The Onion designer lamp in a retro look by Verpan

onion designer lamp from verpan interieur

The chic Designer lamp from Verpan enchants with its retro look. The interesting shape of the lamp looks very similar to an onion. This design was inspired by the original by Verner Panton in 1972 and we can draw clear parallels between the two models.

Designer lamp with a retro look resembles an onion

onion designer lamp from verpan kitchen table

The retro design of the lamp is characterized by a number of metal plates that are colored in white and resemble an onion. the Designer lamp creates a mysterious atmosphere in the room thanks to the unusual design. The metal plates hide the lightbulb, but at the same time look particularly fascinating as the light reflects in an unusual and interesting way.

The designer lamp from Verpan gives your interior elegance and style

onion designer lamp by verpan stairs

These Designer lamp can be used as a hanging lamp above the kitchen table or in the living room. If you want to draw attention to the unusual design, you can hang several Onion lamps over the table. If you only want to subtly hint at the retro look, you can also place the Onion lamp as a table lamp on a cupboard or on the coffee table. Give your interior an elegant touch and look forward to the original design of this spectacular lamp.

The Onion Retro lamp as an accent on the stairs

onion designer lamp by verpan white

The retro lamp as a hanging lamp

onion designer lamp by verpan hanging lamp

The designer lamp can also be used as a table lamp

onion designer lamp by verpan table lamp

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