Modern designer floor lamps and series from recognized manufacturers

liviu floor lamp design cut out shade

Designers get more and more creative as you experiment with innovative materials and new concepts. We present to you 29 modern designer floor lamps and entire design series from popular manufacturers that would transform the atmosphere in any room.

Designer floor lamps by Arturo Alvarez

designer lighting polyethylene arturo alvarez lua moon

Designer Martín Azúa has the LUA lights for the Spanish lighting manufacturer Arturo Alvarez designed. The polyethylene lamps are only available in white and look like the moon has fallen on earth.

Designer floor lamps inspired by natural forms

lighting design polyethylene table lamp floor lamp lua

The V floor lamp was made by Hector Serrano designed for Arturo Alvarez. This metal floor lamp has a beautiful geometric shape and is perfect for modern rooms with elegant lines.

V floor lamp by Arturo Alvarez

arturo alvarez V floor lamp metal white geometric pattern

Fabrics that disguise the body, fabrics that envelop the light. the Miu floor lamps have a pleasant and fresh look thanks to the fabric petals on the lampshade. The designer emphasizes weaving with different materials and recreates ancient essences. The fabric gets lushness and delicacy.

Miuu floor lamps by Arturo Alvarez

modern floor lamps metal Arturo Alvarez Miuu fabric grinding

GEA. An elegant designer floor lamp with curvy shapes. A lamp that fills every room with a soft and pleasant light. Arturo Álvarez developed a new material after researching and mixing different materials from everyday life. This resulted in the combination of metal mesh and silicone: flexible, washable, malleable. The silicone fabric revolutionizes and inspires the markets with its endless possibilities.

Gea floor lamps made of silicone mesh

arturo alvarez floor lamp design gea silicone braid

AROS by Arturo Alvarez

arturo alvarez modern floor lamp aros metal white

SAMURAI by Vibia – Designer Robby Cantarutti

Vibia SAMURAI floor lamp design white Robby Cantarutti

Kubika by designer Margot Viarnez for Vibia

Vibia Kubika designer floor lamp margot viarnez

Vibia Kubika floor lamp modern design office area

LED2 wooden floor lamp with dimmer    floor lamp with dimmer tunto design led2 wooden base

Lady SMOON from Beau & Bees

modern designer floor lamp bust Beau bien lady Smoon

SMOON RAIN by Beau & Bees

designer floor lamps wood elements Beau et Bien SMOON RAIN

Bracelli by BD Barcelona – designed by Salvador Dali in 1937

BD Barcelona floor lamp wood BRACELLI Salvador Dalí design

Audrey wooden lamp by Roberto Orsi

ROMEO ORSI floor lamp design Audrey wooden foot lampshade

Horn lamp from Euro 3 Plast  PLUST floor lamp horn shape polyethylene Euro 3 Plast

Dorado by designer Nicholas Bewick for NemoNEMO DORADO floor lamp lampshade designer Nicholas Bewick

Spoon Drop by Beau & Bees

designer floor lamps smoon drop metal skewer white ball

Water Smoon

Beau et Bien WATER SMOON waterproof polyethylene

Smoon Star

Beau et Bien Smoon collection glow star ball blue

Smoon Eclipse

Beau et Bien SMOON ECLIPSE floor lamps design moon clouds

Water Smoon – water festival

outdoor lighting Beau et Bien WATER SMOON balls pool

Smoon Ombrella

outdoor lighting Beau et Bien SMOON ombrella terrace orange

Wind outdoor lamp series by Vibia

Vibia Wind floor lamp outdoor collection Jordi Vilardell

Vibia Wind outdoor lighting design Jordi Vilardell

Olvidada lights by BD Barcelona, ​​designer Pepe Cortés

OLVIDADA floor lamp modern metal bd barcelona Pepe Cortés

RGB lamps by Fredrik Mattson

RGB designer floor lamps spheres fredrik mattson

Typographic lamps from Tobisso

tabisso floor lamps typography brackets design

Fisherman from Zero

FISHERMAN zero floor lights spheres net design