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5 Living Room Trends For The New Year – What’s Coming In Your Living Room?

The furnishing trends for 2020 reflect social discourses in a playful way: For example, environmental awareness is conquering living room design, because natural materials are on the rise. The consumption debate is also expressed in a modern, minimalist furnishing style.

modern living room benefits from natural light - furnishings in black and white

In addition to these two examples, there are many more novelties in today’s trendy living rooms. Sometimes it is difficult to find your own style from the many possibilities. Are you a fan of puristic living room trends? Do you prefer warm, natural facilities? Or do you love opulent furnishing styles in bright colors? A so-called mood board helps, Finding ideas for the living room. Above all, it helps to find out what type of institution you are.

Living room trend black and white looks modern and minimalist

In three steps to your personal mood board:

1. Take a look at various furnishing catalogs and cut out whatever you like.

2. Use rice nails or tape to attach the pictures to a cork board or cardboard board.

3. Which colors dominate on the mood board? What materials are the majority of the furniture and decorative objects shown? With this analysis you will come very close to your personal taste.

You should also find out about the latest furnishing highlights. We introduce you to five living room trends from this year.

1. Minimalism

Living room trend minimalism in combination with Scandinavian aesthetics in gray and white

Marie Kondo showed how it was done – and with that established not only a philosophy of life, but also an interior design philosophy: keep what makes you happy and throw away what is unnecessary ballast. Minimalism is all the rage and things like overly long, heavy curtains, statues and sweeping paintings are increasingly a thing of the past. The living room furniture itself is also reduced to the bare essentials.

The Germans create space. So you can decorate your apartment with objects that not only create a nice atmosphere practical properties own. This includes designer clocks, beautiful mirrors and lamps.

A couple of comfortable and functional furniture, Puristic walls and soft color accents turn a minimalist living room into an oasis of wellbeing. the Scandinavian aesthetic, which is based on the principles of minimalism and functionality, will continue to dominate the industry for the next few years. However, the concept will be developed step by step and adapted to individual needs.

2. Natural materials

Furniture and decoration made from natural, sustainable materials

This year, ecological awareness is evident not only in the political discourse led by Greta Thunberg and Luise Neubauer, among others, but also in the modern furnishing style. Consumers are increasingly asking for furniture and decoration made from natural, sustainable materials. A trend that is becoming modern again in this context is Viennese braid. Today, not only chairs, but also cabinet doors, side tables and decorative objects are equipped with the wickerwork made from the trunk of the rattan palm. In addition, accessories made of wood and plant fibers are very popular.

3. Art Deco as an eye catcher

Art Deco living room trend - velvet and gold are typical

Just in time for 2020, the golden twenties Moving into our living room – at least occasionally as an elegant eye-catcher. Art Deco spices up today’s living style with a pinch of decadence. The use of appropriate materials such as velvet, marble, gold and chrome as well as geometric vintage patterns should not be missing. Whether you decorate your living room with a curved velvet armchair, with floral wall decorations or a statement lamp is up to you.

4. Light and indirect lighting

A bright room looks bigger - if not with daylight, then with artificial lighting

The subject of light also plays a major role in living room trends this year. The more natural light falls into the room, the more modern it looks. Therefore, in new buildings today, often Panoramic window desired. A bright room looks bigger – and if this effect cannot be achieved with daylight, you can help with artificial lighting. This is where the trend of indirect lighting into the new year. Furniture lights, background lighting for the television and wall spotlights are just a few of the many possibilities. Using apps and Smart home systems the lighting can also be controlled intelligently.

5. Bright, natural colors

Light ceilings and walls make rooms appear larger and friendlier,

Light ceilings and walls make rooms appear larger and friendlier, which is why they are still trendy. In addition, the residents have the option of using light-colored walls colored accents to put in the form of wall tattoos and pictures. These can be exchanged at any time – variety is guaranteed.

As far as the color scheme is concerned, the trend institute WGSN declared the color Neo Mint to be the color of the year. The gender-neutral pastel shade blends in well with modern room concepts and exudes a positive, powerful aura.

You decide for yourself what your personal living room trend is

No matter what living room trends the industry is generating – you decide what comes into your living room. You can find valuable inspiration with the help of catalogs and a stroll through interior design stores. If the decision is difficult for you, you will surely find your personal style with the help of a mood board.

Find your own style for the living room with a mood board