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47 designer coffee tables that fit perfectly into the modern living room

A coffee table in the living room is a must. Magazines, coffee, books and remote controls should always be close at hand. Whether round, oval, rectangular or square, the living room table should not only be functional, but also visually appealing. Designers attach great importance to this nowadays. We offer you a collection of 47 Design coffee tables, that would bring style and creativity to any living room.

Design coffee tables that combine functionality and aesthetics

design coffee tables solid wood extendable compartment storage space idea

The coffee table can become a real work of art in the living room. An expression of your personal taste. The choice of shapes, sizes and materials is quite large, and the decision – difficult. The right design plays a major role here and should be coordinated with the furnishing style in your living room. A designer coffee table can both offer storage space and stand as an artistic decorative object in the living room.

Design coffee tables have unusual shapes

design coffee tables glass steel idea tabletop living room furniture

You can tell that the trend in terms of nature and wood is as popular as ever. The glass conveys a feeling of purity and elegance and does not allow the room to appear blocked. The steel surfaces reflect the light and make the design very glamorous. It is up to you which mix of different materials you prefer.

Designer coffee tables – modern proposals for various living styles

Kinetic coffee table made of solid wood draws decorative patterns in sand

Designer coffee table made of stone – an exclusive piece of furniture from Amarist

Aluminum design

design coffee tables aluminum elegant pattern ornaments white sofa

Aluminum is not one of the classic materials for coffee tables, but it can look particularly elegant and high-quality in the living room. The aluminum coffee tables can be decorated with effective ornaments so that they have an original design. They combine wonderfully with furnishings in gray and can also give the room an oriental touch.

White high gloss

design coffee tables white high gloss oval retro look carpet purple

A white coffee table is a classic decision for the living room, because it is suitable for almost every furnishing style. It combines beautifully with both neutral and colored furniture and is therefore an all-rounder in the living room. If the white coffee table is combined with a high-gloss look, you can bring a touch of extravagance to your own living room. The selection of designer coffee tables in white high gloss is particularly large and you can easily find the right model for your own living area.

small, round wooden side tables

design coffee tables wood log tabletop sofa side tables

Wood is without a doubt the most common material for the coffee table. The choice of wood types is unlimited and the different colors and nuances of the wood offer a suitable variant for every living area. Design wooden coffee tables can be found in any size so that they fit into any living room. Instead of a single large coffee table, you can opt for two or three smaller side tables in different sizes and arrange them in a group. It is best to choose an eye-catching design that immediately catches the eye.

Combination of different materials

coffee table modern design wood marble white combination

If you have opted for the variant with a group of coffee tables of different sizes, you can make the furnishings even more original by choosing a different material for one of the parts. With a beautiful combination of materials and colors, the atmosphere in the room can be freshened up and a modern interior design can be created. You can achieve a timeless combination with white and wood. Together with gray furnishing elements, you can design a room in the popular Scandinavian style.

modern shapes and geometric lines

modern coffee table white beige cream living room

The modern design coffee tables are characterized by an unusual design, which is characterized by clear lines and geometric shapes. The models often look like familiar geometric figures assembled into an original construction. They are functional as well as being an extravagant living accessory next to the sofa. Without the coffee table, the sofa would not be complete, so it should not be underestimated.

oval glass top and metal base

design coffee table modern oval glass plate metal base

Table tops made of glass can be beautifully combined with a base made of metal, plastic or wood. Design coffee tables with a glass top have many advantages. On the one hand, they can be cleaned quickly and easily. There is almost no risk of damaging the surface of the table, which is not the case, for example, with table tops made of wood. In addition, the glass coffee table looks light and can be merged with the interior. The variants for the frame are almost infinite. Especially the designs made of metal look very noble and decorative in the room and ensure a high-quality living room design.

bright colors for the modern living room

design coffee tables white beige glass shape

The color of the designer coffee tables also plays an important role in furnishing the living room. For this purpose, we recommend tones and nuances that match the rest of the interior. Neutral colors that match the color of the sofa and blend harmoniously into the room are perfect for the modern interior. However, if you wish, you can design the coffee table as a color accent in the living room. Choose a contrasting, bright color that you like. The accent should catch your eye, but in no case should it irritate you.

Hexagonal coffee tables

design coffee tables hexagonal shape glass orange modern

If you want a beautiful coffee table with a modern design in the living room, you can opt for a model with a geometric shape. You should not only limit yourself to the usual geometric figures, but can also choose a playful geometric shape. A good example of this is the hexagon, which looks very modern and is therefore perfect for the modern living room.

design coffee tables modern wood white carpet deep pile

living room table design oval glass top silver color

living room table wood shelves white books modern

living room modern coffee table white legs purple color classic

living room coffee table rectangular glass white low

glass design coffee table rectangular legs shaggy carpet

design coffee table square high gloss metal legs

coffee table white glass steel legs black carpet

design coffee table living room white high gloss vase branches

design coffee table round white metal glass top living room

design coffee table round high gloss white olive green sofa

design coffee table round glass tops modern living room

design coffee table storage space wood books shelves gray

design coffee table high gloss white merilyn monroe tabletop

design coffee tables white rectangular low

design coffee tables round metal black wood tabletop

design coffee tables stacked smoked glass on top of each other

design coffee table white glass shelves base steel

design coffee tables oval round metal high gloss floor tiles stone look

design coffee tables oval rectangle yellow black metal legs

design coffee tables metal round colored surface

coffee tables high gloss white metal silver gloss

design coffee tables side table glossy metal white leather sofa

design coffee table side table round black metal

coffee table living room glass top oval gold base

coffee table white high gloss shelves functional

coffee table black metal round coffee table modern design

coffee table design oval glass top white table leg shaggy carpet

design coffee table glass plate ball white instead of leg

coffee table glass spiral oval glass top living room modern

design coffee tables functional white glazed tabletop magazines

coffee table glass shelves magazines wood modern living room

coffee table glass top square marble legs modern

coffee table functional white shelves magazine

side table black glass steel base design

side table round black matt glass surface

side table design golden frame smoked glass table top round

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