Scraplight designer hanging lamps made from recycled corrugated paper by Graypants

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The Graypants company presents a variety of exclusive lighting collections that stand for environmentally and socially responsible design. The series Designer hanging lamps Scraplight DRUM is a good example of this corporate philosophy – kept simple, environmentally friendly and chic at the same time.

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Graypants design team – Seth and Jon dealt with the topic of recycling and offered a unique concept. Both breathe new life into old materials and create amazing light installations that achieve dramatic effects through their structure. Designer hanging lamps Drums from the Scraplight series create pleasant, indirect room lighting.

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The lamps are characterized by a simple design. Recycled cardboard or corrugated cardboard and non-toxic adhesive products were used to reduce the risk of fire. Then the Designer hanging lamps laser cut and precisely assembled by hand. Sometimes a burning smell is noticeable, but it will quickly subside.

Stacked cardboard structure creates interesting plays of light

Graypants Licht Unique manufacture of recycled cardboard materials

These 3-bulb UL-listed lamps provide generous lighting – perfect for all types of urban spaces, outside spaces outdoors. Uniquely handcrafted, DRUM are the ideal addition to your modern interior. The robust frame made of coil-coated steel was equipped with a frosted hard glass lens. The incandescent designer lamps are 45 cm in diameter and 21 cm high. Each lamp is unique.

Designer hanging lamps made from recycled cardboard by Graypants

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Graypants has built up great popularity in the international arena through his creations over the years. The company specializes in the production of lamps made of cardboard with an exclusive design. The varied range includes attractive shapes and models in different designs. The DRUM series by Graypants consists of really beautiful, practical, inspiring and environmentally friendly lamps.

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Environmentally friendly lamp design - Graypants drum series

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