Architect house-design-living room-comfortably-furnished-picture-ideas-furnishing

Brown and white are perfect partners: the color white looks friendly and cozy next to brown. In this living room, the color duo creates a balanced basic mood.

 Furniture design in the living room – simple means modern here

panoramic-view-villa-by-the-sea-design-living room-open-fireplace-sofa-leather

In order to visually divide large rooms, the use of different floor coverings is recommended. This example shows the strong contrast between large-format concrete-look floor tiles and a reddish parquet floor. The furniture and accessories in both areas must of course also be adjusted in color.

Refined living room design to enjoy

Design-living room-villa-modern-sofa-velvet-cover-blue-floor tiles-parquet-look

This living room looks larger than it actually is thanks to a few tricks. First, a large wall mirror was placed on the wall opposite the sofa. Second, the walls are designed in sober light gray. Combined with white accessories and metal surfaces, the noble character is perfect. The red side table sets a strong color accent and attracts everyone’s attention.

Attractive living room decoration in bright colors

living-ideas-living room-design-sofa-set-purple-throw pillows-coffee table-metal-glass

What an impressive color combination! The purple sofa looks just stunning against the light gray wall. The light beige of the carpet and the pillows with floral and geometric patterns give the favorite place a friendly note.

Medium blue as the wall color


If the wall is painted an intense blue, furniture in white immediately shines more brightly. The recliner in cognac color and the elements made of brass and steel set fine color accents.

Living room in beige, dark brown and bordeaux

living room-design-pictures-carpet-floor-red-pattern-retro-chic-furniture

If you also long for peace and quiet when you come home from work, then a living room in beige is right for you. You can also combine great accessories in other colors. The desired color accents can be set with sofa cushions, carpets and candles. The hanging lamp shimmers in daylight and casts metallic reflections on the wall and furnishings.

Retro elements are on the rise

black-white-living room-pictures-chandelier-crystal-glass-design-coffee table

Furniture in the baroque style fits so wonderfully in front of walls in cool tones, because with their playful design they set a wonderful contrast to the sober radiance of the wall color. And the elements made of transparent glass bring light into the room.

Contrasting designs are in

design-colors-living room-modern-upholstered-sofa-yellow-couch cushions

So that the combination of gray sofa and black-coated steel doesn’t look too gloomy, the designers have combined it with yellow files. This is one of the reasons why the walls and the floor are kept in white.

Earth colors convey comfort

living room-high-ceiling-cozy-seating-beanbag-fur-throw-red

Brown tones look particularly homely and harmonize wonderfully with white and dark wood. Textiles in orange emphasize the warm effect of the color, while accents in cream provide the necessary brightness.

Design living room with seating area to relax

chic-living room-luxury-villa-wall-decoration-wallpaper-pattern-carpet

A cozy overall picture is created when the lighting also sets the scene for furniture and accessories. Different light sources with warm light that create a cozy atmosphere are best suited for the living room. Cold white light is preferred for the kitchen, bathroom or home office.

blue and yellow indirect light

Design-living room-pictures-ideas-upholstery-sofa-set-white-wood paneling

untreated brick walls

living room-interior-design-ideas-brick-wall-access-garden

Color pillows set lively accents

ideas-living-room-colors-gray-yellow-living room-sofa-set-comfortable

Design-living room-pictures-loft-design-yellow-accents-rustic-dining table

living room-design-sofa-scandinavian-hanging-fireplace-black-skylights

living room-carpet-flower-motif-floor-lamp-retro-sofa-design-modern

Design-living room-ideas-retro-chic-furnishing-seating-veneered-armchairs

Design-living room-modern-hanging lamp-indoor-fireplace-white-walls

Design-living room-terrace-outdoor-relaxation-furniture-ideas-barbados-luxury-villa

furnishing-vintage-living room-furniture-accessories-suitcases-boxes-wood-recycled

eclectic-furnishing-living room-laminate-floor-glossy

large-window-spacious-living room-floor-covering-gloss-luxury-villa

ideas-furniture-living room-colors-contrasts-white-black-coffee-table-glass

Design-living room-colors-dark-furniture-leather-armchair-panoramic view

industrial-chic-living-room-living-style-concrete-elements-wall-leather armchair

classic-living room-color-design-armchair-velvet-leather-covered

furniture-design-living room-modern-carpet-long-pile-neutral-living-colors




Upholstered furniture-mid-century-modern-furnishing-living room-retro

Seating group-living room-coffee table-black-frame-glass-tabletop-armchair


wall design-retro-wallpaper-living-room-relax-deck-chair-white-leather


living room-american-living-style-colorful-colors-chandelier-unusual

living room-design-sofa-dark-colors-masculine-atmosphere-wall-design-stripes


design-ideas-living room-walls-rustic-brick-ceiling beams-wood

design-living room-rustic-elements-wall-brick

living room-design-chalet-style-cozy-fireplace-solid wood-coffee table

living room-design-wood-paneling-unusual-pendant-lights

living room-design-carpet-black-ottoman-wall-shelves-open-frosted-glass-door

living room-with-fireplace-ideas-pictures-design-modern-light-strip-integrated-ceiling

living room-pendant-lights-metal-design-hanging-chairs-white-curtains

living room-pure-white-seating-furniture-cozy-wall-cladding-wood-panels

living room-sliding-doors-cozy-corner-sofa-upholstery-built-in-fireplace-led-screen

living room-armchair-to-relax-coffee-table-set-round-glass-deep-pile-carpet-gray

living room-white-leather-sofa-design-classic-baroque-mirror-frame-gold-look

Floor porcelain stoneware tile living room wall library

Design living room light gray-concrete ceiling-column-wood-kitchen fronts