Lighting in the living room – 24 modern and classic ideas


It depends on the lighting in the living room if we want to rediscover this room. During the day by daylight and the beautiful rays of the sun, and in the evening and at night it could be bright like the light of day, or calming like the sun’s twilight in the sky. 24 modern and classic ideas for lighting will help you to find the right choice for your living space. Take a look!

Lighting in the living room as a combination of tradition and modernity


Every room in our house or apartment needs suitable lighting. Whether you need a reading lamp or whether modern, calming LED lighting is required in the living room, is decided based on the requirements of the light distribution in the room. In today’s apartment you can see a combination of traditional and modern finishes. What we mean by that is to provide the central point on the ceiling with a decorative chandelier or pendant light and to include the side spotlights or ceiling lights. In this way you can achieve an even distribution of the light in the room or you can accentuate a certain piece of decoration, on the wall or in the room.

Customize lighting in the living room


Light is generated by three types of lighting technology in the private living area – halogen lamps as thermal radiators, energy-saving lamps (also known as compact fluorescent lamps) and tubular fluorescent lamps and by LED lighting in the living room, and of course in all other living areas as well. The latter offers a pleasant ambience, a scene for romantic moments at home. So that you have the right lighting in your own four walls, it is certainly an advantage to determine in advance exactly what you need it for, for example, for leisurely reading or for a lively game evening!?

Spotlights, LED and halogen lighting in the living room

mixed-lighting-in-the-living room

Ceiling lamp and modern pendant lamp

Ceiling lighting-with-pendant lights

Spotlights as well as modern pendant luminaires in colored interplay


The modern ceiling light for a relaxing ambience


A room full of light, with a window front and side ceiling lighting

side-lighting-in-living room

Lighting with accents in the living room

Lateral-lighting-in-the-living room

Living room floor lamp with pendant lamp

rustic-style-with-classic-lighting-floor lamp




mix-and-match living room pendant light


LED-lighting-with-pendant lamp



Crystal chandelier LED lighting


Wood-look ceiling lighting