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34 ideas for fireplace and television on one wall

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The living room is the heart of every home. If functionally and practically furnished, nothing stands in the way of social evenings with family and friends. And what better way to relax the senses and create a cozy atmosphere than a fireplace? The sparkling flames are undoubtedly a great attraction, but at the latest when the comfortable seating area is designed in front of it, the question arises – where to put the television? We offer you 34 Ideas for fireplace and television on one wall.

Ideas for fireplace and television on the same wall – is that even possible?

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It would be logical to mount the television above the fireplace. But what at first glance seems to be a practical, simple and space-saving variant is in fact quite a challenge. The problem is that when the fireplace is working, the wall is heated. The heat emitted by the wall can damage the TV. Of course, the new models are equipped with a cooling system, but if it is constantly overwhelmed, the lifespan of the device will logically be shortened.

Ideas for fireplace – bathroom with television

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Therefore, the first thing you should do is seal the chimney well and then look for a thermo box for the television. In each individual case, you should seek advice from the Schonsteinfeger and the fireplace manufacturer. In addition, TV sellers provide information about the maximum ambient temperature at which the device can function properly.

Shelf idea with TV and fireplace

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In principle, everyone at home can also test whether a television can be installed above the fireplace at all – simply light the fireplace and heat it up, then measure the temperature on the wall. Does she prefer to move the TV somewhere else at more than 30 degrees. In this case, a suitable swivel wall bracket could possibly solve the problem.

Open living area with an electric fireplace 

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Of course, this only applies if the fireplace really heats the living room all winter long. If it is only used from time to time, then it should not damage the television in particular / at least always seek advice in advance! /.

Concrete accent wall with TV and fireplace idea

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Modern, abstract fireplace design

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 Fireplace and television in one bedroom

ideas for fireplace double sided bedroom tv partition wall design

 Framework for the fireplace

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Modern fireplace with stone cladding

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Ideas for a fireplace – the TV is mounted on the side of the fireplace

Gas fireplace wall natural stone clad lighting

Living room in a modern country house style – fireplace on the left, television – with a certain distance – on the right

Living room ideas TV modern country styleWall-mounted TV above the fireplace

Ideas television heating modern family house

Home theater with screen

Leather Furniture Home Theater Canvas Shaggy Carpet

The television is built into the closet

Wall clad television fireplace gas

Ideas for fireplace and television in the large living room

Living room set up gas fireplace beige upholstered carpeting

Ideas for a fireplace and TV in the small living room

Mount the chimney what you should consider

Hanging fireplace ideas assembly advantages disadvantages

Fireplace gas modern furniture glass table wood

Home theater fireplace decoratively gas mounted cabinet

Stone wall television fireplace wood clearance

minimalist modern fireplace gas television

Fireplace side mounted television wall

Fireplace ideas television wood cladding cabinet

Ideas fireplace TV practically space-saving

Fireplace television hanging on wall bookcase

Television fireplace glass mosaic tile carpeting

TV white plaster wall cabinet sliding door fireplace fire

Country style ideas fireplace wood TV upholstered furniture beige

Television TV cabinet hides neutral color scheme

Television fireplace cabinet wall mounted ideas

Closet wall small fireplace away from television

Fireplace stone wall television wall mount

Stainless steel fireplace cladding television modern decor