Modern wall lamp – original concept for mood lighting

Concept designer ladder shape decorating living room

Indirect lighting is often underestimated – but it is precisely the subdued light from the wall lights that helps create a feel-good atmosphere. We present you one modern wall lamp, which transforms the light into a decorative element.

Modern wall lamp or stylish decoration?

minimalist design stylish leather hanging

The MSDS Ladder Light design was inspired by the necklace. Similar to an elegant necklace, it adorns modern wall lamp the apartment walls and diffuses soft light in the room. The lamp mimics the shape of a ladder and can be hung on the wall. The combination between two very different materials such as leather and stainless steel attracts attention. The warm, neutral beige-brown color of the leather elements contrasts with the highly polished surface of the stainless steel. The six light sources create artistic lighting effects and contribute to a cozy atmosphere.

Modern wall lamp with a strong presence in the room

stylish design wall leather stainless steel

the modern wall lamp inspires with a simple but very stylish shape and precise manufacturing. The subtle light of the lamp relaxes the eyes and calms the senses after a long day at work. People with migraines are sure to be intrigued by the design. The lighting is not only practical, but also extremely decorative. The Eycatcher is well suited for romantic souls and can conjure up a cozy, holy atmosphere in the dining room. minimalist and purist furnishings will definitely benefit from the innovative wall lamp. Whether for a cozy sitting area or simply as an accent in the hallway – the design offers countless possible uses.

The Canadian designer studio MSDS has long been known for her creative projects. Artful light objects made according to minimalist basic principles have brought them popularity. The talented designers are always on the lookout for new inspiration and are not afraid to experiment with materials and shapes. The lamps are characterized by a simple aesthetic.

Original concept, precise production – the designer wall lamp from MSDS

Wall subtle light mood lighting