Unusual designer table lamps combine creativity and function

Designer table lamps YEONGWOO KIM spilled cup of tea

If you have this unusual Designer table lamps you would immediately see the creativity in it. They transform functional objects into amazing feats.

 Designer table lamps – Nuke by Veneridesign

Designer table lamps mushroom cloud bomb inspired veneridesign

Designer table lamps atomic explosion cloud mushroom cloud nuke lamp

A nuclear explosion creates a mushroom cloud with a beautiful but deadly shape. Has this shape Luca Veneri inspired to design a unique table lamp. It will be an interesting, thought-provoking, and somewhat eerie decoration in any room. This lamp is created using real fluid dynamic simulations that try to capture the true shape of the cloud as accurately as possible.

 Designer table lamps with an unusual design

Designer table lamps pouring light

This is an incredible designer piece designed by Yeongwoo Kim and “Pouring Light” (Flowing Light) called. The design is inspired by a spilled cup of tea. It might sound strange, but the lamp shines with the help of a purple tea bag.

Jeeves by Jake Phipps

Designer table lamp Jake Phipps bowler hat

jake phipps designer table lamps jeeves melon hat

Hats off to Jake Phipps for these funny table lamps, Jeeves called. A minimal base supports the classic melon. It’s even adjustable by controlling the direction of light with the hat. Cool isn’t it? But they’re also quite stylish, and their simple design makes them attractive to modern spaces.

Plexiglass lamp from Chrysalide

Designer table lamps chrysalide 2D Led plexiglass silhouette

Designer table lamps Chrysalide plexiglass

At a time when technology is turning 3D, Chrysalide follow their own style with these unusual ones Designer table lamps made of plexiglass. These 2-dimensional, modern table lamps by Emmanuel Jacquet look like cut-out silhouettes that use energy-efficient LEDs.

Korean Designer Park Woo Sung

Designer table lamps parkwoosung modular lampshade

Let yourself be illuminated by innovative design. These modern, modular table lamps from the Korean designer Park Woo Sung are as stylish as they are functional. The customizable lampshades are modeled after traditional Korean curves and the concept of stacks. The rings are available in a variety of colors and combinations.

Designed by Marco Agnoli

Designer table lamps Marco Agnoli glass balls chrome frame

We love this table lamp from the Italian designer Marco Agnoli … Seven clear light bulbs in the center of twelve hand-blown Italian glass balls of the same size. All of which are balanced on a chrome frame, creating a sleek contemporary design. These designer table lamps bring purity and harmony to every modern room.

Shadow by Ruggiu

Designer table lamps combination mirror lamp ruggiu

Ruggiu claims that no woman’s room should be without shade – the stylish make-up mirror lamp. It is shaped like a lamp, mirrored on one side and shiny white on the other. It’s a useful, stylish piece that hides multiple functions in itself.

shadow ruggiu mirror lamp combination

Designer table lamps shadow ruggiu make-up mirror lamp