The modern floor lamp – a decorative eye-catcher in your home

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Lighting is one of those elements in your home that is often forgotten. While functionality is of great importance, design is what draws our eye. A modern floor lamp is an important decorative element in the room. Modern floor lamps are preferred in living and family rooms, libraries, and anywhere you can rest and enjoy your home. Floor lamps have evolved over the years. What used to be strictly functional is now being sought as a design element that every homeowner admires in their modern apartment. Take a look at these unique designs.

Modern floor lamp that steals the show

Modern-floor lamp-combination-coffee table

While you might think that lamps should only stand in a corner and illuminate their surroundings, the modern floor lamp is a sculptural work of art and can transform your room. Floor lamps can also be multifunctional. Take this modern Diego floor lamp, which serves as a side table with its sculptural shape. Unique lamp with style and elegance.

Modern floor lamp – original and unique

modern-floor-lamp-stylish-living room

Don’t be afraid to express your personal style with modern floor lamps. The beauty of these functional design elements is the ability to let your soul shine through. Elegant and modern, eclectic and traditional, there is no limit to the design styles. You can not only place your modern floor lamp in the living room, but in unexpected places for an even more amazing effect – in the hallway next to the entrance, in the reading corner or in the bedroom.

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The modern floor lamp would be an exciting topic of conversation as it casts the soft glow in the living area. While floor lamps are certainly not new, the “reinvention” of these designer floor lamps comes into their styling and with the unique ability to captivate any room.

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 “Alien” lamp



 Vibia Jazz


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