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14 modern ideas for living room furnishings that relax the senses

Ideas for living room sofa set parquet coffee table white gloss floor lamp

For everyone who wants to transform their living room into a relaxation area – here are 14 modern ones Ideas for living room Furnishings that relax the senses. Clear lines, strong, lively colors and simple shapes create a relaxed atmosphere.

Modern ideas for living rooms invite you to relax

Ideas for Living Room Modern Portrait Merilyn Monroe Furnishing Sideboard Staircase Railing Glass Sofa Beige

The living room furnishings can be stylish and trendy, but at the same time also look classic – in the style of the 1900s. The living room design has changed significantly over the years. Nowadays people strive for a pleasant atmosphere and a homely interior. The present Ideas for living room can make the interior look artistic, therapeutic and calming. Soft fabrics, simple patterns, metal home accessories and interesting decorative elements give the room an urban look. Large bookshelves contribute to the feeling of wellbeing.

Ideas for living room – a bold combination of decorative elements makes the interior fresher

Ideas for living room upholstered furniture metal frame throw pillow blinds design black white

The trendy designer furniture, the tiles and the rough shapes give the interior a special look. The modern interior design in the living room is balanced by the clear lines of the various furniture parts. Designing the living area according to your own ideas is an art in itself. When it comes to furnishing, everyone can become a designer and express their personality in a creative way.

A look to relax – how the individual elements are combined

Ideas-light design apartment floor lamp-glass wall bonsai tree

This pleasant atmosphere is achieved with a combination of elements. Large windows bring plenty of sunlight into the room. Flowers and plants create a cozy atmosphere. The lighting is of particular importance – the pendant lamp, for example, can diffuse soft light and provide comfort. These furnishing inspirations open the senses to the creative and the original.

Creative combination of different decorations

Seating area sofa cushions decorative elements houseplants shelf design yellow beige

Suspended ceiling with integrated light above the kitchen

Living ideas curtains seating area ceiling lighting curtain carpet

Neutral color scheme for living room furnishings

Sofa gray doormat flooring parquet dark white walls black pictures

Play with the contrasting colors – red, gray, black, white

Ideas home decor red white black zebra carpet concrete wall wood coffee table

Modern room concept for living room

Apartment furnishings balcony black white wooden floor home theater glazing

Current living trend with wall stickers 

Color scheme living room red white wall sticker parquet armchair coffee table

Open plan living room and dining room

Furnishing design living room dining room built-in shelf daylight glass wall

Set accents in green  

Green sofa glass table upholstery furniture white walls floor chairs dining area lighting

Effective mix of styles in the interior

Furnishing ideas living room parquet dark brown curtains decoration gray sofa