Modern designer lighting – futuristic arc lamp

Lighting system exhibition

We present you an interesting one futuristic arc lamp with great effect. Large wine corks, handmade base and 10 wine glasses on it, a jug of wine. What could this project represent? Two lamps were built into the construction in such a way that they presented a bush drum.

Futuristic arc lamp with an innovative design

Floor lamp-modern design idea

A carpet was laid in front of the construction that unites the whole theme and refers back to the wine. The designer Marti Guixe presented his interesting project as part of the Vienna Designer Week and attracted everyone’s attention. He is traditionally known for his interesting designs, and this time too he did not disappoint the auditorium – the creative combination of carpet, table and lighting is unique. Last but not least, the visitors were given a futuristic arc lamp surprised. The design looks innovative and at the same time looks familiar. This clearly shows the new tendencies – namely to create atmosphere through interesting combinations of table and integrated lighting. The wine is not only the connection between all elements in the room, but also visually connects the design with nature. It is no coincidence that mainly natural materials have been used in the construction.

Futuristic arc lamp – the “quiet life”

modern lighting system design

The designer Marti Guixe describes his inspiration for the futuristic arc lamp – For a long time they carefully studied the wine cellars and the storage space, the transport system for wine. You have declared your installation as the end of the glass bottles for wine, and a new era in which wine is represented in a new form. The main elements have been symbolically preserved – the label, the wine corks and the wine, and yet the new concept is clearly recognizable. The project, called Still Life with Light, was made from a Free Port prototype, 10 wine glasses, 2 lamps, wine corks, carpet, and a handmade vase full of red wine.

Modern futuristic lighting

Lighting exhibition deisgn idea