With these tips you can position the lamp correctly above the dining table!

modern pendant lamp crystal round glass dining table white chairs

The dining table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in our home. It is not only the center of shared meals, but also a real all-rounder. Here people play, do handicrafts and even work (since most self-employed people simply don’t have their own home office). In order for the stay in the dining area to be as pleasant as possible, optimal lighting is of the utmost importance. The first and most obvious reason: light plays a major role in room aesthetics and also influences our well-being. At what height should the lamp hang above the dining table and why you should also take the shape of the table into account, we will tell you below.

The lamp above the dining table is always in focus

Open living area modern gray and white dark wood metal decoration lamp candlestick

The best choice for lighting the dining area are the pendant lights. Beautiful, original, extraordinary: the lamp above the dining table should be a real eye-catcher. It is the “icing on the cake” that combines an open living area into a whole and gives it character. And not just in the dark time of day – it’s more about how the lamp above the table is perceived during the day. for example, offers a wide selection of high-quality designer lamps from well-known manufacturers, which convince with timeless and elegant designs. It is important that the material and color match your interior and complete the overall picture.

How high does a lamp have to hang above the dining table?

Glass pendant lights above a long wooden dining table

To correctly position the lamp above the dining table, take into account the height of the room. The dining table must be well lit, but the light should not be dazzling.

Of the Distance between the table top and the lower edge of the lamp should usually be between 71 and 89 cm. With a low ceiling, a height of 75 cm above the table top (or 150 cm above the floor) is ideal. If you are a lucky owner of 3 meter high ceilings, you can hang the lamp a little higher: about 80 cm above the table or 160 cm from the floor.

How big should a lamp be above the dining table?

Stainless steel lamp around a small wooden dining table

So that the dining table is evenly illuminated, the size and shape of the lamp should be based on the shape and size of the table. As a rule, the lamp should not be larger than the width or diameter of the table.

A single pendant lamp looks great over a round or square table. The lamp should be 30 cm smaller than the diameter of the table. Otherwise those at the table will feel uncomfortable. A table with a diameter of 120 cm, for example, fits a chandelier with a diameter of up to 90 cm beautifully and proportionately.

If the table is large and long, several pendant lights are needed in a group. To ensure optimal lighting, they should not be more than 1 meter apart.

What if the lamp is not hanging in the middle above the dining table?

The position of the hanging lamp above the dining table should be precisely determined in advance. A common situation: there is either no connection for a lamp or it is in an inconvenient location. And then it turns out that the lamp is not hanging where you want it – ideally in the middle of the table. Unfortunately, there is very little that can be changed in this case. So if you are involved in the conversion or renovation work on your apartment, try not only to show the builders the location intended for the connection, but also to check what actually happened afterwards. As long as they are still there, everything can be corrected.

Choose a lamp above the dining table, matt white, modern and timeless

If the connection does not come out of the ceiling in the middle above the dining table, you can use a flexible rail system. This gives you the option of changing the position and direction of the lights. An alternative is also offered by unusual designs such as the AIM pendant luminaire, which is characterized by an over-long cable and movable headlight-like light heads.

Above all, good light above the table should be glare-free, dimmable and warm. With the right lights, you will be able to put the room in the right light!