Mini crystal chandelier in a lightbulb – the Edison lamp

classic pendant light bulb glass crystal chandelier

A Crystal chandelier in a lightbulb? The design was recently presented by the young designers Brendan Young and Vanessa Battaglia. Stylish, original and created with a sense of humor – the pendant lamp is the perfect addition to your interior!

King Edison lamp – crystal chandelier in a lightbulb

Crystal chandelier lighting Italian designers

The English-Italian designer couple Brendan Young and Vanessa Battaglia caused a sensation with their furniture collection during the 2003 exhibition in Milan. Since then their popularity has increased – nowadays they are very popular in Europe as well as in America. The designers present furniture, home accessories and lighting under the Studiomold brand. Her first projects upcycled old furniture and created modern and comfortable seating groups from it. Since then they have worked on numerous projects for clients in the UK and USA. Her last collection combines classic and modern styles in a creative way. The absolute highlight – the miniature Crystal chandelier. It is called King Edison and is a copy of the original glamorous design in a classic style.

Small but nice – miniature crystal chandelier

stylish pendant lamp crystal chandelier antique gold plated royal style

Of the Crystal chandelier was placed in a hand-blown lightbulb. The design is extraordinary, and was made in the typical humorous style of Young and Battaglia designed. The lightbulbs bring a romantic touch from the past and can be delivered individually or in a group. The pendant lamp is very suitable for both classic and modern facilities. Our tip – for maximum effect, hang several lightbulbs over the dining table. If you want to be particularly creative, you can hang a light bulb in the bathroom, or receive the guests in style and a King Edison lamp in the hallway instead of a pendant lamp.

Combination between royal and modern style – the Edison lamp

modern lighting chandelier light bulb pendant lamp

Blown glass bulbs

Chandelier crystal royal style light bulb

For maximum effect, hang several lightbulbs over the dining table

Pendant lamp classic lighting idea dining room

Crystal chandeliers with an exquisite design enrich every living room