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20 coffee tables made of stone and fossil stone in a modern design

Stone coffee tables gray-round-low-living room-relax armchair

“Our usual mood depends on the mood in which we know how to maintain our surroundings.” The quote from the famous philosopher Friedrich Nietzche from 1881 is still relevant today. Our inner well-being depends very much on the design of our living area. So that we can create the right atmosphere, every detail has to be perfectly coordinated. The living room is one of the most important rooms in the home and the coffee table – the functional focal point. Why not opt ​​for an extraordinary design? the Coffee tables made of stone, fossil stone and natural stone for example are perfect for modern living areas and convey pure nature.

Stone coffee tables – ideas for your living room furnishings

Coffee tables made of stone gray-round-dress-side table-white-sofa

The stone coffee tables in the Fossil Stone collection by Viadurini are unique in that they are made with real fossil stone. This high quality material is the result of a natural process of petrification.

Stylish stone coffee tables

coffee table-stone-fossil-gray-oval-zen-ambience-living room

The fossil stone is hand-cut and attached in small pieces, like a mosaic, to the plywood or fiberglass frame of the coffee table.

Yin & Yang stone coffee table

Stone coffee tables black-white-Asian-yin-yang

The Yin coffee table&Yang, for example, is perfect for a zen-inspired living room where you want to create a spiritual atmosphere. “Yin and Yang are opposites that complement and transform each other at the same time. One cannot exist without the other. “

round stone coffee table in beige tones

coffee table-stone-round-living room-modern-cream-color

The coffee table in light gray or cream is perfect for living rooms where neutral colors such as dove gray or beige dominate.

oval coffee table as TV furniture

Coffee table-stone-gray-oval-tv-stand-shelf-living room

In living areas with a special floor covering such as marble, parquet or resin, the color stone gray can cleverly complete the overall picture.

timeless and noble

Coffee table-stone-black-oval-tv-furniture-shelf

Another important aspect is the functionality of the coffee table. You can also use it as TV furniture without blocking the living room with large furniture.

Like a pebble rounded by the water

coffee table-stone-black-oval-books-light-floor covering

This coffee table looks like a large pebble rounded by the water. Not only can it serve a decorative purpose, but it can also be used as a shelf for books or drinks.

Side table for the reading corner

coffee table-stone-white-round-side table-reading corner-table lamp

A small round side table can also be found in the reading corner in the living room as a complement to the comfortable armchair and table lamp.

the stone coffee table is very easy to care for

coffee table-stone-cream-white-oval-natural-feeling

The easy maintenance of the fossil stone coffee tables is also very important. The mosaic stones can only be wiped off with a soft, damp cloth.

decorative frame under glass plate

Coffee table-stone-gray-glass-tabletop-rectangular

When a table frame made of stone is combined with a glass top, the result is a sophisticated and unique coffee table with a modern design.

Cream and gray go well together

coffee table-stone-white-cream-design-modern-rectangular-glass-plate

Thanks to the transparent glass plate, you can see the decorative table frame from every corner of the room.

Mediterranean flair in the modern living room

coffee table-stone-glass-plate-metal-construction-mediterranean feeling

Interesting style inconsistencies can also be achieved with a coffee table made of stone, glass and metal. This model here is reminiscent of Tuscany and has a warm Mediterranean feeling.

Coffee table made of raw stone

Coffee table-stone-cream-beige-glass-plate-rectangular

This coffee table made of unprocessed stone with a rectangular glass top is particularly beautiful. The internal structure of the table base is made of plywood and covered with sanded or unprocessed pieces of stone.

Contrast between the rough stone surface and the glass

coffee table-stone-x-table-base-glass-top-rectangular

These coffee tables are made by Italian designers and are characterized by the variety of colors and stone surfaces. They can be called real works of art and are real eye-catchers in the living room.

coffee table-stone-glass-tabletop-oval-stone column

coffee table-stone-modern-design-v-shape-glass-tabletop-rectangular-gray-cream

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