Solar lights in the garden: environmentally friendly lighting with a WOW factor

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The secluded garden or the cozy balcony become a green oasis of wellbeing in summer that relaxes the senses. So that the outdoor area can be enjoyed not only during the day but also in the evening, a well thought-out lighting concept is an absolute must. This is often a great challenge for the hobby gardener – because it should combine functionality and style in one. As a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to ordinary light sources, solar lights have established themselves in the garden in recent years – they create a special atmosphere, create effective garden beds and the like. in the scene and save electricity at the same time.

Solar lights in the garden – functional and energy-efficient lighting for outdoors

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Solar lamps have a simple design – by means of a solar cell built into the lamp, solar energy is obtained during the day and then temporarily stored in a battery. A twilight switch signals the lamp at sunset and it automatically begins to emit the energy stored in the battery as light. In addition, a motion detector can optionally be installed, similar to normal lighting, so that the solar lights in the garden only switch on when required.

What must be considered when buying solar lights for outdoor use?

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The advantages of solar lighting are immediately apparent – on the one hand, it saves electricity, on the other hand, the lighting fixtures can be installed anywhere in the garden, even where there is no power connection. But so that the end result really meets the expectations, a few things have to be considered when buying. First of all, a garden sketch should be drawn up, whereupon all places where direct and indirect lighting is needed are marked accordingly. The garden path, pond, the outside staircase and the garden fence / wall should always be well lit for safety reasons. In this case it is worth investing in LED lights, they save energy and have a lighting time of up to 20 hours. The light intensity also plays an important role so that the number of lamps required can be calculated. The warm white light color is easy on the eyes and creates a cozy atmosphere. However, if accents are set in the garden / for example flower beds or stone gardens are illuminated /, then solar lights with light changes can create a happy mood.

Solar lights in the garden create a cozy atmosphere

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Nowadays there is a wide choice of Solar decorative lights offered so that everyone can find the right design. Four models are particularly current at the moment – the light sticks / plug-in lights, the light balls or light stones, the small, almost floor-level solar lights and the pendant lights.

The glow sticks / the plug-in lights can surround the terrace, the garden pond or the rock garden and thus effectively set the scene – the shapely lighting adds a decorative touch to the garden design during the day and creates stylish lighting effects in the evening.

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The luminous balls offer three variants for mounting – they can be placed on a spike or on a support plate, or placed on the surface of the water – for example the pool or the garden pond. The low solar lights offer a discreet and space-saving design variant for the balcony or the flower bed. The pendant lights successfully replace the chain of lights above the dining table or the bench outdoors. No matter which version you choose, solar lights create a romantic atmosphere and set charming accents in the outdoor area.

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