living room

living room

Design ideas for white living room

modern white living room design

Whether you have a modern apartment or prefer a vintage design for your house, one white living room never goes out of style. It looks elegant and symbolizes purity. Of course, a white living room requires more catering – but if you choose to, it will surely create a cozy ambience. The latest trend is to furnish the whole room in white. The designers find this a modern, artistic approach.

White living room – design ideas


Designing the living room in white is easy – all you need to do is paint the walls white and choose a white floor covering. In every living room, a lot of attention is traditionally paid to the seating area. The white sofa plays the main role – they are available in many variations, shapes and colors, the right piece of furniture for you white living room but finding it can be more difficult than expected. White leather or damask are the preferred fabrics by furniture manufacturers. Persia carpet on the floor increases the feel-good factor, while black accents such as bookshelves with minimalist design, abstract works of art or chandeliers with fabulous design serve as decoration.

White living room – design ideas


A white living room should be built with great attention to detail. It makes the whole apartment look fresher and gives the design a modern look. White is a diverse color that is very suitable for smaller living rooms. White walls make the room look more spacious and brighter. The best thing about this design is that it is very easy to remodel – you just need a decoration and the room will look completely different.

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modern white living room

modern white design living room

red curtains as an accent in the living room

red-curtains-white-furniture-living room

33 ideas for a pure white living room – purity and elegance

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living room

Pastel colors for the modern living room – relaxation for the senses

pastel colors for modern living room luxury interior

Warm, cozy and chic – there is nothing else like the relaxing pastel colors for the modern living room. These relaxing nuances can make all your problems and worries go away and quickly recover from the stressful daily routine. This interior is one of the most desirable designs especially for the living room. When you are ready to redecorate your home, think of the dearest memories of your childhood and the most beautiful moments of your life.

The modern living room colors – comfort comes first

pastel colors for modern living room baby blue

The memories come back in pastel colors. It’s not about extravagance or innovative thinking. When it comes to the living room, think about coziness. Comfort should come first when we talk about our homes.

The relaxed pastel colors for the modern living room is the perfect choice. They are also suitable for the bedroom, the guest room and even the dining room. These nuances could be a very suitable addition to your rustic, modern or classic interior.

The modern living room – successful color combinations

pastel colors for modern living room cherry blossomed

The dark gray with reseda green is a very modern and extravagant combination, but at the same time cozy, chic and warm. This mix is ​​absolutely perfect for the modern living room, especially when combined with minimalist furnishings.

Magic in pink and beige in the living room

pastel colors for the modern living room pink table

Pink and beige is another successful combination of colors – very modern and elegant. The beige color creates a warm and nice atmosphere that is simply incomparable. The pink color is a very suitable addition, especially if beige is the main color. This combination of colors causes a leap of creativity and imagination that will help transform your apartment into a fabulous home.

Interesting ideas for color combinations

pastel colors for the modern living room pink details

Living room in shades of blue with sea motifs

pastel colors for the modern living room sea motifs

Gray interior with purple elements

pastel colors for modern living room purple elements

Fairytale interior in pale purple

pastel colors for modern living room purple sofa

Pastel colors for a cozy atmosphere

pastel colors for modern living room purple deck

Opulent interior design in shades of blue

pastel colors for modern living room shades of blue

 Another 100 ideas for living rooms

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Living room design ideas – step by step and style by style

lounge-sofa-living room-baroque-chandelier

Living room furniture is something that we should really consider carefully when entering our new, but still empty, home. The problem is that it is difficult to choose the right one among all these thousands of living room design ideas. The right one will be right for some of us, but wrong for others. That’s why we’re in the process of bringing you some of the most popular living room design ideas. We will explain these living room design ideas to you step by step, style by style.

Living room design in the style of minimalism

white-minimalist-living room

The minimalist living room designs come in neutral colors and with some eccentric decorative elements for contrast. All of the surfaces here are sleek and look amazingly perfect next to some extraordinary and expensive paintings on the sheer white wall. The damask of the furniture is made of real leather and the chandelier speaks of luxury, splendor and breathtaking brilliance.

Baroque living room design – royal furniture


Neo baroque living room design

The baroque and neo-baroque living room design is closely related to the designers’ struggle for retro beauty in today’s world of modern architecture, interior and exterior design. The furniture here is huge and impressive, the golden motifs throughout the room influence dignity and respect. A Persian rug is only a small part of the lavish decoration. It is combined with candlesticks on the elongated ebony table and the decorative pillars in the rooms are used as artificial barriers.

Living room design from ancient times – vases and statues


living room furnishings antique elements

The antique living room design ideas emphasize the achievements in architecture from this time. Columns and ceramic figures are used for the most important decors in the room. You can arrange some beautiful and attractive pots on the floor filled with dried flowers. Use the brown, red, and orange shades for the main color scheme and golden, gray, black, and white for specific accents.


Living room style minimalism

living room style minimalism

living room design spirit minimalism

living room style antique

living room-decoration-antique-style

living room antique decor elements

115 interior ideas for luxurious living room furniture

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Modern living room – 95 interior design ideas and tips

Modern living room -xxl-sofa-taupe-wooden floor-wall panels-led-lighting

A modern living room everyone wishes. The living room is a room that should offer a lot of light and comfort, where you can enjoy your reading lesson or watch a film or an entertainment show with or without company. This article presents 90 furnishing styles for living rooms and what is most up-to-date when it comes to the design of this space.

Modern living room – there is minimalism

modern-living room-minimalist-xxl-sofa-led-ceiling-recessed-lights-wood-flooring-glass-coffee table

According to the principle of minimalism, the design of the living room today is based on a few pieces of furniture, cupboards and shelves as modules and walls made of glass. There are gray-white tones that are perfectly coordinated with a combination of warm brown and yellow, and cooler blue or purple. A modern living room also offers more daylight and closeness to nature. The living area extends over a spacious area with a high-gloss floor and matt colors for the walls.

Modern living room – sophistication in trend

modern-living room-white-wallpaper-living-wall-wood-dark-wood-plank-floor-green-curtains

Modern living room signal colors and rectangular lines 


A stay in an ultra-modern ambience, a relaxed and happy togetherness, that is what the design line of a modern living room achieves by and large. The interior of a modern living rooms renounces the classic colors and the heavy cabinets and showcases made of solid wood or with a wood look.

modern-living-room-white-sofas-glass-coffee-tables-wall cladding-dark-wood

White matt walls and shelf modules for the LED TV, for books or for displaying minimal decoration ideas are perfectly adequate. Living room design with a contemporary spirit shows an ultra-modern style and design. The floor is usually not completely covered, but offers cosiness through a square woven textile carpet in the seating and couch area. Signal colors such as green, orange or blue create a gorgeous contrast and evoke happy passions.

Signal-green-orange-color-cabinet-modules-white-walls-minimalistic-style-stairs-in front of-the-window-wall

Cooler tones create a great ambience

Signal blue-cupboards-lilac-color-armchair-forest landscape-pendant lamp-made of-paper-floor lamp

Green color is reminiscent of beautiful nature


Glass walls bring a lot of light into the living room and reveal breathtaking views

Deck chair-with-hoker-for-the-feet-signal-blue-surface-cabinet-modules-wall-made-of-glass

Lilac lilac is combined with white-gray colors

Lilac-purple-cabinet modules-shelves-ceiling-lower-built-in-forest landscape

Interior decoration living room penthouse examples


An open kitchen and living area in one is often found in penthouse apartments. Breathtaking windows from ceiling to floor offer a gorgeous view of the big city. Luxury through high-gloss surfaces and comfort through upholstered furniture and soft carpets in great colors. Furnishing the living room in a modern way also means matching the furniture and walls with a wonderful color scheme.

The brown walls bring a feeling of warmth into the living room

Living room-design-modern-furnishing-brown-walls-penthouse-shelving-system-large-area

Ideas living room – warm tones 


Modern means doing without excess details and decoration


Brightness and airiness thanks to glass walls

Living room-in-the-house-yellow-modules-as-cupboards-high-gloss surfaces-black-coffee-table

The brown color palette in the living room

Walls-in-brown-taupe-color-upholstered furniture-stool-and-armchair

Sliding doors-living-sleeping area-upholstered furniture-light brown-colors


Parquet-floor-warm-brown-tones-coffee table-with-metal legs-living-room-furnishing-modern

classic-parquet floor-dark brown-shelves-floor lamp-upholstered couch

Oriental carpet-parquet-floor-leather-sofa-built-in-ceiling-black-wooden column



Magician-in-a-black-suit-gray-carpet, high-gloss surfaces





TV cabinet system-brown-light-tones-Coca-Cola-wall decoration

Wall cladding in the living room

Woodland-sideboard-wall decoration-light-brown tones

In the past, people loved wallpapers with geometric figures or floral patterns, today they set innovative accents with wall cladding. The furnishing principle of straight and rectangular lines is retained and coordinated with the rest of the furniture. Lighter tones with slightly darker furniture or textiles create a more pleasant atmosphere in your own four walls.


Concrete-glass-walls-shelf modules-nature view-leather furniture

Furnishing tips-wall-covered-with-high-quality-plastic-elements-sofa-bed-in-gray

Dining area-living area-modern-living room-brown-carpet-open-wall-natural landscape-view

More space for our favorite books and literature


Less fabric and textiles and more space for bookshelves, more concentration while reading or settling into a movie. Inspirational landscape very close to your windows and walls, being one-to-one with nature, that is a life full of relaxation, full of serenity.

Living room-design-dining-table-white-chairs-gray-wall-shelves




Endless rows of bookshelves in wave-shaped frames, a paradise for reading lovers who value the proven art of black-on-white book printing.







Arabic-carpet-built-in-living room-cabinets-LED TVs


Reading-chair-with-stool-wall shelves-cupboards-reading lamp

Contrast colors in the design of the living room area


Combine cooler colors on the furniture such as light or dark turquoise with white or gray walls. If the red color is preferred, a wall cabinet with high-gloss doors is the perfect match for a modern two-tone living room.

light red-closets-floor lamp-sofas-leather-meadow-view


small-dining area-sea view-deck chair-with-stool-signal blue color

Snow-deck chair-black-wall-white-shelves-high-gloss surfaces

Living-dining area-high-gloss surfaces-aqua and dark shelves




Ocean view-high-gloss floor-ocean view


Furnishing tip – choose cooler colors

Lilac-purple-flower-frame-modules-for-TV-gray-walls-high-gloss surface

Generous-lounger-sofa-bed-aqua-blue-walls-Kuntwand-upholstered furniture

Mountain landscape-blue-textile-ceiling-light-blue-modular cabinets



Landscape view-aqua-blue-carpet-LED-TV


white-closets-lilac-purple-sofa-armchair-in-dark-purple-high-gloss surfaces-penthouse


Carpet-pendant-lamp-with-stainless-steel-chairs-with-metal frame


Upholstered furniture-brown-blue-colors-cupboards-shelves-on-the-wall-dark-brown-tones

light blue wall high gloss surface nature look rocking chair

White and gray furnishings for living rooms, colorful home accessories

Duplex-black-white-colors-modern-decor-city view

minimalist-living room-deck chair-white-gray-colors-glossy surfaces

Wall decoration high gloss surface deck chair

Mountain landscape-view-glossy-tiles-wall-made-of-shelves-with-books


minimalist-style-deck chair-floor lamp-rectangular-frame-straight-lines



Penthouse-dining area-living room-ceiling-on-two-levels

Chandelier-minimalist-safe-style-gray-wall-high-gloss surfaces

Modern-living-room-carpet-made-of-fur-high-gloss surfaces-forest landscape

modern-living room-built-in-shelf-cabinet-system-penthouse


modern-city apartment-dining table-wooden chairs-light green-tones-surfaces

Sofa-bed-carpet-made-of-fur-closets-shelving-system-living room-set up


Hallway carpet-dining-area-separated-by-half-a-wall-modern-gray-brown-tones

Corner cabinets-high-gloss surface-reclining sofa-rattan stool

Interior stairs



Sleep-living area-warm-brown-tone-landing-with-stairs

A fireplace or fireplace creates a cozy atmosphere, is modern and timeless

Fireplace-in-the-living room-massive-hold-gray-closets-forest landscape


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Original ideas for living room – fireplace design

Oak Stone Glass Fireplace Design Ideas Living Room Furnishing

Original living ideas for living rooms are always helpful when you want to add a new piece of furniture or an interesting new fireplace. What more do you need in winter than warmth and cosiness at home? Fireplace design seems to be an important part of home furnishings. Several original living ideas for living rooms, Luckily, many people can already do this today, something that was only read about in the past.

 Innovations in fireplace design – or similaroriginal living ideas for living rooms

Magma fireplace design fireplace insert no steam living ideas

The company Flying Cavalries of Hassan from London fascinates with extraordinarily interesting proposals for modern home furnishings. You concentrate on the details like no one else. We present you 3 original living ideas for living rooms – namely mobile fireplace designs: the incredibly beautiful Magma fireplace, the current Hillside fireplace and the romantic Aurora fireplace. You immediately fall in love with the three and can no longer decide on a particular one.

Have a dream fireplace at home – original living ideas for the living room

Flying Cavalries fireplace design living room interior design ideas

Original living ideas for living rooms have both the innovation in them and the traditional cosiness. Inspired by the erupting volcanoes, the magma chimney creates a pleasant and cheerful atmosphere, you feel calm and vital. The basic concept of this fireplace is the optical effects of the dancing flame. The sensational design of Magma fireplace has many colors that change when burning – e.g. red becomes gray. The wooden magma fireplace works just as well as a modern coffee table.

Design inspiration for accommodation

compact fireplace chair coffee table living room innovations

The second chimney was named Hillside after the summit. It is multifunctional and has two integrated elements: an ergonomic chair and a small coffee table. Original living ideas for living rooms mainly rely on the relationship between humans and nature. The compact hillside fireplace consists only of natural materials: oak, stone and glass. The multifunctional fireplace can contribute to perfect relaxation.

Modern home design and innovative pieces of furniture

no steam fireplace modern home interior

Original living ideas for living rooms like these unusual fireplace designs by Flying Cavalries of Hassan are totally in this winter. The romantic Aurora fireplace introduces the secret of the Northern Lights in the night sky. This work of art has 5 multi-colored transparent legs, surface made of stone, no chimney and does not release steam.

Modern pieces of furniture for living room

Fireplace design modern table living room interior ideas

Innovative chimney design for the home

Living room home ideas glass legs table fireplace

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Living suggestions for living rooms – 4 ideas to imitate

Living suggestions ideas modern Sahara look chairs

How is character given to the interior? And how can the living area be spiced up with little effort and a tight budget? The designers know the trick – and carefully chosen details make the difference between an overcrowded room without a concept and a cozy interior. We’ll show you 4 Living suggestions for living rooms and give you tips on how to implement them step by step in your own four walls.

Living suggestions for living rooms – the Sahara look

Africa look carpet pink throw pillow armchair white upholstered cowhide stool

The Sahara look is modern and homely. The white walls make even the dark northern room look light and cozy and at the same time form the perfect background for the wall decoration. Subtle pink and beige nuances give the interior splashes of color and ensure cosiness. This is how you can imitate the furnishings step by step: first select the furniture – in this case the old sofa and armchair were simply reupholstered. Decorative pillows and a modern painting in pink tones attract attention. Chairs found from the flea market were reupholstered in artificial fur and an artificial leather carpet was placed over the used sisal carpet. Home accessories like a wall mirror with exotic ornaments and several exotic statues add to the concept.

Living suggestions for living rooms – pure glamor

Living room ideas blue carpet white sofa Chesterfield leather furniture

The second suggestion for furnishing is a pure glamor interior – again white was used as the background color, but this time color accents in dark blue make the interior look classy. The furniture / Chesterfield sofa and two modern leather-covered chairs / make the small living room appear larger. The clear lines of the furniture make the room look structured.

Enclosed you will find two living room proposals – also explained step by step. Below is the African style furnishings in details, then the pure glamor furnishings, followed by a fusion between modern and classic, and at the end – rustic country house style. All accessories and furniture can be found at Shopmack.

Comfortable armchair, newly upholstered in soft white color

Set up with an African look

Africa look living suggestions ideas accessories metal globe

Cool accessories give the interior a kick

padded beige carpet wall shelf ideas

The old chairs with an interesting new upholstery

modern three legs original design living room proposals

The floor lamp gives the room structure

Floor lamp modern art Horns wall decoration ideas

This decoration looks natural, but in fact the horns are made of plastic

modern carpet design ideas living room set up

Mirror design ideas living room living room ideas

Wood living room modern country style

Art Horne Africa look living room living ideas

Cross legs lamp carpet original vase beige color scheme

Ideas home accessories silver metal serving table

Sofa design blue carpet armchair metal cross legs image

 Pure glamor furnishings

Decoration ideas fresh plants dark blue carpet

Cushions two lamps accent white leather sofa ideas

Ideas wood surface metal legs laminate flooring

modern furnishing ideas upholstered furniture yellow chairs

 Fusion between classic and modern – living room decorated with maritime living accessories

Home accessories shell classic design ideas

White coral artfully furnishing a classic living room

Side table handmade beach style rustic furniture

classic living room living suggestions pictures furnishing

Country-style living room with an exotic aftertaste

Pillow sofa set ideas beige color design proposals

Wooden coffee tables to set up living room in modern country style

Design living room ideas faux fur carpet two coffee tables

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Sofa design ideas for modern and creative living room furnishings

sofa design ideas for modern living room red

Check out these interesting ideas for Sofa design from B.&B Italia and furnish your living room elegantly and comfortably. The sofa is without a doubt the most important piece of furniture in the living room. You sit on it and relax in front of the television. Above all, the sofa should be comfortable. These design ideas not only embody elegance, but also comfort.

The perfect sofa design – a combination of comfort and elegance

sofa ideas for modern living room light gray

Nowadays it should Sofa design not only be comfortable and practical. Although the rotatable backrests and the movable sofa parts create a lot more comfort, the design plays an increasingly important role. The color and shape of the sofa should definitely match the rest of the interior.

Classic sofa design in black and white

sofa design ideas for modern living room white

The classic combination of black and white is the undisputed winner among the popular sofa colors. For more effect, you can choose sofa cushions in black and white colors. If you have a lot of space in the living room, you can use a larger one Sofa design buy and enjoy relaxation and comfort to the fullest.

Extravagant colors and designs for the living room sofa 

sofa ideas for modern living room purple

Of course, you don’t just have to choose ordinary colors. If you are a fan of the light colors, do not hesitate to rely on extravagant color combinations and models. That Sofa design can be unusual and at the same time comfortable. If you don’t want to take any chances with the furnishing, first put a few decorative elements in the desired color and if you like them, then buy the sofa in the same color.

The classic L-shaped sofa

sofa ideas for modern living room dark brown

That Sofa design in L-shape is a classic and will always make you feel full of relaxation. This sofa is big, comfortable and cozy. It can fit perfectly in the empty corner, but is just as suitable for large living rooms.

Modern sofa in burgundy contrasts with the white interior

sofa design ideas for modern living room wine red

Black and white stripes as a pattern for the sofa cushions

sofa design ideas for modern living room stripes

Sofa in beige in a rustic setting

sofa design ideas for modern living room rustic

Couch with minimalist design in rusty color

sofa design ideas for modern living room rust

Pastel color sofa matches the modern interior

sofa ideas for modern living room pastel

Orange couch with an extravagant design

sofa ideas for modern living room orange

White sofa with clean lines and a simple design

sofa ideas for modern living room minimalist

Leather sofa in beige color-coordinated with the interior

sofa ideas for modern living room leather

Sofa with a modern design in dark gray

sofa ideas for modern living room gray

Sofa with an unusual design in white and yellow

sofa ideas for modern living room yellow

Elegant living room interior in pastel shades 

sofa ideas for modern living room beige

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Swedish stove with a modern design – 25 stylish models

Swedish stove-modern-design-metal-stylish

A Swedish stove with a modern design quickly becomes an eye-catcher in the interior – we will show you 25 stylish models from renowned manufacturers that have a timeless, elegant look and score with functionality. Whether a hanging fireplace with a round shape as an accent in the middle of the room, or a fireplace that serves as a room divider, or perhaps a simple design that blends in harmoniously with the Scandinavian furnishings – the manufacturers have thought of everyone and fulfilled all customer requests.

Swedish stove with a modern design – the decorative hanging chimneys

Swedish stove-modern-design-orange-color-living room

A hanging fireplace not only saves space – with its modern design it quickly becomes an eye-catcher in any room. The well-known manufacturer Bordelet shows it – its stoves fascinate with a simple construction, but present themselves in cheerful colors and with imaginative patterns. Zebra stripes, smoke motifs or floral patterns spice up the chimneys and create a contemporary look. Pictured above on photos 1 and 2 – the models from Bordelet /

Swedish stove with a modern design – space-saving variants for mounting on the wall

Swedish stove-modern-design-living room-living ideas

Functional, space-saving designs can be found at Wanders. The stoves also score with a modern look and are a stylish addition to the living room or bedroom. They convey warmth and cosiness and provide a homely atmosphere where the family feels good. Whether to relax with a book or for romantic evenings for two – the fireplace creates the perfect room climate and increases the feel-good factor. / pictured above – designed by Wanders /

Swedish stove with a modern design – the Kollekton hanging fireplace from Bordelet

Swedish stove-modern-design-living room-living ideas

Swedish stove with a modern design – chimney pepped up with creative patterns

Swedish stove with a modern design-painted-modern-ideas

Swedish stove with a modern design – hanging fireplace in the living room

Swedish stove with modern design hanging chimney coals

The hanging fireplace will quickly become an eye-catcher in the living room

Swedish stove with modern design hanging fireplace living room

To the collection of Bordelet

The Wanders collection – a timeless, elegant look and top quality

Schwedenofe-modern-design-wood-burning stove-wall-living room

Space-saving designs for small rooms promise a cozy ambience

Swedish stove with a space-saving design

The latest design wood-legged wood-burning stove is growing in popularity

Swedish stove-modern-design-wooden legs-renowned-manufacturer

The stove can also serve as a room divider

Swedish stove-modern-design-fireplace-living room

Swedish stove divides the living room from the dining area

Swedish stove-modern-design-room divider-white

Swedish stove with a space-saving original design

Swedish stove-modern-design-round-wall-mounted

Swedish stove-modern-design-white-room divider

Swedish stove-modern-living room-wood stove

To the collection of Hike

 The designs of Cheminées seguin fascinate with a modern look

Swedish stove-modern-design-metal-round-hanging chimney

Swedish stove-modern-design-metal-support surface

Swedish stove-modern-design-flat-ideas-furniture

Swedish stove-modern-design-wood storage space

To the collection of Cheminees seguin

Nordpeis designs inspire with their contemporary look and functionality

Swedish stove-modern-design-living room-living ideas

Swedish stove-modern-design-room divider-middle of the room

Swedish stove-modern-design-round-corner-furnishing-Scandinavian

Swedish stove-modern-design-round corner fireplace

Swedish stove-modern-design-round-black-free-standing

Swedish stove-modern-design-small-space-saving-modern

To the collection of Nordpeis

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