Modern lighting – wall lamp mimics the moonlight

Moon glow decoration

We present you a project from France. the Wall lamp is called Lunaire / Mond / not without reason – the modern lighting imitates the soft glow of the moon.

Wall lamp inspired by the phases of the moon

Lamp white France manufacturer

Inspired by the phases of the moon, this one Wall lamp can be set differently. The surprise is connected with the effect of the lunar eclipse – the lamp can easily imitate this effect. A small aluminum disc is placed in front of the LED light bulb. Thanks to the small disc at the front, interesting light effects are created that accentuate the different parts of the lamp. The luminaire can be easily repositioned and, according to your wishes, can diffuse soft light in the room or simply serve as a decoration in the modern living room. Different moods can be created depending on the selected regimes. The design is available in two versions – a minimalist version completely in white, or a contrasting color combination between black and white.

Wall lamp with a round shape – creative design from France

Lighting angle different possibilities

the Wall lamp is the result of the collaboration of the French designer Ferreol Babin and the furniture manufacturer Fontana Arte developed. The talented designer always surprises with original pieces of furniture that create optical illusions. His talent “shines through” thanks to the Luminaire Exlipse lamp design. The noble brand Fontana Arte has long been known for its cooperative way of working. Numerous designers have contributed to the company’s popularity. The focus of their projects is always on originality. You try to present new concepts and material combinations. Her collections are for young and curious people who like to be surprised and have a sense of humor. In any case, we were totally enthusiastic about the project – the minimalist construction and the cool functions are an absolute highlight!

The lamp consists of 3 metal discs

Metal aluminum round lamp

 Variant in black and white

white metal accent lighting

 Depending on the setting, different discs are illuminated

Wall lamp black and white minimalist

The lamp in details

Lightbulb aluminum disc wall lamp

Lunaire lamp wall lighting ideas