The 3D-printed designer lights “Canopy”

designer lights led lighting 3d printing project

The 3d printed Designer lights “Canopy” by Alex Buckman break the tracks of traditional lighting systems. For his Masters thesis in industrial design at the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, he developed this project to research how LED technology and 3D printing can be used to create a flexible and mobile object for the well-being of users. Each luminaire has a thin, supporting structure that can be connected to one of the aluminum ports depending on the needs and location of the user. This is made possible through the use of lightweight and low-voltage electronics.

Designer lights “Canopy” by Alex Buckman

3d printed lampshades led lights

The LED lamps are housed in 3d-printed lampshades, the organic shapes of which are composed of fractal patterns. These geometric shapes are often found in nature such as crystals, snowflakes, leaves, branches, etc. It has been proven that these patterns have a positive psychological effect on people because they are rooted in the evolution of mankind. The designer said, “It was not only important that the user benefited from the functionality of the luminaires, but also that their general well-being was influenced. That should provoke the idea of ​​how we will have to design objects for our interiors in the future. “

Construction of the designer lights

designer lights led aluminum port connectiondesigner lights led alex buckman canopy group designer-lights-led-floor-lights-alex-buckman designer-lights-led-lighting-3d-printing designer-lights-led-3d-printing-alex-buckman-canopy