Light switches and sockets with a modern design – 50 ideas

Light switch-sockets-modern-dimmer-system

Modern light switches and sockets complete the contemporary interior. Because luxury can be recognized by the details – if you think about a uniform furnishing concept, you don’t have to underestimate the role of lighting. Nowadays most light switches are combined with a dimmer, which creates a cozy atmosphere.

Light switches and sockets with a modern design – touchscreen system with dimmer

Light switches-sockets-designer-models-lighting-bathroom

 Nowadays there are many different variants to choose from – the combination between light switches and dimmers is practical and creates a cozy atmosphere. This is particularly practical for the home – the light can be controlled separately in each room. However, when it comes to lighting in a large house, a well-thought-out lighting concept is necessary. Some manufacturers have already developed light and power control via mobile phone apps. The light switches and sockets are equipped with sensors and provide additional information about power consumption, lights that are currently switched on, etc. So you never have to wonder again whether you have switched off the iron. Pictured above – Design by Ave.

Match light switches and sockets to the facility

Light switch-sockets-white-modern-dining room

Light switches and sockets are not only necessary, they upgrade the interior and give the room that certain something. Provided, of course, that they are stylistically coordinated with the furnishings. The award-winning design piano / in the photo above / from the renowned manufacturer Lithoss scores with a modern look and can be easily set in scene – the model is available in several colors.

The Goldee lighting system failed in the project phase, but it serves as an inspiration for other manufacturers

Light switch socket lighting dimmer concept

The lighting can be dimmed and switched off automatically or by mobile phone

Light switch-sockets-LED-glass-touchscreen-timer-integrated

Different settings guarantee comfort in all rooms

Light switch-sockets-modern-design-LED-glass-system

Learn more about the development of the project Goldee

The lighting from AVE – modern light switches and sockets

Light switch-sockets-black-modern-lighting-glass-LED

Modern light switches and dimmers from Ave

Light switch-socket-outlets-high-gloss-modern-design

Light switch-sockets-glass-modern-hall-black

Light switch-sockets-modern-temperature-controller-bedroom

Light switch-sockets-modern-kitchen-lighting-energy-saving

Light switch-sockets-black-white-dining room

To the projects of AVE

 The Basalt collection – timeless elegance and functionality

Light switch-sockets-LED-house entrance-modern

Light switch-sockets-modern-thermostat-bathroom-one

Light switch-sockets-black-LED-modern

Light switch-sockets-touchscreen-glass-white-kitchen

To the collection of Basalts

 The MK Elements lighting blends harmoniously into the interior

Light switch-wood look-modern-living room-desk

Light switches-sockets-modern-optics-brass-copper

Light switch-sockets-glass-touchscreen-modern

Light switch-socket-color-beige-matt-cappuccino

Light switch-socket-USB charging station-tray

To the collection of MKElements

Lithoss’ designs are award-winning

Light switch-sockets-metal-design-modern-stylish

Light switch-socket-design-modern-stylish

Light switch-sockets-metal-design-modern

Light switch-sockets-metal-red-LED-lighting

Light switch-sockets-metal-plain-design

To the collection of Lithoss

 The designs by Vitrum score with their minimalist look

Light switch-sockets-concrete-look-modern-design

Light switches-sockets-bathroom lighting

Light switches-sockets-modern-design-glass-touchscreen

Light switch-sockets-white-modern

To the collection of Vitrum

Lamp and light switch in an innovaviten design by Dadanius

Light switch-socket outlet-LED-wall lamp-concrete look

Light switch-sockets-modern-lamp-wall-touchscreen

Light switches-sockets-modern-lighting-LED-lamps

 The retro style collection by Fontini

Light switch-sockets-bathroom-waterproof-steel

Light switch-sockets-concrete-surface-color-gray

Light switch-sockets-retro style-brass look

Light switches-sockets-retro style-modern

Light switches-sockets-black-retro-gold-wallpaper

Light switch-sockets-gold-look-retro-50s-style

Light switches-sockets-metal-industrial style-bedroom

Light switch-sockets-metal-retro-style-kitchen

To the designs of Fontini

 The PLHItalia collection – stylish patterns

Light switch-sockets-modern-design-wallpaper-wall design

Light Switch Sockets Pattern Modern Concept

Light switch-sockets-modern-design-concrete-look

Light switch-socket-lighting-minimalistic-glass-surface-modern

Light Switch Sockets Qwerty Letters Design

To the designs of PLHItalia

Belkin Wemo can be controlled by cell phone

Light switch-socket outlets-mobile phone-touchscreen lighting system-Walhub-Wemo

Socket-light switch-modern-cell-phone-controlled-Quirky-Outlink

Designs by Belkin

Light switch-

Socket from Okum