Night lamp from smartphone? Mobile phone charger with a new function

Mobile phone smartphone bedside lamps

An interesting idea was presented during the last London design exhibition – the so-called smart light concept used a cell phone charger as a construction for night lamps.

Mobile phone charger and night lamp in one design

Night lamp charger mobile phone bedroom

The designer studio Raw Edges recently presented her last project. The night lamp combines the functionality of the new generation of smartphones with the lamp on the bedside table. Many people tend to charge their phones in the evening. This is exactly what the designers used and created a mobile phone holder for the bedside table. The cell phone is charged there – while the flash acts as a table lamp. In this way you can read and charge your cell phone at the same time. The design saves energy and offers an environmentally friendly alternative. The collection includes five creative variations. Each model was made from materials from everyday life – plastic cups and mobile phone holders made of wood. Especially people who travel a lot will definitely be happy about the idea.

Mobile phone charger with multiple functions

modern lamp environmentally friendly wood

Many multifunctional devices and furniture find a place in the modern house. Smartphones are also very popular, primarily because of the many apps. The possibility of that Cell phone charger Using it for many different purposes is very attractive. The designers have skilfully used this advantage and presented a multifunctional one. The trend is clear – the cell phone has become an inseparable part of our lives and will continue to find many new uses in the future.

Raw Edges is an innovative design company founded in 2006. Since then, they have presented many modern and practical room concepts. Her projects are enjoying growing popularity and have already been awarded several prestigious prizes.

Innovative collection of table lamps

Charger holder original idea design

The construction of the table lamps is made of plastic cups and everyday objects

Lamp original design innovative idea

Smartphone as a bedside lamp – an energy-saving idea

Table lamp use rustic wood construction

Mobile phone charger with multiple functions

Wooden charger plastic cup design

Cell phone holder and charger

Table lamp white blue design idea

Small table lamp for reading

green mobile phone bracket table lamp lightning

Overview of the collection

Furniture night lamp charger mobile phone