Unique idea for lighting – use the lampshade as a terrarium

idea lighting lampshade as a terrarium glass

Environmentally friendly furniture and accessories with elements from nature have been particularly popular recently and are increasingly decorating interiors. Among the many interesting lamp designs, there is one unique one that stands out Idea for lighting out. The designers of this lamp had two main themes in mind – a lamp with far-reaching light and a terrarium for plants. Both things were combined in an original way. The result is this floor lamp, which we would like to introduce to you in more detail below.

Environmentally friendly idea for lighting – invite nature into your home

idea lighting lampshade as a terrarium wooden stand

This interesting lighting idea has a unique lamp design as a result. The floor lamp has a vertical wooden stand and a lampshade in the form of a glass terrarium hangs at the end. Inside is the lightbulb, along with a few plants. The lamp offers four levels of brightness and can be adjusted according to the individual needs of the user. The idea is also particularly environmentally friendly and elegant, as you can comfortably grow plants in the lamp and bring nature into the house in this way. The wooden stand was handmade from maple and walnut. There are currently only three of these models, but more are expected soon.

Original idea for lighting – floor lamp with a functional green design

idea for lighting lampshade as a terrarium vertical

The wooden stand reaches about chest height and can therefore be used both as a floor lamp and as a desk lamp next to a desk. In addition, there is the interesting inclined design of the wooden stand, which gives the lamp an additional interesting look. The mason jar is transformed into a pendant lamp by hanging it on the stand with the cable. As soon as the lamp starts to shine, it also supplies the plant in the glass with sufficient light so that you can use the light bulb twice. The cable is in turn cleverly incorporated into the stand.

The lampshade in the form of a terrarium for a unique design

idea for lighting lampshade as a terrarium environmentally friendly

Elegant wooden stand made of maple and walnut for the original floor lamp

idea lighting lampshade as a terrarium maple