Put lamps and lights in the right scene – this creates a cozy ambience

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If properly staged, create Lamps and lights a feel-good atmosphere in the room, let furniture and home accessories come into their own and enhance the interior as design objects. The accent lighting must therefore be carefully planned in detail and coordinated with the facility.

Lamps and lights as accents in the living area

Lamps and lights - ceiling flooders - living room - living ideas

The living area poses a major challenge even to experienced interior designers – the spacious room is optically divided into several zones with different functions and serves as a living room, dining room and kitchen at the same time. Often it also houses the home office and offers sleeping space for guests.

A well thought-out and carefully planned lighting concept is an absolute must in this case. Success is only guaranteed if low-contrast and high-contrast lighting are skilfully combined.

1. Recessed luminaires – they emit soft light and can be easily integrated into any ambience. The swivel joint spotlights have proven to be particularly practical for the kitchen. But they also form the perfect background lighting when mounted directly on the ceiling.

2. Pendant lights play a key role in the overall concept – on the one hand they create lighting accents, on the other hand, as design objects, they quickly become eye-catchers in the room. These are available in numerous designs – for example the latest Lamps on increase the glamor factor with an umbrella in gold leaf. The height-adjustable pendant lights are a suitable light source for the dining table.

3. Floor lamps with directed light provide the best possible working light. Most models have a dimmer so that the eyes don’t tire too quickly while reading – so anyone can regulate the light intensity.

Lamps and lights ensure relaxation in the bedroom

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Direct and indirect lighting also create in the bedroom a homely atmosphere and relax your eyes.

1. The so-called ceiling washlights are in fact floor lamps that emit light upwards – therefore they are considered an indirect light source. Usually these are placed in a corner.

2. The table lamps / or, alternatively, wall lights next to the bed headboard / should cast a soft light and in no case dazzle. These can be switched on and off separately and are provided with a dimmer.

Lamps and lights make the hallway look inviting

Lamps and lights - hallway spotlights - mirrors - appear bigger

The entrance area is often overlooked during planning, but a uniform lighting concept is also necessary in the hallway.

1. Spotlights – make even the narrow hallway look cozy and can be mounted around the mirror.

Lamps and lights in the bathroom – what needs to be considered?

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There are some safety measures to be observed in the bathroom – according to DIN VDE 0100-701, the room is divided into three zones. So that the right lighting / sockets are selected for each of these protected areas, you always have to seek advice in advance.

The lighting in the living area must be planned carefully

Lamps and lights -living room-pendant lamp-metal accent

Stylish and practical – several pendant lights above the dining table

Lamps-lights-dining room-pendant lamp-wooden table


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