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39 white living room living ideas for modern home

white living room living ideas couch armchair tiles wood dark

If you like modern interior design, this 39 white living room home ideas Fancy – sometimes with colorful accents, sometimes very purist, in a regal, minimalist or eclectic style – the choice is yours. The design of the white living room is particularly impressive due to the interesting shapes of the furniture, selected colored accents such as carpets with zebra stripes or interesting colorful cushions on the sofa. Sometimes also through ceramic vases or interesting color of the flooring. One thing is for sure – you will attract everyone’s attention with a white interior.

White living room living ideas with colorful accents

white living room living ideas elegant furnishing purple accents berry stairs

Our white living room home ideas start with the accents. A white living room design does not mean that you have to do without other colors completely. You can cover the flooring with light laminate, paint the walls white and buy a white sofa. So that the interior still looks fresh and cozy, you can buy colored armchairs or choose an interesting coffee table. It is recommended that the carpet is not white. It can be light gray or another neutral color, or it can also be fancy, colorful and interesting. Above all, a practical basic white carpet is more difficult to clean. Why not choose a rug with zebra stripes instead?

White living room living ideas – two-tone combinations

white living room living ideas stripes accents carpet wood furniture

All romantics will find out about the following white living room home ideas certainly happy – blue flooring, which is in harmony with the blue flowers, and otherwise completely white living room. On the one hand the design looks very interesting and attractive, on the other hand it is elegant and stylish. Other nice two-tone combinations include the classic black and white color scheme that goes perfectly with the regal style, red and white eclectic decor, and pink and white living room. Purple color can also compliment the white interior. The biggest advantage of the white living room is its versatility – you can combine it with practically anything. The main downside – you need to regularly refresh and renovate the room so that it has shiny white paint.

Elegant living idea with a high ceiling

white living room living ideas modern high windows furniture beige carpet

White couch

white living room living ideas couch turquoise accents black coffee table high gloss

Modern minimalist living room

white living room design ideas

Blue and white minimalist living room

modern white living room

Black accents in the classic living room

elegant-modern-black-white-living room living ideas

25 living room design ideas from IKEA

Black wall design

white living room living room ideas sofa


White living room living ideas – pictures as decoration

Living room-interior-ideas-white-wall-paint-pictures

The new trendy wall colors in the living room

Interesting carpet – white living room living room living room home ideas

rustic-living room-decorate-parquet

Interesting chandelier in the living room

rustic white living room design

Furniture for living room – combine sofa, coffee table and carpet

White living room ideas for living – puristic furnishings

elegant-all-white living room

Photo wall in the white living room

Photo wall-white-living-room-wall-design-home-ideas

White living room home ideas – blue accents


Puristic white living room living ideas

white living room home ideas

Bamboo furniture in the living room


Living room design ideas – step by step and style by style

White living room with wall with wooden panels

all-white living room living ideas

Retro style – living ideas

retro living room furnishing ideas

Two-tone living ideas for living rooms

white-gray living room design

Eclectic design in the living room

white-wall-design-interesting-living-ideas-living room

Chic furniture for living rooms from Minotti

Red pillows as accents

white-sofa-red-pillows-living room

White and red living room


White living room ideas in an eclectic style

blue and white living room ceramic vases

Oriental living room with yellow accents


Living room furnishings – ideas and styles

Gray carpet and white wall unit


Carpet with zebra stripes

modern-living room-living-ideas-carpet-zebra-stripes

Black leather sofa

modern living room furnishing ideas

White minimalist won ideas


Traditional living room interior design


Living ideas for living rooms – interesting side table

rustic-living room-living-ideas-rattan-furniture

Rustic living room design

white-living-room-living-ideas-wooden beams

White living ideas for the living room

Living room furnishing ideas natural stone wall white color

interesting-decoration-idea-living room-coffee table



Luxury-living room-interior-ideas-royal-style-white