Modern chandeliers – room elements with a great effect

Ruban Plié chandelier by Jacco Maris


Nowadays, chandeliers from different eras and styles are often used individually or even combined with one another. Whether made of glass, painted metal or plastic, the chandeliers are equipped with different light sources – LEDs, halogen or energy-saving lamps. Since a chandelier is always noticed by guests, a well thought-out and stylistically appropriate choice is particularly recommended. To make it easier for you to choose, we have 18 beautiful ones here modern chandeliers compiled. Enjoy the casual details that make your interior shine. Choose the product that suits your style of living and be proud of an apartment that is bathed in brilliant light.

Modern chandeliers visually enrich the room

“On-Off” chandelier by Stefano Traverso & Roberta Vitadello, Italamp


The designers of our time are aware of the trend in contemporary interior design and strive to create modern chandelier designs for the most varied of tastes and furnishing styles and to expand and update the collections of leading lighting manufacturers. The further development of chandeliers in new materials and shapes is due to the search for aesthetic perfection. The focus is on functionality and design.

Modern chandeliers bring the light to life

Chamomilla chandelier by Philippe Starck, Lasvit


Both classic and modern chandeliers exude a special charm. A chandelier with jewelry like this crystal hanging, for example, breaks the light and creates intoxicating effects. And the yellow color simply makes it a unique eye-catcher.

Shiny brass chandelier


“CLARK” from Delightfull 

Design chandelier bathes the room in a soft light


“Flo” by Andrea Lazzari, Metal Lux di Baccega R.&C..

The chandelier – a representative design element 

modern-chandelier-ODE-1647-living space-lighting-Jacco-Maris

 Chandelier ODE 1647 by Jacco Maris

Unique chandelier in trend

modern-chandelier-living room-furnishings-FESTER-Creazioni

“Fester” by Creazioni

Clear lines and simple shapes


“Sixties” from Italamp

Cool and elegant

screen-printed-glass-chandelier-ICARO-Metal-Lux-di-Baccega-R .- & amp; -C.-Marino-Cagnatel

“ICARO” by Marino Cagnatel, Metal Lux di Baccega R.&C..

Impressive chandelier in blue 


“Evoque” from Italamp Style Office

Modern chandeliers – pieces of jewelery for the apartment 


“Growing vases” by Nendo, Lasvit

A design with filigree flourishes


“CAIGO 2” by Veronese


“DROP” by Patrick Naggar, Veronese


“Libellula” by Roberta Vitadello and Giada Chervatin, Italamp 


Caigo 1 by Olivier Gagnère, Veronese


“The Light” by Cristian Cubiña, Alma light


“Guggenheim” by Silvia Poma, PANZERI


“MIRLESS” by Veronese

The models shown are with available.