Modern floor lamps – the tripod lamp in the spotlight

black and white accents floor lamp modern design

When it comes to home lighting, interior designers present us with amazing and often overwhelming choices! Most modern homes are mostly used for hanging and wall lights to save space. Those house residents who are blessed with a little more free space should seriously consider how to spice up their interior with a cool floor lamp this summer. Three-legged modern floor lamps are currently not only a popular trend in the lighting of our apartments and houses, they have become timeless lamps showstoppers that attract our attention and serve as wonderful sculptural additions to the ambience.

Today’s picture gallery presents you with great models of floor lamps, but it is exclusively dedicated to tripod lamps. Slim, stylish and captivating, such a floor lamp can easily transform your room lighting, from diffused to focused light. With their different styles and creative silhouettes, the world of tripod lamps is getting more and more exciting every day! And as always, we are here for you to offer you a glimpse into this enchanting world and to keep you informed of the latest news in the designer world.

Modern floor lamps – symmetry and proportionality

Legs stylish elegant interior living room white furniture

The art of lighting is much more than just illuminating a room. When it comes to big and modern floor lamps goes, the aesthetics of the lamp itself also play a role, and it plays an important role in the design of your interior. When choosing the right floor lamp, everything revolves around understanding the first specific needs of your own home and how the lamp fits into the existing furnishings in the room. Tall three-legged floor lamps look fabulous in living spaces with a high ceiling, because the tall lamps offer a sense of proportion and symmetry. With two tripod lamps it is of course even easier to achieve this visual balance.

It is well known that oversized lights are all the rage right now! They have quickly become an integral part of many living and dining rooms, but be careful! This does not always apply to the large floor lamps! A huge tripod floor lamp can not only disrupt the overall attractiveness of the room, it can even lead to some problems, such as how its light interacts with other light sources. Choose your floor lamp based on the size of your room and place it next to the couch for a great look in the living area.

Modern floor lamps – spot light effect!

Steel crafted design ideas living room

When we talk about lighting at home, and those with a dose of eccentricity, we immediately have to name one of our all-time favorites, the photographer’s lamp. This lamp needs a bit of description, of course. It reminds us of a bygone time when Photoshop was still unknown! The photographer’s lamp is a design icon that looks amazing in a rustic or industrial style home.

While the photographer’s lamp is all about glamor and strong visual impact, there are many modern replicas that take up far less space and go well with a contemporary design style. This chic lamp has found a new life in recent years, and with its vintage patterns and metallic accents, it is making a great comeback in 2014. The photographer’s lamp is now more in demand than ever!

Easily integrated and striking at the same time

rustic coffee table tripod lamp vintage sofa upholstery

Once you have determined the size of the tripod lamp for your living room or bedroom, now is the time to think about the style and color of the lampshade. There are two different approaches you can consider. Your three-legged floor lamp can be an extension of the existing color palette or you can use it to accentuate a certain color tone. The key to making this decision is trial. Check if you already have other accessories such as accent pillows, chairs, and pendants in the room. If that is the case, then you can take the safer option and choose a shade like this for the room background.

black modern floor lamps are cool and make a stylish visual statement, no matter where they are used, and the tripod floor lamps are no different. If black is your chosen color then it is best to combine it with another table lamp or pendant lamp, it will add serenity and elegance to the room. Three-legged floor lamps with wooden bases look very appropriate in transitional apartments, including those furnished in rustic and beach style, while metallic tripods shine in all their glory in elegant and modern spaces.

Not from this world!

Home office floor lamp white designer furniture ideas

But maybe you are not entirely satisfied with the usual range of floor lamps, yes? Ingenious modern designers keep surprising us with amazing new designs that define the current trend in floor lamps. From sensational designs to ultra-slim creations that fade into the background, there are many unusual and interesting options. Some of the choices seem particularly scary, as they look like alien life forms that have just emerged from a Hollywood sci-fi movie. Yes, everyone has a style and an aura around them!

Modern floor lamps – the tripod lamp fits perfectly into the interior

Living room living ideas completely white floor lamp designer furniture

Modern tripod lamp next to the sofa

Set up living room neutral colors, provide proper lighting, floor lamp white

Corner sofa in beige and modern floor lamp in the home office

white floor lamp black color modern minimalist design ideas

Two floor lamps with a wooden frame

Floor lamp white wood frame classic living room upholstered furniture

Mediterranean style furnishings – two modern floor lamps

Floor lamp three legs wood frame modern designModern metal floor lamp

Floor lamp modern design idea stylish elegant completely white

 Tripod light in black

Floor lamp three legs black color modern accent interior

Tripod lamp original design modern living room living ideas

Modern minimalist tripod lamp set up living room Select lighting

Upholstered furniture living room living ideas gray sofa set floor lamp

modern lighting lamp three legs stylish interior

Metal floor lamp living room living ideas tripod lamp shade

Metal floor lamp accent interior ideas purple upholstery seating group

Kitchen dining area wooden bench floor lamp modern design comfortable

Set up children's room tripod lamp design ideas

Set up a children's room with a cool tripod lamp with a white shade

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Baby room floor lamp black color shaggy carpet

Living room home ideas floor lamp metal manufactured white sofa

Living room living ideas leather sofa caramel color floor lamp black