The moon lamp “Luna” for a magical atmosphere

lamp moon imitation stairs chest of drawers concrete

The moon is known to have a powerful influence on us and nature. But it also exudes romance and calm. This is exactly what this unique lamp should achieve. Not only their shape and color are reminiscent of our nocturnal companion. Even the warm light that the Moon lamp radiates, resembles him immensely. With the lamp you can not only decorate the interior of the apartment and illuminate it romantically. It is also perfect for the terrace, the pool area or the garden and makes every garden party a very special event. Each moon lamp has a ring so that it can be hung on the ceiling or wall without any problems. For a more interesting lighting effect, you can also distribute the spherical lighting fixtures on the ground, as was done in the following picture for the front yard.

Moon lamp – impression of the planet close to the earth


Another unique feature of the moon lamp is that it is handmade. It is offered in seven different sizes and can therefore be wonderfully combined in the interior. The smaller models are illuminated by LED light bulbs. Halogen lamps are used for the larger models. So if you want to bring the calming energy of the moon into your house or on the property, this moon lamp is exactly the right choice for you. This ancient Trabant will be your constant companion even on cloudy evenings. Now take a look at more photos of the attractive moon lamp.

 for inside and outside

moon lamp ball shape romantic light entrance

Warm light 

moon lamp luna hanging ceiling light

Combine lamps

lamp moon decoration light ball shape luna idea

LED or halogen

lamp moon warm atmosphere interior design

Nursery lamp

lamp moon children's room lighting idea satellite imitation

Manufacture of the lamp by hand

lamp moon idea deco desk tree interior decoration

Moon lamp – detailed view and structure


Lamp sizes

moon lamp large table lighting apartment

“Luna” lamp